Recycling Brochure 3 Per Page by mLYE5v


									               Be a Good Sort                                           Be a Good Sort
                                                       When we pick up your recycling, we take it to a
To make sure your recycling can be recycled,           recycling center for recovery and reuse, which means
please put it in our bins and sort it as follows:      we have to deliver your recycling according to their
                                                       rules. Here are some additional details to make sure
Bin #1: Put all your Paper, Tin/Aluminum               your recycling is acceptable … And please! Never use
Cans, and recyclable Plastic Bottles in one bin.       plastic bags for recycling!
You can recycle newspapers, scrap paper, junk mail,    Put all your paper, tin & aluminum cans, scrap
cereal boxes, and flattened cardboard. Rinse out       metal, and plastic bottles in Bin #1.
Tin & Aluminum Cans. You can recycle Plastic           Flatten all Cardboard. Put small boxes in the bin …
Bottles & Milk Jugs – rinse them out and remove        Put larger boxes under the bin, but no bigger than 3’ x
the lid. (Rule of Thumb: The neck must be              3’. You can recycle Scrap Paper, Newspaper,
smaller than the Base). We can’t recycle plastic       Magazines, etc. but don’t recycle Paper if it’s
tubs, foam, toys, bubble wrap, or molded plastic       contaminated with food, oil, etc. Don’t recycle tissue
wrap (blister wrap). We can’t take any pesticide or    paper, paper towels, napkins, foil, or paper coated with
motor oil containers. We can take Scrap Metal, if      wax. Rinse & flatten Milk/Juice Cartons & Drink

it’s less than 30” long, and free of plastic, rubber   Boxes (no straws!). Remove the label (& put it with
                                                       your scrap paper) & rinse Tin & Aluminum Cans. You
or other non-metal materials. Clean plastic tubs &
                                                       don’t have to remove the ends, or flatten them, but it
lids: yogurt, cottage cheese, salsa, etc Buckets &
                                                       helps us save space in our truck. Aerosol Cans can be
large tubs (laundry detergent, kitty litter) Nursery   recycled – but don’t try to flatten or puncture them,
pots (clean - no dirt)                                 or remove the nozzle. Just take off the lid & put
                                                       them in the bin, as is. You can recycle Scrap Metal
Bin #2: Put all your Glass Bottles & Jars in           that’s up to 30” long, less than 40 lbs, and is free of
the second bin – glass must be kept separate.          plastic, rubber or other contaminants.
Rinse glass bottles & jars and take off lids.          You can recycle a Plastic Bottle if the neck is smaller
(Labels are okay.) Please! Only Bottles & Jars!        than the base, or it has a screw top. Discard lids,
No window panes, mirrors, drinking glasses,            caps, & pumps – rinse bottles out & put them in the
bakeware, crystal, etc. Just Bottles & Jars.           bin. Don’t try to recycle the containers from motor
                                                       oil, pesticides, or any hazardous material. Don’t
Put your used Motor Oil in a plastic jug that is       recycle plastic bags, toys, tubs (like margarine tubs),
unbreakable, leak-proof, has a screw-top lid, and      foam, or bubble/blister wrap.
isn’t bigger than 2 gallons. Recycle motor oil only!   Put all your Glass Bottles & Jars in Bin #2: Rinse
No Anti Freeze or Transmission Fluid. Please don’t     them out & take off the lid. Recycle ONLY bottles &
set out more than 2 containers of motor oil per        jars – no windowpanes, mirrors, drinking glasses,
week.                                                  bakeware, crystal, figurines, etc. Glass must be kept
                                                       separate from any other recyclable!
Please! Never use PLASTIC BAGS for recycling!          Put your used motor oil in a plastic jug that is
                                                       unbreakable, leak-proof, has a screw-top lid, and isn’t
                                                       bigger than 2 gallons. Recycle motor oil only! We
    IT HELPS US BE MORE EFFICIENT!                     cannot recycle antifreeze or transmission fluid.
   Oregon City Garbage Company, 503.656.8403           Please don’t set out more than 2 containers at a time.

    Gladstone Disposal Company, 503.656.9426            Thank you for making            work for all of us!
      Molalla Sanitary Service, 503.829.6183

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