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                                        ‫افغان غږ- صدای افغان‬
 Political, Social, Philosophical, Economic and Scientific Fortnightly Publication, 3rd Edition, First Year, 28 Oct 2012

                      A Pakistani seminary religious teacher found involve while blaming an innocent
                      Christian girl for burning the holy pages of Quran. This person named Khalid
                      Jadoon, was appointed by the people of vicinity for teaching the religious lesson
                      to their children, but there is no surprise because these are common accidents
                      in Two Nation Theoretical fundamentalist country Pakistan, in which killed many
                      human, on the name of Sunny, Shia and other minorities.


       An Atomic Bomb Holder’s Terrorist State By KWK Basharmal

      Increasing Trend Of Killing Journalists In Baluchistan By Bolan Voice Report

       Retarded Strategic Agreement By Wali Khan Olaaspal

       Politics at Glance By Toap Gallery

       Pakistan's Secret Dirty War By Declan Walsh

       Last Two Standing ----------------By Tommy G.
  An Atomic Bomb Holder’s Terrorist
                       By K.W.K Basharmal
The 165 feet long and a few meter            independence on the name of Two Nation             By Bolan Voice Report
widths Minar - i - Pakistan is situated in   Theory which means (Hindus and Pakistani
Lahore, the capital of Pakistan              Muslims are enemies of one another),           National party leader Dr. Malik Baloch
constructed in 1960. The minaret a           along Pakistan three other states also         gestured that murder of journalist is
well-known tool for committing suicide       came into power on the base of religion,       conspiracy to infertile Baluchistan as
through jumping, the suicidal are            these are Israel, Nepal and Vatican City       cognizant and intellect, which will
                                             (Vatican City Non-member of UN). Since         eject dreadful consequences. In
mostly      poor,    unemployed        or
                                             1947 the Pakistani state leads its policy to   Quetta Press Club discussion with
ineffectual lovers. The minaret
                                             overcome the world, its syllabus,              Union of Journalist he spoke-out this.
surrounded by beautiful flowers and
                                             ethics, foreign and interim policies           On the occasion other members of
greenery, gives work of entertainment
                                             base on clash of civilization with other       party condemned misbehave incident
where dozens of family visit with their
                                             countries, frankly the Pakistani state         with senior journalist Shehzad Zulfiqar
off springs. Many young men come for
                                             always think negative about the peace of       in Khuzdar during passed days. They
the cause to have fun and spend their
                                             region. The Pakistani state thinks to          showed concerns about increasing
spare time with fellows. Minar - i -
                                             overcome all the region under its extreme      sense of no-protection among
Pakistan played a vital role in the
                                             ideology of Wahabism, the ideology which
partition of India through different                                                        journalists, and said that present
                                             base on the thoughts of Sayyed Kutab, he
movements and struggles. It is                                                              government has fully failed to
                                             stated    once      in    his     famous
remained a warmth place having                                                              maintain peace. He said “Government
                                             book(Malam-ul-fi Taric) that there is
political conventions, political rallies                                                    is spending billion rupees for peace
                                             no need to learn about any scientific
and fun parties. It is covering near                                                        keeping, but situation is this that
                                             or social science subject except the
about 3 square km land of Lahore. It is                                                     doctors, lawyers, journalists including
                                             Holy Quran. The great extreme leader
next to the Badshahi Mosque and the                                                         other citizen aren’t safe, and law
                                             of Pakistan Maulana Moodidi was not
mosque which is on the few meters                                                           enforcing agencies total performance
                                             less than Sayyed Kutab. He was also
distance of Hire Mondey, a prostitution                                                     is disparaging. Baluchistan journalists
                                             pioneer of these extreme thoughts, he
industry. The Pakistani state got                                                           are in extremely imperiled situations
                                             next page( 8,9)
                                                                                            performing professional duties, but
                                                                                            government isn’t taking initiatives to
                                                                                            provide safe environment for this field
                                                                                            practitioners. In fact, surrounded the
                                                                                            feeling of non-protection is conspiracy
                                                                                            to suffer Baluchistan in disease of
                                                                                            infertility for the intellect and sage
                                                                                            people. The involved people in this
                                                                                            heinous crime are unaware that the
                                                                                            outcome of this misdeed will give-off
                                                                                            how dreadful outcomes.”

