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									                                           Ione School District #2
                                  445 Spring St., P.O. Box 167, Ione, Oregon 97843
                                          2011-14 Ione School District Goals
 Ione School District students          Ione School District will increase the number of high school            Ione School District
 will annually perform above         students who are college and career ready through participation       will implement proficiency-
   the state averages on all                               in the Eastern Promise.                               based education.
     Oregon assessments.
                                    Indicator: Increase in the number of students obtaining college      Indicator: Increase
Indicator: Student scores           credits while in high school.                                        in the number of proficiency-
above the state benchmark for       Indicator: Increase in the number of students completing an          based practices implemented.
assessed grade levels (3-11) in     Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) and/or Associates of Arts
reading, writing, math, and         Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree.
science.                            Indicator: Increase in the number of teachers eligible to instruct
                                    dual credit courses.

                                              IONE SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                      July 24, 2012
                                  3:30 p.m. Work Session – 4:30 p.m. Regular Meeting
                                               Ione Schools – Ione, Oregon



     The regular meeting was called to order at 4:34 PM by board Chair Anne Morter.

     Present:                                                        IMESD Staff:
                   Anne Morter, Board Chair                               Mark Mulvihill, Superintendent
                   Bill Jepsen                                            Jerry Archer, Principal
                   Joe McElligott                                         Marla Royal, Board Secretary
                   Lisa Rietmann                                          Colette Blakely, HR Coordinator
                   Bink Ramos


     Superintendent Mulvihill welcomed visitor, Emma Rietmann.


There were none.


           A. Minutes of the June 26, 2012 Work Session and Regular Board Meeting

               BE IT RESOLVED, upon motion by Lisa Rietmann, seconded by Bill Jepsen, which
               carried unanimously, that the items listed above are hereby approved under the
               consent agenda.


Superintendent Report

Livelight Project Update

Mark Mulvihill referenced articles in the East Oregonian, and reported he spoke with Doug Hojem and
to Keith Knowles of Livelight, who is pretty devastated over the situation. Doug agrees that at this
point, the board probably doesn’t want to move forward with a lawsuit and the ensuing attorney fees,
etc., but they must do due diligence to recoup whatever dollars they can. Mark referenced a letter that
was sent to Livelight (included in the board packets), and he went through an email from Doug detailing
options for moving forward. It is still not known if Livelight has assets, or if they will be filing
bankruptcy. Lisa Rietmann agreed that it is not good idea to file a lawsuit right now, and Jerry Archer
said the letter is a good start. Bill Jepsen asked if Mark can find out if Livelight was bonded, and Mark
said he would check with Doug and get a response from him.

The board agreed that everyone was comfortable with waiting for a response to the letter sent to
Livelight and for Doug to review documents. They will talk to the City of Pendleton about Livelight’s
level of bankruptcy, and then evaluate where they are. If they get to the point where the board wants to
file a claim, the board can discuss and evaluate options. Mark said IMESD should not have paid
Livelight half the cost of the project up-front. He said that IMESD will pay any legal fees incurred up to
this point and any costs associated with filing a bankruptcy claim. Joe McElligott said it was a fair
resolution, and the money spent could be considered a cheap education. Mark asked that any calls from
the media about the project be sent to him.

Ashley McCabe reported on the current status of pool, noting that the pool temperature jumped quickly
with the increase in hot weather and attendance has been great. He said that a solar heating system is a
good option in the future, but may not be needed for the rest of this year. Anne Morter said that the
“free” price probably has something to do with the increase in attendance. Lisa asked about gas lines,
and Ashley said the cost would be prohibitive; they won’t get gas to Ione until a company moves in.
There was discussion about a propane conversion discussion, and Mark said he will talk to Eclipse.
Jerry reported that they are in the process of ordering a new sand filter for the pool.

Ashley gave a run down on weight room, saying the Rietmann building is completely empty and things
can be moved into the custodial house anytime. Jerry thanked Ashley for all his work, noting all that he
has done including painting the entire house and removing all the closets.


Financial Summary and Cash Flow

Mark Mulvihill presented the financial report, which is attached to these minutes. He reported on the
preliminary ending fund balance, and noted that the pool continues to be over budget. Mark said it is a
healthy ending fund balance, and there has been growth. Mark said that the bond has given them
flexibility, and the foundation money is huge and helps protect and support the general fund. Ione is
well positioned with negotiated contracts and outside resources, and they have reason to be optimistic in
12-13 biennium, with all sorts of creative solutions for Ione as the years wear on. Mark also noted that
they budgeted for decreased enrollment.


There was no Old Business to come before the board.


           BE IT RESOLVED, upon motion by Bill Jepsen, seconded by Lisa Rietmann, which
           carried unanimously, that the items listed below, A – Annual Designations for 2012-13,
           B – Authorization for Interfund Loans, C – Authorization for Morrow County
           Investments, and D – Local Contract Review Board, be approved as presented.

           A.    Annual Designations for 2012-2013

                1. Superintendent/Clerk and Executive Office

                      Mark Mulvihill of the InterMountain ESD is designated
                      Superintendent/Clerk and Executive Officer of the Ione School District for
                      the 2012-2013 year.

