Order for Service of Summons by Publication by p58FD8


									Superior Court of Washington
For ______________________ County
In re the Matter of:                                           No. ________________________

_________________________________________________              Order for Service of Summons by
A Vulnerable Adult (Protected Person)              DOB         Mail
Respondent (Restrained Person)                     DOB


The court having considered the motion and declaration of the petitioner and having determined that the
petitioner made good faith efforts to personally serve the     respondent     vulnerable adult, that those
efforts were unsuccessful, and that service by mail is as likely to provide actual notice as service by
publication, for the reasons set forth by petitioner,


    The court orders:

1. A person 18 years of age or over and competent to be a witness but not the petitioner shall serve
   the   respondent     vulnerable adult by mail with the following documents:

          Summons                                        Notice of Hearing
          Petition for Order for Protection              Notice to the Vulnerable Adult
          Temporary Order for Protection

2. Two (2) copies shall be mailed postage prepaid, one by ordinary first class mail, and the other by
   certified mail, return receipt requested, showing when, and to whom, delivered, each showing a return
   address for the sender or an address through which correspondence may be directed to the sender.

Order for Service of Summons by Mail (ORRSR) – Page 1 of 2
WPF VA-9.060 Mandatory (10/2007) – CR 4, RCW 74.34.120, .135
3. The mailings shall be sent to the following address(es):

4. These addresses are:

        The last known mailing address of      respondent     vulnerable adult.
        The mailing address of the      respondent’s    vulnerable adult’s parent or nearest living relative.

5. Documents mailed to the       respondent      vulnerable adult in care of parents or other individuals
   shall be addressed directly to the parent or other individual with a note enclosed asking that the
   documents be delivered to the      respondent      vulnerable adult.

6. The person mailing the documents shall complete a proof of mailing form.

                                                  Judge/Court Commissioner

Presented by:

Petitioner                       Date

Order for Service of Summons by Mail (ORRSR) – Page 2 of 2
WPF VA-9.060 Mandatory (10/2007) – CR 4, RCW 74.34.120, .135

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