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					                                       FY13 Title II, Part A Grant -- Non-Public Spending Timeline

                          All activities must begin and end within the grant period of July 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013.

                    All expenditures funded by Title IIA must be approved by Jeanne Imbriale, in advance, as part of a Final Proposal.

                                          All requests must be submitted within the correct grant, tax, and fiscal year. 2

              Failure to follow the general guidelines, spending procedures, and deadlines may result in non-payment of Title IIA funds.

     DEADLINE                  Please submit all payment requests ASAP, within 30 days after completion of activity.
     May 3, 2012               Receive FY13 preliminary allotment figures.
    June 15, 2012              Submit FY13 Preliminary Proposals.
July 1 - September 2012        Contact Title II office for FY13 activities occurring before fall FY13 meeting.
 September 20, 2012            Mandatory fall technical assistance meeting: Receive final allotment figures.
   October 5, 2012             Submit FY13 Final Proposals.
   October 15, 2012            Receive approval of FY13 Final Proposals.
  December 3, 2012             Submit all stipend payment requests for approved trainings completed July 1, 2012 through November 30, 2012.
    December 2012              December is a "Blackout Period" for conducting activities that require stipend payments. 2
     April 1, 2013             Submit Requisition Orders for outside vendors for all planned activities occurring through September 30, 2013. 1
    June 30, 2013              BCPS Fiscal Year End: Submit all requests for any unpaid expenses incurred through June 30, 2013.
     July 1, 2013              Submit Requisition Orders ASAP for outside vendors for any remaining activities occurring through September 30, 2013. 1
                               All FY13 approved activities must be completed by this time.
                               Submit payment requests for ALL remaining FY13 expenses immediately.
 September 30, 2013
                               Notify fiscal assistant of any open Purchase Order balances that have been canceled or will not be used.
                               Notify fiscal assistant of any remaining allocated Title IIA funds that your school will not be using.
  PLEASE NOTE:             1
                             A completed Requisition Order form (accompanied by required documentation -- see spending procedures) is due 8 weeks in advance
                             of activity date to encumber funds for outside presenters, consultants, caterers, facilities, and professional development supplies.
                             Services provided prior to the issuance of an official BCPS Requisition Order form may be denied for payment under Title II.
                           2 Stipend payments are considered income. The IRS requires all income to be paid in the correct tax year.

                             No stipend payments will be processed for activities occurring during the month of December.

                                   Dates are subject to change. Revisions will be posted as more information becomes available.

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