                                                                                            Dr. Malik Baloch said, “no one would
                                                                                            be allowed to spread anarchy, violence
                                                                                            and make barren Baluchistan in field of
                                                                                            wit. It is required to urgent notice by
                                                                                            authorities against misbehaver with
Poverty rate increased to 70%, more than 80% people have no access to
                                                                                            Shehzada Zulfiqar and perpetrators
clean water, law & order situations disordered badly, due to insecurity and                 must be exposed before the public and
flux, foreign investment came to 44 million from 440 million. This is an                    sentenced exemplary.”
atomic power Pakistan!!
A Few Words of
 Dr. Allah Nazar
Amid a spike in sectarian violence
in        Pakistan        controlled
Balochistan, IPS speaks with Dr.
Allah Nazar, one of the most
prominent Baloch resistance
leaders on the ground. Over the
phone, the senior commander of                        Pakistan: Our plans don’t go fruitless!!!!!
the Balochistan Liberation Front
speaks of the role the Baloch                               America: We appreciate you!!
armed movements are playing in
the     ongoing      war     against
Islamabad while he categorically       I wish a backward tribal zone, I wish
denies his men have ever targeted      ignorant and uncivilized tribal people as
civilians. Foreign correspondents
are not allowed to travel to the       I am! I wish there should not be cricket
"forbidden” Baloch regions in          grounds in the tribal areas, because I
Iran and Pakistan. The few who         retired from that field. I don’t believe
have ever dared break this rule
have paid the consequences. In         own Eruopean Civilization that’s why all
December 2006, New York Times          Afghan should stand against this! But I
reporter Carlotta Gall was badly       am free to have huge Palaces in
beaten in Quetta—southwest
Pakistan—by men who identified         Islambad and London! Look how I am
themselves as members of a             confident that I can divert the
special branch of the Pakistan         conciousness of Afghan people!
police, and who accused her of
"being     in    Quetta     without
permission". We had already been
                                         Uncivilized animal of stone age Imran Khan, the next President of
declared an independent state                                         Pakistan
from Pakistan in August 1947,
even before Pakistan started to
exist. Seven months later,
Pakistan occupied our land by
force, marking the beginning of a
colonial policies imposed by
Islamabad. From the first day
Baloch have not accepted the
occupation of Pakistan so our
struggle is a continuation of our
forefathers. Why are we not
supporting parliamentary politics?
The Parliament plays a key role, it
enacts laws that brutally suppress
the Baloch national identity, our
culture and language and our
existence as a whole. Besides, the     Hey! We are still moving to produce and kill more Osama
Supreme Court is legitimizing the
brutality of the State so we do not
                                         in Pakistan but our buddy and muddy state Pakistan
believe in the Pakistani Supreme                           doesn’t help us!
Court and we don't have any hope
that the Pakistani Supreme Court
can deliver justice to the Baloch
                                                    Retarded Strategic Agreement
                   By Wali Khan Olaaspal
In the last UN general assembly, the Afghan and Pakistan presidents
agreed to sign a strategic pact, meanwhile the United Kingdom also
said that they will support the pact between Kabul and Islamabad.
This strategic cooperation pact will sign next year, but we need to
observe the process of agreement. After Karzai’s arrival to Kabul, he
expatiated that the agreement will sign in the condition when
Pakistan stops terrorism and anti-Afghanistan activities. After his
declaration, Pakistan’s foreign office decried Afghan president’s
condition for partnership. The spokesman of foreign office Moazam
Khan declared that we have suffered heavy human and economic
losses for the stability of Afghanistan. Khan also explained that
president Karzai proposed a strategic pact with Pakistan. In reality,
Mr. Khan’s statement about their losses for the stability of
Afghanistan was just the achievement of pride in this condition. If
we look to the flashback and present history of Pakistan, we can
find easily that every moment, she supports the terrorist activities in
the shape of Talibanization and Jihadism to outside countries and
state terrorism inside the country. The orthodox elements of
Pakistani establishment are supporting those elements that have
hands in the deconstruction of Afghanistan since last 40 years. The
terrorist groups and elements are the backbone of Pakistani state
since they have been supporting the Taliban against the existing
government of Afghans and coalition forces and as confirmed, any
terrorist activity which occurs throughout the world have linked
with Pakistani agencies. At present, we have examples of Kunar and
Jalalabad, the provinces of Afghan region came under intense
missile attacks of more than 3000 shells launched by the Pakistan
army. In such a condition, it shows the nonsense of Pakistan’s
foreign office. At the same time, the Pakistani establishment and
forces are busy in the genocide of Baluchs, Pashtoons and as well as
sindhes inside the country because of the demands of their rights.
