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					                Iron Springs Christian Reformed Church
                              April 1, 2012
                              Palm Sunday

         Serving elder for this week is: Randy Slomp-308-5238

                  Bulletin Deadline: Thursday- 12:00 pm

                  Administrator: Dorothy Van Zeggelaar
                            Home: 738-4444
                      Church Phone/Fax: 738-4433

                          Our Vision Statement
      Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we strive to be a caring, Christ
      centered community of believers, nurturing spiritual growth and
      sharing God’s love at home, work and abroad.

Welcome to our service today. We welcome Will Greenwood from Medicine
Hat, who will lead both our services today. Please join us for coffee and
juice after the morning service.

                      Order of Worship-10:00 a.m.
We Worship the King
Call to Worship
Choir, Children: ‘Song of David’
*Hymn/Song of Praise: # 475 ‘Praise My Soul the King of Heaven’
*God Greets Us
*We Greet Each Other
*Hymn/Song: # 378 ‘Hosanna Loud Hosanna’
We Confess our Faith to Him Alone
Prayer of Confession
Rules for Holy Living
Assurance of Pardon
Hymn/Song: ‘I Lift Your Name’
We Offer ourselves to God in Gratitude
Offering/Offertory: Budget and Mission Support
*Children’s Song: # 370 ‘The King of Glory Comes’
We are Set Apart by God’s Word and Spirit
Scripture Reading: Zechariah 9: 9-13
Lord’s Day 14: Q & A 35 (Responsive)
Sermon: Jesus; Lord of Lords, King of Kings
*Song of Response: # 375 ‘All Glory Laud and Honor’
Preparatory for Lord's Supper
We go to God in Prayer
Congregational Prayer
Hymn: #382 ‘Ride On Ride On in Majesty’
We Accept His Commission to Serve
*Parting Words and Benediction
*Doxology: # 635 ‘Glory Be to the Father’
                                               *please stand if you are able

Church Calendar

Today:     Sunday School for Pre-school- Grade 5
Tuesday:   I.C.S. Local School Meeting at 8:00 pm
Wednesday: Coffee Break at E-Free Church at 9:30 am.
           Ladies for Lunch at Eddies at 11:30 am
Thursday: GEMS at E-Free Church at 6:30 pm

                      Order of Worship- 3:00 p.m.
We Come to Worship
Opening Prayer
Congregation picks Hymns/Songs
*God’s Greeting
*Hymn: # 244 “God Himself is with Us”
We Confess Our Faith
* The Apostles Creed
We Hear His Word
Scripture: Luke 20: 9-19
Sermon: Let us be Consumed in Service
*Hymn of Response: # 573 “Oh Master, Let Me Walk with Thee”
Congregational Prayer
We Give Our Gifts
Offering: Budget and Mission Support
We Leave to Serve
*Hymn: # 320 “Lord Dismiss Us with Your Blessing”
*Doxology: #195 “Our God Reigns”
                                                  *please stand if you are able

From the Deacons- Offerings:

   April 1: Budget and Mission Support-Please remember to give
    faithfully to the budget as our expenses are on going month to month.
    Please support our missionaries around the world as they reach out to
    the people who do not know about Jesus.
   April 6: Bible League- Please support the Bible League as they
    distribute bibles to many people. Also as they translate the bible into
    different languages.
   April 8: Home Missions- Remember our missions in our country as
    there are still many unchurched and unbelieving people around us.
    May they reach out and bring them to Jesus.

                                          Bulletin Board
                         April 1              April 6                April 8           April 15
                                           Good Friday
Ushers             Mike & Esther Ritz   Matt & Sarah Sutton   Brendan & Brent    Rodney & Nancie
Greeters           Aaron & Marian       Henry & Arlene        Brent & Cara       Larry & Barb
                   Eisses               Ekkel                 Van Zeggelaar      Donkersgoed
Coffee             H&S,P&L Reurink,                           Garry & Anne       Fellowship
                   J&B VanZeggelaar                           Withage            Committee
Nursery            Jose, Carmen,        Barb, Kaitlyn, Jaden, Irene, Shelby,     Jackie, Jenna, Kurt,
                   Braeden, Jesse       Sven                  Kevin, Wesley      Ian
2 ½ yrs. Preschool Brendan, Rylan                             Brendan, Jesse     Sarah, Tilly
3 yrs. Preschool   Landen, Stanley                            Landen, Shelby     Kaitlyn, Carly
4 yrs. Preschool   Brittany, Jaden                            Brittany, Seth     Nathan, Morgan
Library            Jenna                                      Karen              Tilly
ARSCH              Circuit Ministry                           Circuit Ministry
Piyami Lodge       H & W Slomp,                                                  VanderWekken,
                   Audrey Kolk                                                   Timmerman, Tanis

