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					 The EU GM approval and coexistence
                Workshop B4
   GMOfree Regions conference, January 2006

The European Commission position on
Independent legal opinion of Commission
European Commission on coexistence

 EU legislation does not include contamination and
 European Commission: coexistence at Member
 State level (subsidiarity)
 2003 calls for EU law on coexistence:
   European Parliament majority, codecision
   8 out of 15 Member States
European Commission on coexistence

 Deal between Council, Commission and Parliament
 Amendment to Directive 2001/18/EC:
   Article 26a “Member States may take appropriate
   measures to avoid the unintended presence of GMOs in
   other products”
 Responsibility for coexistence placed on MS
 Non obligatory: “may” and not “shall”
 Risk of different regimes in different countries
   biotech industry could play countries off against each
European Commission on coexistence

 July 2003 Commission Recommendation“on
 guidelines for the development of national
 strategies and best practices to ensure the
 coexistence of genetically modified crops with
 conventional and organic farming”
   Coexistence = economic issue only
   High threshold for acceptable genetic contamination
   Regional dimension does not go far enough
   No clear indications for liability
European Commission on coexistence

 Member States:
   Overall very slow
   Official notifications by December 2003: Austria, Denmark,
   Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Portugal
   Other countries in preparation or gone through parliament but
   not notified
    • Austria, Hungary
    • France: being led by Research Ministry, consultation open to
      industry only
   European Court of First instance rules against Upper Austria
   Denmark : compensation fund
European Commission on coexistence

 Recommendation: progress report due after 2
 COEX-NET “to ensure exchange of info between
   One meeting only – September 2005
   No publicly available work programme or list of members
   No date set for next meeting
European Commission on coexistence

 European Commission delays, report now due first
 or second week of March 2006
 Very little information on content
   Regional aspects with economic angle
   Recommendations unconfirmed
 Publication date give little time for comment, not
 time for response from European Parliament
 Commission will present report at Vienna
 Presidency timetable: decision June 2006
Vienna Conference on coexistence, April 2006
  European Commission led
  Workshops (to be confirmed):
   • Segregation and farming
   • Regional and National issues
   • Consumers and stakeholder views
172 GM free regions to Vienna!

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