Since 2001 till now Pakistani state agencies have killed and
kidnapped more than 20000 Baluch youth; men and women. Every
day Baluch nation receives tortured bodies of their kidnapped youth
on the roadsides. In such pursuits, Pakistan is pushed to a close-
ended street and she became alone. In this worst situation of
Pakistan, if Afghan government signs strategic pact, it will be a pride   A confuse state with its confuse interim and
for Pakistan and the agreement can raise the Pakistan state’s             foreign policies, needs to learn about its
morality in international community again. In this uncertainty, it is     future, but we call the masses of Pakistan to
the expectation of Afghan government to not sign the agreement of         understand      their     rulers    nefarious
cooperation with Pakistan regarding the future stability of               intensions.
Toap Gallery
 Pakistan's Secret Dirty War
                                                By Declan Walsh
The bodies surface quietly, like corks bobbing up in the dark. They come in twos and threes, a few times a week, dumped on desolate
mountains or empty city roads, bearing the scars of great cruelty. Arms and legs are snapped; faces are bruised and swollen. Flesh is
sliced with knives or punctured with drills; genitals are singed with electric prods. In some cases the bodies are unrecognizable,
sprinkled with lime or chewed by wild animals. All have a gunshot wound in the head. This gruesome parade of corpses has been
surfacing in Baluchistan, Pakistan's largest province, since last July. Several human rights groups, including Amnesty International,
have accounted for more than 100 bodies – lawyers, students, taxi drivers, farm workers. Most have been tortured. The last three were
discovered on Sunday. If you have not heard of this epic killing spree, though, don't worry: neither have most Pakistanis. Newspaper
reports from Baluchistan are buried quietly on the inside pages, cloaked in euphemisms or, quite often, not published at all. The forces
of law and order also seem to be curiously indifferent to the plight of the dead men. Not a single person has been arrested or
prosecuted; in fact, police investigators openly admit they are not even looking for anyone. The stunning lack of interest in Pakistan's
greatest murder mystery in decades becomes more understandable, however, when it emerges that the prime suspect is not some shady
gang of sadistic serial killers, but the country's powerful military and its unaccountable intelligence men. This is Pakistan's dirty little
war. While foreign attention is focused on the Taliban, a deadly secondary conflict is bubbling in Baluchistan, a sprawling, mineral-
rich province along the western borders with Afghanistan and Iran. On one side is a scrappy coalition of guerrillas fighting for
independence from Pakistan; on the other is a powerful army that seeks to quash their insurgency with maximum prejudice. The revolt,
which has been rumbling for more than six years, is spiced by foreign interests and intrigues – US spy bases, Chinese business, vast
underground reserves of copper, oil and gold. And in recent months it has grown dramatically worse. At the airport in Quetta, the
provincial capital, a brusque man in a cheap suit marches up to my taxi with a rattle of questions. "Who is this? What's he doing here?
