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									                                                   Research Assignment

    Principal Investigator    Charles A. DiMarzio
                      Title   Associate Professor
     College/Department       Electrical and Computer Engineering
           Office address     440 Dana                                                    Office phone    2034
             Lab address      334 Egan                                                      Lab phone     8570

Title of research assignment

Tissue Phantoms for Biomedical Imaging
Research abstract

The students will continue work on development and testing of realistic tissue phantoms to
simulate human tissue in optical and acoustic imaging experiments. They will fabricate
phantoms in different shapes, and measure the optical and acoustic properties.

Research activities/experience

Students will become familiar with various aspects of biomedical imaging, light and sound
propagation, and laboratory techniques.

Expectations of YSP

Students are expected to experiment with different approaches to developing the phantoms,
report their results to graduate students, and work with a large group of faculty, staff, and
students. Attendance at weekly lab meetings and participation in all aspects of running a
research laboratory is expected.

Special skills or interests that would help a participant with this assignment (i.e., an interest in physics, experience with specific
laboratory equipment, etc.)

An interest in biomedical work is important. In addition, we are looking for students who can
think creatively.

                                  The Northeastern University Young Scholars Program
                      c/o CESAME · 360 Huntington Avenue, 027 Lake Hall · Boston, MA 02115
                     tel: 617.373.8380 · fax: 617.373.8496 ·
YSP 2005 – Research Assignment
Tissue Phantoms for Biomedical Imaging
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Lab safety/issues unique to your laboratory.

A general Lab Safety Overview will be presented by Environment Health and Safety to participants
prior to the beginning of lab assignments.
Students will be required to participate in a laser safety program at the beginning of their
work, and prior to using any of the lasers.

Suggested literature to be reviewed prior to beginning this research assignment.

Murray, Todd W., Lei Sui, Gopi Maguluri, Ronald A. Roy, Alex Nieva,
Florian Blonigen, and Charles A. DiMarzio, ``Detection of Ultrasound
Modulated Photons in Diffuse Media Using the Photorefractive Effect,''
{Optics Letters 29}, 21, Pp. 2509--2511.

Nieva, Alex, Matthew Bouchard, and Charles A. DiMarzio,
``Optoacoustic signal detection with a coherent confocal microscope
setup,'' {Proc. SPIE 5697}

Research/Lab Summer Hours              9:0 a.m. – 6:0 p.m.                 Monday through Friday

Scheduled Research/Lab Meetings        2:      p.m. – 3:   p.m.         Thursday

Lab/research project URL

Research/Lab Supervisor      Charles A. DiMarzio
                             Email                                     Phone   2034

Research/Lab Assistant       Heidi Sierra-Gil
                             Email                                      Phone   8570

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