ESL Alphabet by HC121104195430


									Grade:               2-3

Skill:               Alphabet

Theme:               Literacy

Key Vocabulary:      Alphabet

Materials:           Phone Book
                     Alphabet Cards

alphabet.htm for alphabet dominoes


              1. Alphabet Practice: (Depending on level of students)
                    ABC song: sing it
                    Sing it together
                    Sing it and pass a ball around
                    Sing and stop—name something with that letter--then go on again

              2. Alphabet Flashcards:

              3. Dominoes:
                    Practice the words first. Then work together to match up the
                    dominoes with the letter sounds. This can later be taken to class
                    so the students can practice quietly during other activities.

              3. I want to order Pizza!
                    …Demonstrate phone book. Look up your name, and classmates’
                    names. Use the alphabet song to work on alphabetization.
                    If from a culture that doesn’t use our alphabet, use the yellow
                    pages where there are illustrations for types of items. Look up
                    Television, or Garden or School….
                    ….Then, decide to order a pizza! Do all the research and then act it
                    Look also for the section in the beginning of the phonebook that
                    has international calling codes, and have the student find his/her

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