Where is he staying?" he asks the driver, jerking a thumb towards me. Scribbling the answers, he waves us on. "Intelligence," says the
driver. The city itself is tense, ringed by jagged, snow-dusted hills and crowded with military check posts manned by the Frontier
Corps (FC), a paramilitary force in charge of security. Schools have recently raised their walls; sand-filled Hesco barricades, like the
ones used in Kabul and Baghdad, surround the FC headquarters. In a restaurant the waiter apologizes: tandoori meat is off the menu
because the nationalists blew up the city's gas pipeline a day earlier. The gas company had plugged the hole that morning, he explains,
but then the rebels blew it up again. The home secretary, Akbar Hussain Durrani, a neatly suited, well-spoken man, sits in a dark and
chilly office. Pens, staplers and telephones are neatly laid on the wide desk before him, but his computer is blank. The rebels have
blown up a main pylon, he explains, so the power is off. Still, he insists, things are fine. "The government agencies are operating in
concert, everyone is acting in the best public interest," he says. "This is just a . . . political problem." As we speak, a smiling young
man walks in and starts to take my photo; I later learn he works for the military's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency. Next

 Pakistan is an irresponsible state that is putting the civilized world in danger —
                               Dr Allah Nazar Baloch
We cut across the city, twisting through       every month, although the average was        44% of Pakistan yet has half the
the backstreets, my guide glancing             disturbed last Saturday when eight           population       of    Karachi.      The
nervously out the rear window. The car         bodies were found in three locations         province's other big draw is its
halts before a tall gate that snaps shut       across Baluchistan. Activists have little    natural wealth. At Reko Diq, 70
behind us. Inside, a 55-year-old woman         doubt that is behind the atrocities.         miles from the Afghan border, a
named Lal Bibi is waiting, wrapped in a        Human        Rights      Watch       says    Canadian-Chilean                 mining
shawl that betrays only her eyes,              "indisputable" evidence points to the        consortium has struck gold, big-
trembling as she holds forth a picture of      hand of the FC, the ISI and its sister       time. The Tethyan Company has
her dead son Najibullah. The 20-year-old,      agency, Military Intelligence. A local       discovered 4bn tonnes of mineable
who ran a shop selling motorbike parts,        group, Voice for Missing Persons, says       ore that will produce an estimated
went missing last April after being            the body count has surpassed 110.            200,000 tonnes of copper and
arrested at an FC check post, she says.        "This is becoming a state of terror,"        250,000 ounces of gold per year,
His body turned up three months later,         says its chairman, Naseerullah Baloch.       making it one of the largest such
dumped in a public park on the edge of         The army denies the charges, saying its      mines in the world. The project is
Quetta, badly tortured. "He had just two       good name is being blemished by              currently stalled by a tangled legal
teeth in his mouth," she says in a voice       impersonators. "Militants are using FC       dispute, but offers a tantalising taste
crackling with pain. She turns to her          uniforms to kidnap people and malign         of Balochistan's vast mineral riches,
father, a turbaned old man sitting beside      our good name," says Major General           which also includes oil, gas,
her, and leans into his shoulder. He           Obaid Ullah Khan Niazi, commander            platinum and coal. So far it is largely
grimaces. Bibi says her family was             of the 46,000 FC troops stationed in         untapped, though, and what mining
probably targeted for its nationalist ties –   Baluchistan. "Our job is to enforce the      exists is scrappy and dangerous. On
Najibullah's older brother, now dead, had      law, not to break it." Despairing            21 March, 50 coal workers perished
joined the "men in the mountains" years        relatives feel cornered. Abdul Rahim, a      in horrific circumstances when
earlier, she says. Now a nephew, 28-year-      farmer wearing a jeweled skullcap, is        methane gas flooded their mine near
old Maqbool, is missing. She prays for         from Khuzdar, a hotbed of insurgent          Quetta,       then      catastrophically
him, regularly calling the hospitals for       violence. He produces court papers           exploded. Two conflicts are rocking
any sign of him and, occasionally, the         detailing the abduction of his son           the province. North of Quetta, in a
city morgues. Over a week of interviews        Saadullah in 2009. First he went to the      belt of land adjoining the Afghan
in Karachi and Quetta, I meet the              courts but then his lawyer was shot          border, is the ethnic Pashtun belt.
