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   Dr. Olga Livanis, Principal                  Ms. Annelisse Falzone, A.P. of Math, Science, Health and P.E.

Living Environment I – Fall 2012
Class Expectations / Contract
Mr. Papagayo –
Course Description: Living Environment I is an introductory course modeled after NYS science standards, and is part of a year-
long sequence culminating in a Regents examination. Students are also expected, but not required, to take the SAT II Subject Test
in Biology upon completion of the course. This semester we will be studying the following units: Scientific Inquiry, the Origin of
Life, Organization and Patterns in Life, Homeostasis and Immunity, and Reproduction and Development.

Course Websites: Two course websites will be implemented as follows:

         Class Website:
         Online Gradebook Website:

The class website features a listing of assignments and topics/readings covered that day, as well as possible links to relevant
sources or articles to download. TeacherEase, the online gradebook website (which is also linked to from the class website) allows
you to log-in using your e-mail and password to check your current grade in the class at any given time.
         To Parents: You have the option of signing up for a log-in account so that you may check your child’s grade if you so
wish. However, it is my personal philosophy that, as high school students / young adults, that the students themselves be
responsible for tracking their own progress.

Grading Breakdown:
Exams / Quizzes                    50%
Assignments (HW, Projects)         25%
Labs                               15%
Class Participation                10%

Rules for the classroom:
    1. Be respectful to your peers, to me, and to your learning environment. Attitude will not be tolerated.
    2. Absolutely no food allowed.
    3. Students should be sitting down in assigned seats and working quietly when the bell rings—otherwise, s/he must sign the
        late book (even if the lateness is excused with a note.) COME TO CLASS PREPARED.
    4. Students must not use the bathroom in the first five or last 5 minutes of class; additionally, there should only be ONE
        student out at any given time. Please watch how often you go out – this could adversely affect your grade. Also be sure to
        sign the log book when you leave and return from the classroom, with the purpose, date, and time.
    5. I should not see electronics out during class (cell phones, iPhones, Blackberries, cameras, iPods, etc.) After one warning
        they will be confiscated and a parent or guardian over the age of 21 must come to NEST+m to pick it up.
    6. Always maintain academic integrity. My opinion of students changes greatly when I see them cheat.

      Homework will be assigned regularly, and will always have a clear pedagogical value.
Exams / Quizzes:
          Full period examinations will be given roughly every two weeks, in accordance with NEST+m’s testing policy. Quizzes
will be given in the interim. On these days, it is absolutely imperative you come to class on time prepared, with a pencil and a
pen. If a student is absent, a signed note documenting a LEGITIMATE excuse must be presented when the student returns to make
up the test or quiz without a penalty. One test or quiz will be dropped each semester.
          Academic integrity is very important at NEST+m. You are not allowed to go to the bathroom at all on test days until you
have completed your exam. Incessant talking will result in a grade of “0.” Additionally, unexcused latenesses may result in a

Attendance Policy:
         Students who are absent must present a legitimate letter of excuse in order to make up work without penalty. It is your
responsibility to make up assignments and obtain notes from classmates; notes will NOT be posted on the class website.
         If you anticipate being absent for whatever foreseeable reason, please let me know in advance. I am much more
understanding to students who let me know of issues in advance as opposed to the day before or even afterwards.

Late Work Policy:
          Students who are legitimately absent will have until the day after they come back to turn in make-up homework without
penalty, assuming they have a signed note. For instance, if you are sick on a Monday, and you come back on Tuesday, you have
until that Wednesday to turn in late work. A SEPARATE NOTE MUST BE TURNED IN WITH THE ASSIGNMENT; otherwise
the assignment will be marked as “late,” with points taken off.
          Homework submitted excessively late without a legitimate excuse will not be granted credit, however it can still be
checked for correctness. (The official time frame is two weeks – in other words, the latest you can submit an assignment is two
weeks after it was due in order to receive any credit.)

Class Participation:
        Class participation encompasses all types of classroom behavior. Tardiness and incessant talking are examples of
behaviors that could lower one’s participation grade. There will be a class participation grade roughly each week, given a
numerical value out of “10.” This grade can and will fluctuate depending on good or bad behavior.

Laboratory Policy:
          Lab is a mandatory component of the class—in order to sit for the Regents test in June, students must have written
evidence of 1200 minutes of lab. As per the safety contract, if students are misbehaving and/or endangering another’s safety, I
have the right to take off points, or to take their lab for that class period—students must then come in on their own time to make up
the lab. Labs will be done roughly once every other week in-class. If a student misses a lab, s/he must come to make-up lab during
the scheduled weeks. LABS ARE TO BE FINISHED IN CLASS AND NEVER TAKEN HOME, except for the safety contract.
          Additionally, tardiness/truancy will be taken more seriously on lab days. If you are late on the day of a lab, your grade for
that lab will automatically decrease assuming it was unexcused.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask me during class, or e-mail me at my e-mail address, Outside of school, this is the best way to contact me.

Your homework for tonight is to read this over with your parent, sign the bottom, detach it, and turn it in.

Living Environment I (Fall 2012) – Mr. Papagayo – Expectations / Contract (Homework #1)

I have read this sheet and fully understand the class rules and expectations.

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