           Birthdays this Week: Monday: Seth Slomp Tuesday: Brendan Scholten
           Thursday: Bill Tamminga Saturday: Mike VanRootselaar, Dillon

           Church Family: As Easter approaches let us prepare our hearts and minds
           for the death and resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

               As spring is upon us we begin to see God's handiwork around us, and
                we look to God for a good growing season and we put our trust in
                him that he will provide.

               Be with our members who continue to suffer from pain and sickness.
                Continue to be with Tony and Florence Vegter and grant them
                strength. Give healing and patience to those who have had accidents
                or those who have underwent surgery.

               Console those who have lost loved ones recently, as well as those who
                continue to grieve from losses long ago. Surround them with your

    Be with our church and its various programs and please pray for a
     VBS coordinator to lead this important program.

    Be with church council as they go through the task of appointing new
     office bearers, give them wisdom. Bless the work of the search
     committee and continue to give them strength and perseverance as
     they fulfill their work.

    Please keep Doug Reurink and family in your prayers.

Iron Springs Church Announcements:

   Young Peoples: Young Peoples: Meeting at Ashley and Landen's
    tonight at 8:10pm. Remember to bring your
    COMPLETED registration forms! Dani, Kaitlyn and Tilly have snack
    tonight. Next week we will meet for core group. On Thursday, April
    12 we will be cleaning up the parsonage starting at 9am. Bring yard
    cleaning supplies (rakes, shovels, gloves...)! On Sunday, April 15, we
    will be helping set up and clean up the Meet & Greet lunch with the
    visiting pastor after church. Sunday April 15 in the evening we will
    be having a gym night against the Young Adults, where we can meet
    the visiting pastor as well. See you tonight!

   Young Adults: If you are out of high school, come out and meet the
    visiting pastor Sunday April 15 in the evening. We will be meeting at
    a local gym (TBA) with the young peoples, where we can hang
    out and meet the visiting pastor. More details to follow! See you

   Youth Group: We will be helping the building committee clean the
    yard at the parsonage on Thursday, April 12 starting at 9:00 am. If you
    are able to come, bring work gloves, rakes, muscles and a smile.
    Lunch will be provided for the day. (If any parents would like to come
    also that would be great!!)

   Catechism: This past year the Sunday School and Catechism Classes
    collected money for gifts through CRWRC coming from their gift
    catalogue. A total of $713.45 was collected from the Catechism
    classes & each class collected individually per grade. The grade 11's
    came way out on top. Although, for the size of the grade 7 class - they
   did awesome. I'm going break down what each class collected for:
   Grade 7's collected enough to give 2 goats, 15 chickens and 16 fruit
   trees. Grade 10's collected enough to give 50 chickens, 36 fruit trees,
   a 5kg bag of maize seed, 2 water filters and 3 literacy books. Grade
   11's collected enough to give a Water unit for Disaster Survivors and
   24 chickens. Grade 12's collected enough to give 1 calf, 3 literacy
   books, mosquito nets and 11 chickens.
   So thank-you for your giving - these will make a difference in many
   lives. Thanks again to the teachers!!

 Building Committee: Painting the parsonage is delayed about a week
  or so. We are still looking for painters for this large project and your
  support is appreciated. Contact Evelyn at 732-5379 if you have any
  questions and/or to offer your services. Thanks.

 VBS - We are looking for a new coordinator to plan the VBS program
  for this summer. We know this is a huge task and we do have people
  willing to be helpers to whoever is the coordinator. Please talk to
  Esther (732-4411) or any other member of the evangelism committee
  if you are interested.

