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As you already know, Shop & Support is a great way for your supporters to raise funds through their
everyday shopping, budgeting and especially gift-giving during the upcoming holiday season, but were
you aware that many businesses will be purchasing gift cards for holiday gifts and incentives for staff,
suppliers and customers?

Some groups have taken advantage of this fundraising opportunity and successfully engaged their local
business community or their supporters have gone to their own company's HR or Sales departments. In
fact, one group received a HUGE order for over $200,000! From just one business!

Here are some stats:

       94% of companies indicate gift cards are MORE EFFECTIVE than merchandise
       84% of companies indicate gift cards are MORE EFFECTIVE than cash
       Gift cards are the #1 award in sales incentive programs

Since 9 out of 10 people will either give or receive gift cards this holiday season, many businesses will
turn to give cards as well.

To help you along, we have created a sample business fundraising letter template that is sure to grab the
attention of the businesses you approach. Please see the instructions below.

Keep in mind, if you get any special larger order requests, Shop & Support can accommodate different
denominations if required. Also, many groups have received inquiries about whether the business can
get a purchase receipt for tax purposes (not a charitable receipt, but an order receipt). The answer is
yes! We can provide you with an order receipt for proof of purchase. Of course, when you place their
order you can always place it as a separate order on by creating a new supporter
registration under the business name or treat the business like adding a new family on a bulk order.

Now's an ideal time to reach out to the business community and encourage them to help raise funds
through Shop & Support.

    1. Edit the areas highlighted in yellow to be relevant to your group. You can modify the copy as
    2. Make sure you put it on your organization letterhead and include your contact information.
    3. With each letter you distribute, you should attach an order form/retailer list (the latest copy you
       can download in your Group Admin Panel
       under the "MATERIALS" link), or give them a copy of a GIVE guide.
    4. If you require any assistance please email or call your Fundraising Account Manager

November 27, 2008

Dear Local Business Owner

It’s the        season and time to stuff your employees’           . This year, something good would be nice,

don’t you think? Like maybe a new pair of           or a    !

SURVEY SAYS:               (and rightly so!)

Great news for you and your business, because here’s a much better

Why not get employees whatever they’re wishing for and at the same time, with zero extra cost or energy, help
[[GROUP NAME]]s’ fundraising goal of [[$ fundraising goal]] to raise funds for [[our goal]]?

How it works is simple – instead of socks or baskets, get your staff and clients gift cards from our Shop &
Support fundraising program. By choosing gift cards this year, up to 15% of the proceeds will go to [[GROUP
NAME]]. I’ve attached a list of over 200 retailers whose cards you can buy through us. Just a few are:

Even though proceeds from the cards go to our fundraiser, recipients get to use them at full face value!

For example, if you buy each employee a $50 gift card, you’ll pay $50 per card, and then up to 15% of that $50
automatically goes to our fundraiser. Meanwhile, recipients redeem the $50 at the store! In the end, your
staff/potential clients/customers get whatever they want for the holidays and, simultaneously, your company is
making a huge difference for [[GROUP NAME]]!

Also, did you know businesses like yours are using our Shop & Support gift cards instead of cash/cheques to
pay for supplies and other expenses (i.e. Staples, Home Depot, etc)? Thus, with zero extra effort or out-of-
pocket on their part, they raise funds for causes and charities all year long!

If you want to know more, reach me at [[]] or at [[(xxx)xxx-xxxx]].

I’ve also included a form to place your holiday gift card order now. If you choose our gift cards this year, you’ll

be making a lot of people super-

Thank you so much!

First Last
Group Name
Shop & Support Fundraising Coordinator

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