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									                 A Young Peoples Event: Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza

The Lehigh Valley Chapter American Guild of Organists is very proud to be able to
present “Pedals, Pipes, and Pizza” for children of all ages. We will have two
presenters: One for the younger children and one for children age twelve and older.

The date is Saturday, October 20th, at 9:30 A.M. The
location will be the South Campus of Moravian College –
immediately across the street from Central Moravian
Church, Main and Church Streets in Bethlehem, PA.

After registration and splitting the group of young
people into two groups, the morning’s activities will
begin promptly at 10 A.M. Moravian College’s Music
Department has three small pipe organs on campus. The organs are a Hartman-
Beatty tracker organ, a Möller practice organ, and a Samuel Greene organ on loan
from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It is the Samuel Greene organ that is most intriguing. Found stored in upstate New
York, no one knows how it got there or from where it came. What is known is that
Samuel Greene was the organ builder for King George of England. Who doesn’t like
a good mystery – and this organ’s history is exactly that, a mystery!

So what can the children do to interact with the information being presented? Ah!
Here is the fun part! First of all, they can do what children do best: Ask all kinds of
                      questions. Then they can pull some stops, play some keys, try
                      pedaling, and, most importantly, be exposed to the organ.

                      Are parents welcome? As long as you bring your children and
                      other children you certainly are welcome. Organists, bring your
                      youth choirs. The more the merrier!

                      Our Chapter did this program two years ago at Central
                      Moravian Church and the interest of the children and the
                      success of the morning was exceptional. Do not dismiss this
                      event as something you think the children won’t like because
                      they do and our experience proves it.

Ah………..the pizza! Yes! Yes! Yes! It is a proven fact that children love pizza. (At
least I have never met a child who doesn’t like pizza). The pizza and the soda will be
provided free of charge. We will have lunch in the college dining hall. What a

So what’s the catch? Well, yes, there is a catch. We
cannot provide pizza and drinks unless we know how
many people are coming. I would rather have food left
over than not have enough food to feed the children and
the adults. We need to know how many will be coming.
As of October 12th I need a list of the total amount of
people coming from your church so we can order the
pizza. Remember to include your own name.

Please email me at or with your name, the
name of your church, the address of your church, and the names of the children who
will be attending.

                                                                - Ron Spier

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