Planning Tree for Senior Mock Awards Program

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					Planning Tree for Senior Mock Awards Program                                                                                         May 20, 2004
                                               Script Awards
   Programs, &              Awards                                           Music             Power Point             Talent Acts           Decorations
                                             Program & Staffing
                                                                      Select appropriate
                      Select Mock            Create a flow chart                            Gather pictures for                           Schedule
Design Invitations                                                    music for each                               Recruit talent acts
                      Categories             for the evening                                all nominees                                  Auditorium
                                                                                                                                          Arrange for
                                             Write script outline     Gather all                                   Set up talent
Order Invitations     Print Mock Ballot                                                     Create a power                                spotlights outside
                                             for awards               necessary CD's                               audition panel
                                                                                            point program to                              auditorium
                                             Assign presenters to     Make a CD play list   follow show outline                           Design decoration
Mail Invitations      Distribute Ballots                                                                           Run talent audition
                                             each award               or burn CD's                                                        scheme
                                             Get a mater(s) of        Set up sound          Add photos to
Design Tickets        Collect Ballots                                                                              Send letters of        Order drops if any
                                             ceremonies               system                power point show
                                                                                                                   acceptance and
                                                                      Run sound system      Set up all equipment                          Order and/or
                                                                                                                   rejection to all who
Print Tickets         Count Results          Get trophy "girls"       for rehearsal &       for rehearsal &                               purchase
                                                                                                                   try out
                                                                      show                  awards show                                   decorations
                      Give list of                                                          Run power point for
Cash box for ticket
                      nominees to            Get Ushers                                     rehearsal & awards                            Decorate auditorium
sales & @ the door
                      Invitations group                                                     show
                                             Get tech crew for
Arrange for ticket    Make a master list                                                                                                  Section off reserved
                                             lights, sound, and
sales people          of award winners                                                                                                    seating for seniors
Type & Layout         Order Trophy                                                                                                        Arrange for Red
                                             Get outside greeters
Program               Awards                                                                                                              Carpet ?
                                             Arrange for at least
Print Program         Design Certificates                                                                                                 Flowers for stage?
                                             one rehearsal            Breakdown sound
                                                                                                                   Have talent acts at
                                             Send reminders to        system after the
Assemble Program      Print Certificates                                                    Breakdown all          all rehearsals
                                             all workers at least 3   show
                                                                                            equipment after the
Deliver Programs to   Laminate               days in advance for
auditorium            Certificates           rehearsal
                      Check all awards for
                      accuracy when they                                                                                                  Set Theatre Lighting
                                             Have entire show
                      Deliver awards to
                                             approved by Eb
                      Arrange awards on
                      awards table

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