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					Standing lab orders for nursing staff (All orders will be entered into EHR in the
Assessment and Plan portion of the chart note for the encounter)

   1.  UPT- confirmation of pregnancy, absent menses
   2.  Rapid Strep screen- Sore throat
   3.  Nasal swab –colds, flu, and sore throat ****new****
   4.  UA complete- urinary frequency or dysuria
   5.  UA dip for protein/glucose- all prenatal patients
   6.  Urine chlamydia and gonorrhea - STD screen, confirmation of pregnancy
   7.  Rapid HIV- Baseline for all patients ages 13-65, STD screen, and prenatal intake.
   8.  Fasting lipid plus, HgA1C, Urine microalbumin/Creatinine- all diabetic patients
       due for testing.
   9. Capillary lead/hemoglobin- all 1-5 year olds that have not had their lead screen
       after 1 and 2 years of age.
   10. 50 gram GTT- 24-28 weeks prenatal
   11. Hemoglobin- each trimester of pregnancy and postpartum visit.

Standing procedure orders:
   1. Peak Flows- All asthma patients, dyspnea and wheezing
   2. Vision and Hearing- All WCC visits 3 years and up
   3. TDAP booster- all adults who have not had a tetanus booster in 10 years.
   4. Influenza and H1N1 vaccine- all children over 6 months old, adults, and prenatal
   5. PPD placement and reading. Patient must see a provider if the PPD reading is
       positive; for confirmation of the reading, CXR order and management.
   6. PHQ9- all patients with depression, diabetes, new patients, prenatal intakes,
       parent of infant less than one year of age. Depression every visit for
       depression, others once a year.

Revised 9-23-11
Deborah Mielke, MD
Medical Director.

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