 Search Committee: Pastor Speelman and his wife Wendy will be
  joining us April 12-15 to get to know us and the area better. There will
  be an opportunity for the whole congregation to meet the two of them.
  On Sunday we will have the privilege of hearing Pastor Speelman
  preach and have a meet and greet after the service with lunch. If you
  have any questions or concerns please talk to anyone on the search

 Fellowship Committee: BOWLING, BOWLING, BOWLING:
  Fun, friends, fellowship and bowling! Come out to Holiday Bowl
  April 28th from 4-6pm. The cost is five dollars per game per person;
  please bring cash to make the paying process run smoothly. Can’t wait
  to see you and your family there! Church Potluck: Sunday, April 15th
  please join us for a time of fellowship as we visit with Pastor
  Speelman and Wendy. We will be having a POTLUCK dinner after
  the morning service in the fellowship hall. If your last name begins
  with the letters A-S please bring a main dish, letters T-Z please bring
  a dessert.

 Immanuel Christian School (Local Meeting): We will be having a
  local school meeting on Tuesday April 3rd at 8:00 pm here in the

 VIDEO OVERFLOW: The sound and video committee have a
  special account that you may donate to for setting up a video and
  sound system in the hall for future overflow events such as funerals
  etc. This is very hard to set up in short notice as we need projection,
  good quality camera, cables and sound which for the most part are not
  rentable items. It will be nice to be able to also record events
  such as funerals, weddings, special occasions etc. The sound and
  projection system will come in handy for congregational meetings,
  seminars and workshops down the road. Having the system in the hall
  may also make the hall rentable to the community or businesses that
  want to host a workshop, seminar etc. Having the ability to show a
  Power Point presentation during anniversaries or receptions may
  also be convenient. Total cost of something like this is around
  $6500.00 but the benefits of having this available will be well worth
  it. Please consider how this may be a benefit to you. Please note on
  the cheque what the money is for. Thank – you

 From Council: At the last council meeting it was decided that the
  Sunday PM Service will be kept at 3:00 until further notice. If
  members of the congregation would like to read the minutes of the last
  Classis meeting, there are copies on the table in the foyer.

 Congregational Meeting of March 19, 2012. About 60 people were
  in attendance. John welcomed everyone and opened with devotions
  reading from Romans 12 and singing Beautiful Savior. The agenda
  was adopted with one amendment. John encouraged everyone to fill
  out nomination forms. Minutes of the December 12th congregational
  meeting were read. Clerks report was given for the year 2011. Peter
  gave a report on the 2011 budget year. He is glad his rookie year is
  done. Peter encouraged members of the congregation to give on a
  monthly basis instead of waiting till the end of the year. John thanked
  Peter for his work. Art Dronkelaar and Chris Schuld on behalf of the
  search committee, gave a report on a potential pastor who will be
  coming on the weekend of April 13th. Pastor Speelman and his wife
  Wendy will have an interactive weekend with the congregation. Chris
  gave a short report on Pastor Speelman. Questions were then taken

      from the audience and discussion was had. John thanked the search
      committee for their work. At this time reports were given from church
      groups and committees. There were no questions for question period
      so meeting was adjourned. Art closed in prayer.

Local Announcements:

     N – Lethbridge, AB: Please support us as we try to bring some of the
     best gospel music around to Lethbridge. Legacy Five has enjoyed
     more success in its short career than many groups experience in
     decades. Year after year they are recognized as one of Gospel music’s
     favourite southern gospel groups. The Southern Gospel Music
     Association honored Legacy Five with Recording of the Year and
     they have had 2 Dove Award nominations. The rich four and five
     part harmony that Legacy Five has become noted for is the result of a
     masterful weaving together of five unique and versatile talents.
     Tickets can be purchased from Dove Christian Supplies or call Duane
     Konynenbelt (403) 381-4461. All profits from this concert will go
     towards the 2013 Trinity Youth Mexico Mission. Adults - $20.00 *
     Students $17.50 *Children under 12 Free * Rush Seating

Maranatha CRC:
   Come join the Young Africans in OUR AFRICAN DREAM, an
    outstanding musical production at Maranatha CRC on April 11,
    2012 beginning at 7 PM. Admission is free for all ages! OUR
    AFRICAN DREAM shares the best of African dance and music
    through spirituals, worship songs and gospel favorites! The Young
    Africans, a gifted group of singers, musicians and dancers, 17-21
    years old, and once part of the world-renowned African Children's
    Choir, are thrilled to share God’s work in their lives and their dreams
    becoming a reality. A free-will offering will be taken to support Music
    for Life Institute, a relief and development agency with programs in
    seven African countries and which has educated over 52,000 children,
    impacting thousands of lives. African dreams are coming true as a
    direct result of the support of people like you. Please come and join us
    for an unforgettable evening that will move, restore, and inspire you!


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