relatives of seven dead men and nine           dead. Then he went to the media but          Here, Afghan Taliban insurgents
"disappeared" – men presumed to have           the local press club president was           shelter in hardline madrasas and
been abducted by the security forces. One      killed. Now, Rahim says, "nobody will        lawless refugee camps, taking rest in
man produces a mobile phone picture of         help in case they are targeted too. We       between bouts of battle with western
the body of his 22-year-old cousin,            are hopeless." Baluchistan has long          soldiers in Afghanistan. It is home to
Mumtaz Ali Kurd, his eyes black with           been an edgy place. Its vast, empty          the infamous "Quetta shura", the
swelling and his shirt drenched in blood.      deserts and long borders are a magnet        Taliban war council, and western
A relative of Zaman Khan, one of three         for provocateurs of every stripe.            officials say the ISI is assisting
lawyers killed in the past nine months,        Taliban fighters slip back and forth         them. Some locals agree. "It's an
produces court papers. A third trembles        along the 800-mile Afghan border;            open secret," an elder from Kuchlak
as he describes finding his brother's body     Iranian dissidents hide inside the 570-      tells me. "The ISI gave a fleet of
in an orchard near Quetta. Patterns            mile frontier with Iran. Drug criminals      motorbikes to local elders, who
emerge. The victims were generally men         cross the border from Helmand, the           distributed them to the fighters
between 20 and 40 years old – nationalist      world's largest source of heroin, on         crossing the border. Nobody can
politicians,     students,    shopkeepers,     their way to Iran or lonely beaches on       stop them." The other conflict is
labourers. In many cases they were             the Arabian Sea. Wealthy Arab sheikhs        unfolding south of Quetta, in a vast
abducted in broad daylight – dragged off       fly into remote airstrips on hunting         sweep that stretches from the Quetta
buses, marched out of shops, detained at       expeditions for the houbara bustard, a       suburbs to the Arabian Sea, in the
FC check posts – by a combination of           bird they believe improves their             ethnic Baloch and Brahui area,
uniformed soldiers and plain-clothes           lovemaking. At Shamsi, a secretive           whose people have always been
intelligence men. Others just vanished.        airbase in a remote valley in the center     reluctant Pakistanis. The first Baloch
They re-emerge, dead, with an eerie            of the province, CIA operatives launch       revolt erupted in 1948, barely six
tempo – approximately 15 bodies every          drones that attack Islamists in the tribal   months after Pakistan was born; this
month, although the average was                belt. The US spies appreciate the lack       is the fifth. Further in next issue----
disturbed last Saturday when eight bodies      of neighbors – Baluchistan covers
An Atomic Bomb’s Holder Terrorist State------ also gives open permission to               The leaders of different parties also
kill non-Muslim, because they don’t practice the Islamic injunctions like a               pledged that they will train each
Wahabi. The current extreme thoughts sustainer Pakistan nurtures its off                  child of Muslim to attack non-
                                                                                          Muslim forces. As the leaders of
springs to fulfill the nefarious intentions of these leaders. The Pakistani state
                                                                                          ANP, MPP, MQM and other secular
has no allergy with extreme and orthodox expression, the last huge convention
                                                                                          parties of Pakistan took a serious
of old and new Jihadi players and ex members the Pakistani general assembly               action against this kind of extreme
got the permission of having an open rally in Minar - i - Pakistan. Where                 thoughts but this time they were
thousands of madrassa, schools, universities students and other people were               also looking in the lap of
got together to gun on their faith to fight against all non-Muslims until their           establishment. While the former
dead. The surrounding was covered by Jihadis verses, flags, swords, missiles              ministers Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed
and guns posters. The situations were like to be modern Kabul of Taliban,                 and Ijazul Haq, son of the late
where mostly places were occupied by assault Taliban. This is not a story of              dictator Gen Ziaul Haq, also
Taliban 1996, but real wording of the convention of 18 December 2011 held in              addressed the participants, and
Lahore, Minar - i – Pakistan for the cause to punish non-Muslims that why they            expressed themselves soft-corner
                                                                                          for these mujahedeen leaders.
