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Sagnik Bhattacharya by A6sNT6


									                SAGNIK                   BHATTACHARYA
6317 Century Avenue,                                          Epic Systems Corporation,
Apt #8,                                                       5301 Tokay Boulevard,
Middleton, WI-53562                                           Madison, WI-53711                                   
Phone: (608) 829-3480                                         Phone: (608) 358-9700

     Looking for a challenging full-time position in software design/development in the field(s)
     of Software Engineering / Distributed Systems / Systems Software.

     University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA                                        May 2002
            School of Engineering and Applied Science                               GPA – 3.87 /4.0
            Master of Computer Science

           Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur                                      May 2000
            Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering)
            Honor: First Class with Distinction

     Languages: C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Cache (M)
     Platforms: SunOS, Unix, Linux, Windows 2000/NT/98/XP, DOS
     Tools & Others: COM, NS-2 simulator, Lex, Yacc, HTML, Socket Programming

     Developer, R & D                                                           July 2002 - Present
       Epic Systems Corporation, Madison, WI
        Currently working as a software developer with the
          Clinical Informatics product (EpicCare). Work involves
          maintenance, enhancement and code testing of the
          existing software as well as design and development for
          new products in a client-server environment.

           Graduate Research Assistant                                       Nov 2000 – June 2002
            University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
             Worked as a part of the Deeply Embedded Networking
               Group that deals with providing an infrastructure for
               aggregation and communication in sensor networks.

           Graduate Teaching Assistant
            University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science
             Computer Architecture (Graduate level , Fall 2000)              Sept 2000 – Dec 2000
             Introduction to Computing (Spring 2001)                          Jan 2001 –May 2001

           Summer Intern, Member of Technical Staff                       June 1999 – August 1999

          Regional Computer Center, Calcutta, India
           Contributed to design and development of software
             support for the distance education program.


         Worked on building a reporting infrastructure to log information which could be used by
          different parts of the clinical products to efficiently log and report user activity for
          business and clinical analysis purposes.
         Developed distributed data placement heuristics for conserving bandwidth and battery
          power in multi-hop wireless sensor networks. (Masters Thesis under Prof. Tarek
          Abdelzaher of University of Virginia.)
         Design and implementation of a distributed telemedicine data network, which shall be
          used for long distance conferencing and knowledge retrieval. This involved text, image,
          audio and video transfer over low bandwidth channels (typical data rate in the range of
          28.8 kbps). Also there is provision for offline data transfer at low traffic times.
          (Undergraduate Senior thesis, under the guidance of Prof. A. K. Mazumdar and Prof. J.
          Mukherji of IIT Kharagpur; Project sponsored by Institute of Tropical Medicine, India)
         Developed a framework for a hierarchical network of web-enabled components.
         Developed a compiler for a C-type language without pointers and structs.
         Developed a small-scale enterprise management system using front end Java interface to
          connect to an Oracle database. Special features include the ability to generate time-
          variant statistics and making simple predictions.

      Ranked 275th among approx. 120,000 students in the IIT-JEE exam

       H-1B (Work Permit)

* REFERENCES - Available upon request


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