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Order of Service by p58FD8


									                              Foursquare Church
                   – Sample Order of Service –

Time     Agenda                    Personnel             Notes
9:50a    Doors Open                Service coordinator
         (music and slides)
10:00    Worship Intro             Worship leader        Welcoming the presence of God
         (video and song)          Tech
10:05    Welcome & Greet one       Pastor
10:08    Praise & Worship          David                 Associate Pastor to close & seat.

10:35    Ministry Time             Pastor                Respond to the presence of God
                                                         fostered through worship and pray
                                                         over the congregation (flow in the
10:45    Announcements             Pastor                Ask people to be seated, welcome
                                   Tech                  visitors, watch/announce what is
                                                         happening at the church
10:50    Receive Offering          Pastor                Pastoral exhortation re: tithe &
         (Song)                    Worship Team          offering followed by song w/ choir or
                                                         worship team
11:00    Message                   Pastor

11:40    Response Time             Pastor                Worship leader on keys, worship
                                                         team prepared
11:45a   Close                     Pastor                To closing song

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