are non-Muslims? Where Jamaatud Dawa (JD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed
                                                                                          Former Inter-Services Intelligence
vowed on Sunday that the jihad to oust Indian forces from Kashmir would
                                                                                          chief General (retired) Hameed Gul
continue, the first time he has made a reference to jihad since his group was
                                                                                          said that an Islamic revolution, not
declared a terrorist outfit by the United Nations in 2009. Saeed was speaking
at the ‘Difa-i-Pakistan Conference’, a gathering of thousands of supporters of            general elections, was what
Wahhabi and Deobandi parties at Minar-i-Pakistan on Sunday held to tell the               Pakistanis needed to resolve their
world Jihadi power. ’. All the speakers at the rally called for jihad and told            problems. He said further that we
their supporters to prepare for war. During his speech, Difa-i-Pakistan Council           wish to smash the non-Muslim
Chairman Maulana Samiul Haq (Owner of Akora Islamic University on twelve                  (Kufaar Hamid Gul means to use
kilometers distance of Nowshera, where a major training center of Pak Army                Kufaar are countries like Isreal,
is existing, which played a key role in training of mujahedeen) read out an               USA, UK, French, German's
oath to the audience that they would participate in jihad when the Council                inhabitants, where most of these
gave the call. “We will attack Indian, US, Russian and NATO forces for the                countries     engineers,    doctors,
cause to keep uphold the flag of mujahideen” they said, repeating after                   master minds and social workers
Samiul Haq.                                                                               serve Afghanistan but Hamid Gul
Samiul Haq said the various parties at the conference had united and would                call them Kufaar because they
work together until their goals were achieved. We should not forget that                  threat to the supremacy of Islam, in
extreme Mullahs is a second strong political religious power after army in                real meanings supremacy of people
Pakistan. The organizers had invited the parents of men killed fighting in                like Hamid Gul and his comrades)
Kashmir and Afghanistan to the gathering. A man who had lost three sons and               for the cause to prevail Islam on
two nephews was called to the dais to speak briefly. From the stage, men on               the world, he included that we
loudspeakers led the crowd in chants of ‘Sabilina sabilina, al jihad al jihad’,           want to gain power in Afghanistan
‘India ka aik ilaaj, al jihad al jihad’.(there is only one solution to dash to ground     as we had in the past. The others
India by Jihad ) ‘Difa-i-Pakistan jihad-i-fi sabilillah se hoga’ (Pakistan’s defence is   participants were Syed Ziaullah
only possible through jihad) The crowd was dominated by JD activists waving               Shah Bukhari, Maulana Tahir
the group’s black and white striped flag, which is also the flag of Lashkar-i-            Ashrafi, Maulana Zahidul Raashdi,
Taiba, proscribed as a terrorist outfit by Pakistan. In December 2009, the UN
                                                                                          Abdullah Shah Mazhar, Hafiz
declared JD an alias of LT, which is believed responsible for the Mumbai terror
                                                                                          Ibtisam Ilahi Zaheer, Maulana
attacks. Some in the crowd also waved the flag of Sipah-i-Sahaba, another
                                                                                          Mazhar Javed and Maulana Bashir
banned terrorist outfit. Supporters of the Jamaat-i-Islami, Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam
                                                                                          Ahmed Sial also spoke at the rally.
(Sami), Tanzim-i-Islami, Aalmai Khatme Nabuwat, Tanzim Mashaikh Azzaam,
Jamiat Ahle Hadith and Majlis-i-Ahrar also turned out in large numbers.                   Current visit of Imran Khan, a really
Jamaatud Dawa (JD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed demanded that the                           uncivilized un-evolutional animal,
Pakistani government end all contacts with the US. He said that a similar rally           also spoke about the killing of
would be held in Rawalpindi. “We will no longer fight America’s war, we will              Afghan children in Afghanistan. He
fight Pakistan’s war,” he said. He said that JD would not allow the government            also favors the current sanguinary
to grant most-favored nation trading status to India. “We will surround the               attacks of Taliban in Afghanistan,
markets where Indian goods are sold,” he said, adding a call for revenge against          and he called to ignite more the
India for the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan.                                     hatred and suicide attack Next page
So a state with such kind perilous and                                             from the current figure of approximately
extreme thoughts is not only threat to      Last two standing                      170 million, making Pakistan the sixth
Afghanistan but a threat for the region                                            most populous nation on earth. Every
and international community. The state                                             Pakistani man, woman and child is indebted
which plays a negative role for the                                                to the tune of Rs61,000 while the
                                                      By Tommy G.                  Government of Pakistan (GOP) continues to
region is a poisonous for us. Where
only a few bureaucrats, establishment                                              borrow heavily. Soon Pakistan will not be able
                                            Man’s final sunset……..
