silent reading rules by 80K7U4WW


Silent reading will be on Fridays for 30 minutes at the end of class. You are responsible for
having an appropriate book to read every Friday to receive the reading points. Once you report
verbally on the pages you have read, that will translate into a project grade that will be added
into your total grade twice during the semester-once at mid-term and once at the end of the
semester. Reports are only done verbally to the teacher. There is no required written work for
this project.

       You may choose any type of book to read-fiction, non-fiction, drama, mysteries,
        romances, horror, how-to books, science fiction, fantasy, etc- however you cannot read
        books containing short stories or poetry. You also cannot get credit for reading
        magazines, comics, newspapers or most graphic novels.
       The book you choose must be appropriate for your age and reading ability.
       You must register the book with the teacher in order to get reading points on Fridays and
        to report on the book.
       You cannot register a book and report on the same book in the same week.
       Only one book report can be done per week.
       You must have the book with you when you report to the teacher.
       During silent reading time, you earn 10 points for reading the ENTIRE time. If you
        choose to do something other than read (such as talk or work on other homework), you
        lose your points.
       You do not have to read an entire book to report, however you must have read at least
        100 pages.
       You may change books at anytime.
       You may use notes when you report on a book
       Credit may be lowered for books that have a lot of pictures or are written in formats that
        do not take up the entire page.
       You cannot use books that are part of the Mount Tahoma English curriculum.
       You may report on one book that has been made into a movie or television show per
        semester for a maximum of 300 pages credit.
       You may report on books verbally during silent reading time, and before and after school
        as the teacher is available.
       Your job during the report is to convince the teacher that you have read the book. Be
        prepared to answer questions about all aspects of the book.
       Reading points can carry over from quarter to quarter, but not from semester to semester.
       To earn full credit, sophomores must read 800 pages per semester, 400 pages per
        quarter and seniors must read 1000 pages per semester, 500 pages per quarter.

Reading makes a full man…
                -Sir francis bacon
Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
                 -W. Fusselman
It is books that are the key to the wide world; if you can’t do anything else, read all that you can.
                 -Jane Hamilton

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