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					                              Peer Evaluation – PowerPoint Oral Presentation

Presenters :________________________________________________________________

Great Canadian :_______________________________                    Sport :_____________________________

Performance           4 Points                3 Points                    2 Points                   1 Point
Organization                           Information was            Information was             There did not appear to
                                       presented in a logical,    somewhat difficult to       be any sequence or
                                       interesting sequence       follow because students     order to the
                                       that was easy to follow    tended to “jump around”     information presented.
                                                                  from one thing to another
Technical                                                         Show contained between      Show contained <6 or
Specifications                                                    6 and 8 slides              >8 slides
                                       ALL slides were            MOST of the slides were     SOME slides only were
                                       presented in POINT         presented in POINT FORM     presented in POINT
                                       FORM                                                   FORM
Mechanics                              Demonstrated an            Showed good effort in the   Showed little effort in
                                       outstanding effort         presentation, however       the presentation.
                                       presenting the             pictures and text reflect   Pictures and text
                                       information through        only an “average” effort    appear to be “thrown
                                       creative use of pictures                               together at the last
                                       and text                                               minute”
Overall          An outstanding        A good presentation.       The presenters did not
Presentation     presentation.                                    seem comfortable and
                                                                  hesitated a lot.
                 The presentation      However, the
                 kept my interest at   presentation did not       The presentation was not
                 all times.            always keep my interest.   that interesting.

Evaluators :________________________________________________________________

                                            TOTAL                   /15

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