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   Continue Chapter 9
   What request did Daniel make in verses 15–19?

   What was the basis for Daniel’s prayer?

3. God promptly gave his reply. A summary of the reply is found in verse 24. More details are given at
   the end of the chapter. Try to understand each of the elements of verse 24.

4. Outline the 70 “sevens.” (verses 25–27)

                                  Daniel 10:1–11:1
                    Supernatural powers in conflict over God’s people
1. Who was the “man” who appeared to Daniel to explain the meaning of the vision? (10:4, 5).
   See Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 1:13–15; 2:18 for help.

2. What was Daniel’s reaction to being in the presence of the Lord? What lesson can we learn from that
   today? (10:7–11)

3. In 10:10–19 Daniel was strengthened through a series of the Lord’s words and gestures. Trace how
   the Lord gave Daniel courage. What lesson does that teach us?

4. Why was the Lord detained (10:13)? Who helped him? What questions come into your mind when
   you hear this behind-the-scenes account?

                                      Daniel 11:2–20
                    The most detailed prophecy in Scripture—part one
1. This chapter contains many historical references. Identify the following people or events in order to
   get a general view of this history. (verses 2–4) Note: Your teacher may choose to tell the story. If so,
   fill in the outline below as you come to each of these people.
   The fourth king of Persia (verse 2)

   “A mighty king” (verse 3)

   “The four winds of heaven” (verse 4)

   “king of the south” (verse 5)

   “king of the north” (verse 6)

2. What general trend do you find in verses 5–19?

3. What did all this mean for God’s people? Hint: Consider the geography of that area.

4. Based on chapter 10, what was God doing during all of this?

                                            Daniel 12
                         A happy ending for Daniel and all believers
1. Verse 1 clearly directs our attention to the last days, where the previous chapter ended. This verse
   contains a statement of horror, but also of absolute victory. Explain.

2. What will happen on the final judgment day?

3. Verse 7 tells that the end will come after the power of the holy people has been finally broken. Can
   you think of something Jesus said that corresponds to this?

4. What great division among people will take place during the last days?

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