Photoshop CS2: Project 1 (True/False)

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					Adobe Photoshop CS3 Chapter 2 T/F                                                             Page 1 of 1

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Photoshop CS3 Chapter 2 - True/False

Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false.

    T         F        1. Using white space, or non-image area, is effective in directing
                          the viewer to see what is important.

    T         F        2. The Tool Preset picker lets you draw a marquee that selects a
                          portion of the document window.

    T         F        3. If you press the ALT key while drawing a selection, the
                          marquee is created from the center.

    T         F        4. Feathering softens the edges of the selection for blending into

    T         F        5. An Adjustable Aspect Ratio sets a height-to-width ratio using
                          decimal places.

    T         F        6. The Tool Preset Picker button displays on most options bars.

    T         F        7. In magic mode, the Transform options bar is displayed.

    T         F        8. If you choose Free Transform, you must use the keyboard to
                          perform the transformations.

    T         F        9. Each of the nine squares on the Reference point location button
                          corresponds to a point on the bounding box.

    T         F        10. When you scale a selection, you resize it by changing its width,
                           height, or both.

    T         F        11. The Edit palette records each change or new state of the file you
                           are working on.

    T         F        12. The magnetic lasso displays fastening points on the edge of the

    T         F        13. An Edge box allows you to specify the rate at which the lasso
                           sets fastening points.

    T         F        14. You can change the color or style of guides and grids.

    T         F        15. The term clicking refers to the ability of objects to attach, or
                           automatically align with, a grid or guide.

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