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									the discovery of a lifetime

„All actual life is encounter“ Martin Buber, Austrian philosopher  

What is aka-aki?
aka­aki is a playful approach to discover the people  nearby. When two members meet, their phones show their mutual friends and interests – in this very moment. aka­aki is your second chance. It runs on nearly every phone. aka-aki users remain in full control over their privacy. Patent­pending and platform-independent technology lets users discover the people around them.   

The company so far
October 2006: Initial prototype, project at Berlin University of the Arts; self-funded development August 2007: Closed betatest, 1.000 members April 2008: Public Beta, winner of CeBIT Innovators Pitch February 2009: Launch of iPhone app, Top 5 DACH app June 2009: Winning 2 Webby Awards („Internet Oscars“) July 2009: Awarded Apple Top 50 app August 2009: 250.000 members, headcount: 20 (FTE)

The Management
Stefanie Hoffmann, CEO & Founder, Finance, BizDev, Marketing Former Bertelsmann Product Manager, giving speeches on the mobile space regularly Gabriel F. Yoran, CEO & Founder, Head of Product Co-Founder and CEO of security software company Steganos, creating award-winning products, acquring millions of users worldwide Gabriel Palomino, CTO has experience in the mobile space since 2000. He worked as Managing Director, Business Developer, Producer and Lead Developer

aka-aki - the product today
Mobile & location-aware Social Network, out now Platform-independent: J2ME, iPhone and Web Combining different location technologies Key Features: Showing people nearby (up to 50 km) Matchmaking based on sticker system Patented MoHED technology Messaging aki of the week game (collecting encounters)

Always with you, regardless of the device

The unique DNA: What aka-aki is


from public beta launch on 03.04.08 until now

280,000 in July 2009

App Store users love aka-aki
Germany, Austria, Switzerland (Feb 09): Number 1 Social Network Top 5 overall app charts France (May 2009): Number 1 Social Network Top 10 overall app charts

aka-aki`s unique multi-layered Positioning Technology

energy efficient privacy-aware


outdoor positioning


indoor high-precision, client-less

MoHED technology
Bluetooth is being used to find other users in indoor situations (clubs, metro, most buildings). The 20 m range gives very precise feedback on other users without using up as much energy as GPS. Other BT devices discovered are being notified by SMS even if they do not have the client running. Their BT ID can be identified even when the app is not running. Parts of the MoHED (Mobile Hub for Encounter Detection) are based on a EU patent filed by aka-aki.


Business models
aka-aki already generates revenue through the advertising enabled mobile clients. We‘re working hard to deliver hyperrelevant and non-intrusive brand communication (targeting interests, time and location) This consists of delivering location and proximity of stars, stores, and events Pushing special offers and content Premium versions Advertising aka-aki is a great Marketing/Campaigning tool

aka-aki partners

In the media
Winner of two Webby Awards („the Oscars of the Internet“): Best Mobile Social Network (Jury) and People‘s Voice Award 2009. „After a silent launch, word is getting out. Thousands of people in Berlin are using the software, and there is a chance for them to get critical mass there with proper marketing.“ „Wenn irgendjemand die Versprechungen der sozialen Netzwerke perfekt in den mobilen Raum umgesetzt hat, dann aka-aki.“ „Wenn es erst einmal gefunkt hat, kann es interessant werden: Die große Liebe begegnet einem vielleicht jeden Morgen in der Bahn.“ „Das Berliner Startup überträgt die Web 2.0Idee des sozialen Netzwerkens in die reale Welt.“ „aka-aki erweitert das Prinzip einer herkömm-lichen Community um eine soziale Sensorik, die es erlaubt, den eigenen Freundeskreis in der Realität aufzuspüren und neue Menschen kennenzulernen.“ „A new generation of mobile social networks may have found ways to overcome these barriers. One is aka-aki, a start-up based in Berlin.“ „In just over an hour on a sunny day in the centre of Berlin I had more than a dozen “encounters” with aka-aki members. Everyone was buzzing with the possibilities of the network and eager to chat.“ „It sounds futuristic but it is here already. A German firm called ‘aka-aki’ has already 2000 people signed up to its system.“ „This kind of mobile social networking could revolutionize your social life. If you’re at a night club and you want to know who’s around, just check your cell phone.“ „Aussitôt, son mini-écran affiche la page d’accueil de aka-aki, le nouveau réseau social “géolocalisé” permettant à ses membres de détecter tous les autres membres se trouvant dans les parages, et de communiquer avec eux en temps réel.“

If you have any questions, contact us

aka-aki networks GmbH Hessische Straße 11 - 10115 Berlin - Germany Phone +49 - (0) 30 - 288 86 76 - 6 Fax +49 - (0) 30 - 288 86 76 - 70 office@aka-aki.com

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