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I have pleasure in sending the May monthly    mailing 3from   UCAS and UCAS Media.
Important information- Changes to UCAS charges

Following approval by the UCAS Board, the application fee for students applying to start
university or college in the 2013 entry cycle is increasing by £1. This takes the cost of
applying to university or college through UCAS from £22 to £23 for multiple choices; and
from £11 to £12 for a single choice.

Important reminders 2012

         Replies to offers

Applicants who have received all their decisions by 31 March should have replied to these
decisions by 9 May. If for any reason students have failed to reply to their offers, they will
have these offers automatically declined. Students in this situation will have seven days to
contact us to change these replies.

For those students who receive their last decision by 10 May they will be expected to reply
by 7 June. Further information about replying to offers is available on the UCAS website which guides students to when
offers are received and when replies are due to be made.

         Summer holidays

Please remind all students before they leave for the summer holidays to keep their contact
details up-to-date on Track as their university or college choices may contact them. Students
should update their address, email and telephone details.

Please also remind students to make a note of their Track username, password and
Personal ID to use over the summer holiday. These will be especially important in August
when students can check their situation when they have their results.

         Still have applicants applying?

Please remember to check regularly on the staff area of Apply that no applications are
waiting to be sent. We can accept an application with choices up to 30 June 2012; after this
date applications will go straight into Clearing.
      Extra

Extra has been open and available to eligible students since 24 February 2012. Extra is
available to applicants who have used all five choices on their original application and have
been either unsuccessful at all choices or declined their offers.

Extra for students is explained on the UCAS website: and in the adviser’s section:

Extra gives students the opportunity to look for available places using Course Search and choose those that may be of interest to them.
Initially students are advised to contact universities and colleges themselves to discuss their
requirements and to ensure that spaces are still available.

The final date for students to refer their application to a university or college through Extra is
4 July 2012.

Important schools information

      Adviser Track and Applicant Status Reports

Adviser Track displays your applicants’ progress after they have sent their applications to
UCAS. You can view the decisions made by their chosen universities and colleges. If they
receive offers, any conditions will be displayed, as well as your applicants’ replies to these
offers. Adviser Track lets you search by status, eg those who need to reply to their offers, or
those eligible for Extra or Clearing.

As a subscribed centre, you also have access to the Applicant Status Reports, which allows
you to track your students’ progress monthly throughout the application cycle. Reports are
available at the beginning of each month.

The subscription cost is £50.00 per application cycle, including VAT at a standard rate (VAT
reg no GB 618 2306 57). You can subscribe at any time during this year’s application
cycle; the cost will remain the same.

If you wish to order this service please email stating your
establishment name and ID number. There is an order form on the UCAS website at the
following address which should be
downloaded, completed and attached to your email.

Reports for the remainder of the 2012 application cycle will be made available to you on a
monthly basis until October. We will then provide Applicant Status Reports for the 2013
application cycle from 1 November 2013.

      Reminder about storing or saving application details

Remember that if you wish to keep a copy of any of your students’ applications you will
need to print copies before the close of the 2012 application cycle when access will be
removed. We will confirm the closing date in our August mailing. If you need the information
contained in Applicant Status Reports, it is important that you save this before the deadline,
as we will not be able to provide this data for you once the 2012 cycle is closed.
      2013 Apply username and password

A separate letter containing your new username and password for Apply 2013 will be sent to
you at the end of May. If you do not receive this information before Apply 2013 goes live
from the middle of June, please call the dedicated schools and colleges team on +44 (0)845
123 8001.

Please have your UCAS establishment number ready before calling the schools and colleges
team as they will need this information prior to locating your username and password.
Please make sure your Buzzword is changed each year to prevent students from using the
wrong application system.

      2013 Course Search

We are pleased to confirm that UCAS Course Search for 2013 will shortly be available for
use. We expect this to be live from w/c 14 May.

As a reminder for future students researching courses, it is important to review fee and
finance information for their choice preferences. Please advise them to visit the student
finance section of our website for more information:

UCAS Confirmation and Clearing for advisers and CUKAS Confirmation for advisers

Enclosed in the mailing was a copy of the UCAS Confirmation and Clearing for advisers and
CUKAS Confirmation for advisers 2012 guide. The guide contains essential information
about Confirmation, Adjustment and Clearing procedures, as well as where to find advice,
guidance, and UCAS Clearing vacancy listings. We have also provided calendars of
important dates for UCAS and CUKAS, details of how applicants can contact us online, our
helpline numbers and our opening hours over the Confirmation and Clearing period. A PDF
of the guide is available to download from the Advisers’ sections of the UCAS and CUKAS
websites. We would appreciate any comments from you about the guide, and have provided
a comment slip at the back of the booklet, or you can email us at

UCAS also included a useful poster showing important UCAS links to use during August.
Please display this for both students and staff to see.

