Steel Drawings by z4eM52K3


									Drawings Session
  Chris Keyack
Cloning & Intelligent Drawings
Reset Main Part on Assembly
• Use This When Copy Rotate Stairs (Use
  Later In Cloning)
• Use when do welds incorrect picking order
• Pick Part, then Right Click Menu
Cloning From Other Models (14.0)

                  We are going to Clone a
                  Stair at different Rise
                  Rotated 180 degrees
                  But same stringer is set
                  to main part!
Preview Images for other Model
Drawing Wizard/Cloning Wizard
Define Which Views Get Cloned
                • So when you are
                    intelligently Cloning if
                    you want some views
                    to have dimensions
                    created and not
                •   Or You don’t want
                    dimensions cloned or
                    automatically created
                •   Release Notes Cover
Move or Edit Automatically Switches to Fixed
Fixed Views
• Prevent Views
 from Moving
 during Arrange
 Drawing Views or
 modification of
 Drawing Layout
Other Items On Drawings
Using 0 Diameter Bolts To Get
Dimension Points
• Stair Stringer Example
• Dimensions For Cuts
• Suggest Wrapping into Custom
  Component Details So they can be
  picked and moved, deleted
Using 0 Diameter Bolts To Get Dimension Points
Using 0 Diameter Bolts To Get Dimension Points

                       Embed 1060
Part Marks Set to “None”            Start With This

         Then you select Part(s),
          right click, and choose
         “Part Mark” and you get
            the marks you want.
Save Part Mark To Standard
                   When Adding if you Don’t
                   have a “standard” saved
                   away, Tekla uses default
                   values. So select an item
                   in the “Elements in mark”
                   list that is correct, and
                   save as “standard”, then
                   any newly added elements
                   will be correct.
 Associative Notes
• Great for putting START_Z and END_Z
 on end of beams like sloped beams
    Dim X and Y
• Quickly add
    dimension for
    framing steel
    to the nearest
    Gridline on
•   Select Parts
•   Right Click
•   Dimension
    Parts XY
Align Views Vertically and Horizontally
• Select View
• Right Click >
    Align View …
•   Pick a point in
    originating view
•   Pick a point in
    view to align to               BEFORE
•   Views will be
    aligned based
    on those
    picking points     AFTER
Cloning Erection Drawings
• Came Out in 13.1
• See Release Notes for more info
• Clone Similar Floor Plans from one
 level to the next

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