stooge and indirect imperialists work                                              to service its $60 billion external debt. In
                                            Every man is gone                      order to avoid immediate bankruptcy, Islamabad
for their own goals, but they don't
                                            Last of our species,                   will have to resort to printing money, which will
consider the one hundred and eighty
                                            Eyes upon the sun.                     lead to further inflation. According to the
millions population as human and
inhabitants of the state. They work for     Wondering what happened,               2011 Legatum Prosperity Index, Ethiopia,

their own business, profit and              Wondering what went wrong.             Zimbabwe and the Central African Republic
                                                                                   are the only three countries worse off than
achievements. The Pakistani state can’t
                                            Now they stare,                        Pakistan. Their “Safety & Security Sub-Index”
divert more the attention of masses
                                            Hands gripped tight,                   points out that Sudan is the only country
where       unemployment,        poverty,
                                                                                   worse off than Pakistan. Their “Education
agitation and split in the establishment    Longing for,
are increasing day by day. Except                                                  Sub-Index” shows that the Central African
                                            Earth’s final night.
these, the Pakistani Islamic state                                                 Republic, Mali, Sudan, Ethiopia and
                                            With no men,
coming down due to its past and                                                    Nigeria are the only five countries worse
                                            On the earth
present policies. According to sources                                             off than Pakistan. According to the 2011
                                            There is no hope,
in the Ministry of Finance, during the                                             Failed State Index, even countries like
                                            No second verse…………
first quarter (July-September) of the                                              Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Burma are
current fiscal year, 2011-2012, foreign                                            now better off than Pakistan. Four out of
investment from the developed               So beautiful, these two they are,
                                                                                   every 10 Pakistanis have fallen below the
countries dropped by a massive 83           But without seed, life won’t go far.   poverty line: an estimated 47.1 million
percent and the country only received                                              Pakistanis are living in extreme poverty.
foreign investment of $50.1 million. In     All the wars! All the pain!            Over the past three years, an average of
numerical terms, this figure denotes a      All the burning oil sin!               25,000 Pakistanis per day—every single
drop of $241.8 million. Pakistan’s          Mother bombs! Unholy nukes!            day of the past three years—has fallen
international trade gap increased by        Destroyed our homes!                   into extreme poverty. Malnutrition rates
31.38 percent in the first four months      Air makes us puke!                     are high and ominously climbing, and are
of 2011 over the previous year, owing
                                                                                   often linked to 50 percent of infant and
to the highest-ever increase in imports     Earth’s last beauty, stands            child deaths; there is one doctor—of
and a fall in export earnings. As a
                                            ashamed                                unknown credentials—for every 1,183
result, the trade deficit reached $6.871
                                            Looking, staring at the sun……          people. Pakistan’s literacy rate stands at
billion in July-October 2011, from
$5.230 billion over the corresponding       Wondering………. Wondering………             57    percent,    which,   despite    official
period in 2010. The current account         What went wrong?                       exaggerations, is amongst the lowest in the
deficit also widened to $1.209 billion in                                          world. Pakistan is ranked 142 out of a 163
                                                                                   country index when it comes to the percentage
the July-September period of 2011, as
                                                                                   of its budget allocated to education. How dramatic
against $597 million over the same
                                                                                                                     really in
                                                                                   is this that an atomic power holder, is
period in 2010. The country's total debt
                                                                                   bad situations, these situations are really
is 66.4 percent of GDP. According to the
                                                                                   leading millions of human towards critical and
figures released by the Central Bank,
                                                                                   bad situations. But beside these situations,
Pakistan’s total debt liabilities in the
                                                                                   there is a hidden movement and agitation is going
2010-11 fiscal year (FY11)—which                                                   on under ground, which works for better future of
includes domestic, external, and the                                               the Pakistanis, which vows to introduce open
debt of Public Sector Enterprises                                                  mindedness, temperament and a society of peace.
(PSEs)—stood at a staggering 12 trillion                                           The Pakistani establishment is well aware
rupees or U.S.$139.5 billion. According                                            about this movement but neither aware
to official figures the projected                                                  about its critical results for the Pakistani
population for 2015 is 191 million, up                                             elite class. --------------End

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