                2. Chief Financial Officer/Business Manager

                      Beth O’Hanlon of the InterMountain ESD is designated Business
                      Manager/Deputy Clerk of the Ione School District for the 2012-2013 year.

                3. Custodian of Funds

                      Mark Mulvihill is designated Custodian of Funds for the 2012-13 year.

4. Authorized signatures for the District’s Checks

     Mark Mulvihill and Beth O’Hanlon are the authorized signatures for the
     District’s checks for the 2012-13 year.

5. Facsimile Signature

     A facsimile signature of the Superintendent is authorized for use for the Ione
     School District for the 2012-13 year.

6. Short-Term Borrowing Limit for the Custodian of Funds

     The short-term borrowing limit is set at $200,000.00 for the Ione School
     District for the 2012-13 year.

7. Fidelity Bond Amounts

     The fidelity bond amounts shall be set at $100,000.00 for Mark Mulvihill and
     $100,000.00 for Beth O’Hanlon.

8. Budget Officer

     Mark Mulvihill is designated Budget Officer for the Ione School District for
     the 2012-13 year.

9. Official Auditor

     The auditing firm of Fife and Cockburn, LLP is designated the Official
     Auditor for the Ione School District for the 2012-13 year.

10. Legal Counsel

     The firm of Corey, Byler, Rew, Lorenzen & Hojem is designated the Legal
     Counsel of the Ione School District for the 2012-13 year.

11. Depositories for Funds

     Bank of Eastern Oregon is designated the depository for funds for the 2012-
     13 year, and the Ione School District is authorized to participate in the Local
     Government Investment Pool.

12. Insurance Agent of Record

     Wheatland Insurance and their local representative is designated the
     Insurance Agent of Record for the Ione School District for the 2012-13 year.

     13. Official Newspaper

          The East Oregonian and Heppner Gazette Times are designated the Official
          Newspapers for the Ione School District for the 2012-13 year.

     14. Per Diem

          Employees of the Ione School District will receive the IRS rate per mile for
          authorized travel, lodging at the single party rate, and reimbursement for
          meals at $35.00 per day for the 2012-13 year.

     15. Designated Confidential Employees

          The following employees of the InterMountain Education Service District are
          designated Confidential Employees for the 2012-13 year: Marla Royal,
          Board Secretary, Michael Lasher, Deputy Superintendent, and Colette
          Blakely, Human Resources Specialist.

     16. Substitute Teacher Rates

          For the 2012-13 year, the substitute teacher rate is set at $161.48 per day
          or $20.19 per hour for the first 10 days, and for a substitute employed for
          more than 10 consecutive days in any one assignment, a minimum of $192.65
          per day or $24.08 per hour.

B.   Authorization for Interfund Loans

     For the 2012-13 year, the Board of Directors of the Ione School District authorizes
     short-term, non-interest loans between funds when necessary due to timing of
     receipts and expenditures.

C.   Authorization for Morrow County Investments

     For the 2012-13 year, authorization is granted by the Board of Directors of the
     Ione School District for the investment of any money held by the County
     Treasurer of Morrow County.

D.   Local Contract Review Board

     The Board of Directors of the Ione School District is designated as the Local
     Contract Review Board for the 2012-13 year.

           E.    Election of Chair of Board of Directors 2012-2013

                 BE IT RESOLVED, upon motion by Joe McElligott, seconded by Bill Jepsen, that
                 Anne Morter is nominated Chair of the Ione School District Board of Directors for
                 the 2012-13 year and that a unanimous ballot is cast.

           F.    Election of Vice-Chair of Board of Directors for 2012-2013

                 BE IT RESOLVED, upon motion by Lisa Rietmann, seconded by Joe McElligott,
                 that Bill Jepsen is nominated Vice-Chair of the Ione School District Board of
                 Directors for the 2012-13 year and that a unanimous ballot is cast.

           G.    Appointment of Members to Building and Grounds Committee

                 BE IT RESOLVED, upon motion by Lisa Rietmann, seconded by Anne Morter,
                 which carried unanimously, that Joe McElligott and Bill Jepsen and are hereby
                 appointed to serve on the Building and Grounds Committee.

Mark invited the board to the 4th annual Eastern Oregon Executive Summit July 30-31, 2012. The new
Oregon Chief Education Officer, Rudy Crew, will be the keynote speaker, and he will meet with media
prior to the summit at 7:30a.m. on July 30th. Whitney Grubbs from the Governor’s office will also
present on achievement compacts. Mark noted that Ben Cannon is really interested in eastern Oregon
schools and how well they’re performing, and both he and Rudy are very impressed with small schools
and the results they get. Dr. Crew has said it will not be business as usual, and that successful districts
will have a responsibility to share with other districts. This will be Rudy’s first time outside of the
valley. Marla Royal will send the agenda and the registration link to the board.


           Upcoming Meetings and conferences:

           A. August Board Meeting – Tuesday, August 21, 2012 2:30p.m.
           B. In-Service – August 21-23, 2012
           C. OSBA Annual Conference – November 8-11, 2012 Portland, Oregon



There being no further business before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 5:40 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

_______________________                       ______________________________
Anne Morter, Chair                            Marla Royal, Board Secretary


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