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                   Middle Years Programme Unit Planner

MYP Subject Group              Humanities                                        Subject         Combined Humanities                             Grade                   7

Unit Title                     UNIT 1: Garbage to Gems                                                                                           Unit duration           3 weeks

Guiding Questions / Main Aims
What can we tell about people from the “artefacts” they leave behind?
Using primary sources to make inference statements.

   Core Areas of Interaction                                    Learning Objectives                                                        Learning Activities
ATL (skills developed)
Collaborative Skills                      Students will demonstrate the ability to:                                     As a group, sort through the different artefacts and figure
Developing thinking skills                                                                                              out their significance and what they can tell us about the
                                          Standard 3: Culture and perceptions
Using information                         C: Draw inferences from archeological evidence.                               people who created them
                                          E: Examine how information and experiences may be interpreted by people
Other AoI(s) addressed
                                             from diverse cultural perspectives.                                        As a group, write observations about the artifacts and
                                          Standard 5: Environment                                                       classify them according to appropriate categories.
                                          B: Apply demographic concepts to classify the structure and characteristics
Environment                                  of different populations and population patterns over time.
What kind of environment did the          C: Predict the processes, patterns and functions of human settlement.
                                                                                                                        Oral presentation on their findings using their artifacts as
people live in when producing the                                                                                       part of their presentation.
                                          Standard 8: Methodology and skills
artefacts                                 C. Select, assemble and organize detailed and relevant evidence from a wide
                                              range of sources through field work, data analysis, map analysis,         Reflection questions on the activity, relating to
                                              evaluation of historical sources and academic research.                   understanding of the process of making inferences and the
                                                                                                                        implications for studying history.
                                Assessment Tasks                              →          → →                       MYP Assessment Criteria

As a group, write an essay about the artefacts you found, and what information this tells us about the        A) Focus on knowledge of artefacts and what they are
people who produced the artefacts                                                                                 used for
                                                                                                              A) Full and proper explanations of the justification of
As a group, present their findings to their colleagues                                                        inference statements
                                                                                                              B) Understanding relevant concepts of Time and
Major Assessment Type:                                                                                            Systems
                                                                                                              C) Students use artefacts and come up with suitable
                                                                                                                  inference statements
                                                                                                              C) Reflection questions
                                                                                                              D) Students write essay in clear, accurate way
                                                                                                              D) Students present in a clear and logical way, including
                                                                                                              only relevant information

                                                           Suggested interdisciplinary links
       Recommended Resources                               (in addition to interdisciplinary activities                          Comments
                                                         featured in “Learning Objectives” overleaf)

“Artefacts” collected by teacher                                                                          This unit is to get students to understand there are a variety
                                                                                                          of different sources of information that can be used. It also is
Multi-Media Lab computers for writing essay.                                                              a good “ice-breaker” activity at the beginning of the school
                                                                                                          year. Also gets students writing early on.

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