Important changes to the UCAS and CUKAS schemes for 2013 entry – an adviser’s

A guide summarising the UCAS and CUKAS changes for the 2013 application cycle was
enclosed. A PDF version is also available on the UCAS website at and on the CUKAS website

Adviser Guide 2013

UCAS enclosed a copy of the Adviser Guide 2013. This includes a flowchart explaining the
application process for UCAS courses and information about setting up your centre for the
first time – along with sources of support and information for yourself and your students, and
full details about our training programme to keep advisers fully abreast of the UCAS
application service.
Further copies of the Adviser Guide are available by contacting Publication Services by
email at Please note that supplementary orders are
subject to postage and packaging costs which are based on the weight of the parcel. Please
email your requirements to the team and they will issue you with a quote by return. Please
also have a purchase order number ready if you would like to be invoiced.

A PDF version of the Adviser Guide 2013 is available to view and print on our website at

Progression Series 2013

The Publication Services Team enclosed a flyer for the forthcoming UCAS Progression
Series 2013 entry. This popular series of ten books offers your students advice on careers,
entry routes and applying to the most competitive subject areas.
New for 2013:
With many universities charging top fees, prospective students and their parents need more
information to help them choose the right course and university for them. The new editions
therefore include expert information on league tables and subject rankings.

UCAS Advisers on Twitter

Our advisers are now on hand on Twitter to help YOU as well as your students. Ever had a
general question about UCAS applications but not had time to pick up the phone? Now you
can tweet your questions to our expert advisers, who will send you a response you can read
when you get a moment.

The @UCAS_online Twitter feed has been responding to questions from applicants and
offering timely tips on applying since 2008. It’s proved to be a real success, and now has
more than 20,000 followers.

We’ve extended this service for school and college advisers too, with a tailored Twitter feed
– Let our advisers help you stay on top of your centres’
applications and answer your questions.

Follow now for:
     reminders of key dates
     news and updates relevant to you
     the latest topics arising in the adviser forums in Apply
     links to the newest resources to help you and your students – such as videos, toolkits
       and FAQs.

Tweet your questions to @ucas_centres and our advisers will send you a prompt and
concise reply. We would love to know what else you’d like to see from this Twitter feed –
send your comments to or tweet @ucas_centres.

UCAS Events

Forthcoming conferences for teachers and advisers

Getting into HE London
Thursday 31 May 2012, Hotel Russell, London
For more information and to register visit

Getting into HE Scotland
Tuesday 12 June 2012, Glasgow Marriott Hotel
For more information and to register visit
These events will provide information and advice to those advising students on applying to
HE, offering delegates an opportunity to explore the whole application procedure – from
making choices and preparation, through to the practical aspects of making an application.

Competitive Admissions
Tuesday 3 July 2012, The Royal York Hotel, York
For more information and to register visit

A one-day event for those helping students apply to higher education in competitive subjects
and/or selective institutions.

How do admissions officers choose between hundreds of applicants to successfully place
students on to their most competitive courses? What makes a student stand out? How can
you best advise your students to prepare and make the most of their application?

UCAS higher education conventions
The conventions bring together universities and colleges within the UCAS scheme to inform
and guide prospective university and college students. The events play a vital part in helping
applicants decide about what and where to study within higher education. For further
information about your local convention, please visit

Available at, the brand new PREP. facility boasts an array of valuable
information on what visitors can do ahead of, and after, visiting a UCAS convention.

Design your future
London: Wednesday 14 – Thursday 15 November 2012, ExCeL, London

Manchester: Monday 26 – Tuesday 27 November 2012, Central Hall, Manchester Central
Convention Complex

The Design your future exhibitions bring together institutions offering creative courses such
as art, design, photography, media and architecture. They include subject-specific and
advisory workshops in an interactive exhibition environment. Visitor booking will open in
June. For more information, please visit

Compose your future
Monday 8 October 2012, Exchange Hall, Manchester Central Convention Complex

The Compose your future exhibition focuses on performing arts and related subjects – also
featuring live performances from current students, master classes and workshops. This
event takes place annually in October and visitor booking opens on Friday 1 June. This is a
must-see event for anyone looking at continuing their study in performing arts, dance, music,
drama, theatre studies and much more. For more information, please visit

For international advisers

International Teachers and Advisers Conference
11-12 June 2012, Hotel Russell, London

This two day programme is specifically aimed at advisers from international schools,
colleges, agencies and other centres supporting international students looking to apply to UK
higher education. For further information and to book your place visit
A separate insert listing third party enclosures is included in your mailing pack.

If you have any feedback relating to this mailing, please email me at

Yours sincerely

Andrea Robertson
Director of Customer Operations

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