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									Heavy Transport Operator
       $64,572 - $74,760

 Applications can only be submitted
 ONLINE from Monday, July 4 until
 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July15, 2011.
No paper applications accepted.
THE POSITION                             REQUIREMENTS
A Heavy Transport Operator               Any combination of education and
operates a five or more axle             experience that has led to the
tractor/trailer combination with or      acquisition of the knowledge, skills
without crane, a tractor tank trailer    and abilities of a Heavy Transport
with auxiliary equipment, or a flatbed   Operator.
truck with crane having an
approximate 20,000 pound capacity.       Typical ways of acquiring these
                                         knowledge, skills and abilities are:
Typical duties may include:
                                         Completion of the eighth grade and
 operating and rigging a five or        two years of employment involving
  more axle tractor/trailer
                                         the regular operation of a five or
  combination with or without crane
                                         more axle tractor/trailer
  in a safe manner;
                                         combination with or without crane.
 operating heavy construction
  equipment for the purpose of           Other Requirements:
  loading and unloading the              Must possess a valid California
  equipment on the trailer for           Class A driver's license including the
  moving;                                operation of air brake system and
 operating and rigging flatbed truck    manual transmission. Certain
  with a mounted crane to transport      positions may require endorsements
  heavy steel plates including loading   for tanker and hazardous materials.
  and unloading in a safe manner;        Must have a satisfactory driving
 operating a tractor tank trailer and   record and must submit employment
  its auxiliary equipment to transport   history of any commercial driving
  sludge or other equipment from         experience over the prior ten
  one location to another;               (10) years.
 taking samples of material being
  transported as required;               Must possess physical characteristics
 operating a transfer truck to          to perform the critical and important
  transport large loads of clear fill,   duties of the job, including sufficient
  spoils, or other construction          strength to lift and carry 90 pound
  materials;                             sacks of concrete mix and to
 directing and assisting in not only    maneuver, with the proper
  loading and unloading but also in      equipment, pipes and fittings
  arranging in lashing heavy loads to    weighing over 200 pounds, heavy
  ensure proper balance and              steel plates weighing approximately
  security;                              5,000 pounds, heavy hose
 maintaining loads with appropriate     connections and other heavy
  weight limitations;                    materials. Must be willing to work
 complying with state and federal       outdoors in a variety of weather
  rules and regulations regarding the    conditions and to work weekends
  operation of the assigned vehicles.    and overtime as needed.
SALARY AND BENEFITS                     All applications and supplements will
The initial monthly salary for Heavy    be competitively evaluated. A limited
Transport Operator is $5,381up to       number of candidates presenting the
$6,230.                                 qualifications most relevant to this
                                        position will be invited to continue in
Our excellent benefits package          the selection process, which will
includes: 12 days paid vacation;        include a performance test. Meeting
15 holidays; 13 days paid sick leave;   minimum qualifications does not
family health insurance (choice of      guarantee continuing in the selection
Kaiser fully paid or Health Net or      process.
Anthem Blue Cross 85% paid); family
dental and vision care plans; life      The performance test will include a
insurance; long-term disability         pre-trip inspection, a skills test, and a
insurance; retirement plan              road test operating a 10-wheel dump
(reciprocal with Calipers); $905/yr.    truck with attached equipment
contributed to flexible spending        trailer. Rating criteria will be
account or cash; $105/mo. public        consistent with DMV Class A
transit subsidy; 401(k) and 457(b)      standards for all parts of the test.
tax-deferred retirement plans; Roth     The performance test is tentatively
401(k); $3,500/yr. tuition              scheduled to be held in mid August.
reimbursement; and opportunities
for professional growth including       Candidates successful on all test
training and career development.        parts will be placed on a hiring list
                                        that may be used to fill any
THE SELECTION PROCESS                   temporary or regular openings
                                        occurring in the next 12 to
If you meet the qualifications for a
                                        24 months.
Heavy Transport Operator, please fill
out and submit the following
application materials online at
www.ebmud.com by 4:30 p.m.,
Friday, July 15, 2011.

   EBMUD Employment Application
   Supplemental Application
   Printout of current DMV
    Record that includes a
    10-year history dated no
    earlier than July 4, 2011
    either as an attachment to your
    application or send by mail to
    EBMUD Recruitment Division,
    PO Box 24055, MS 603,
    Oakland, CA 94623. The DMV
    printout must be received by        11-038           07/04/11         LS:psg
    4:30 p.m., Friday, July 15, 2011.
  Applicants will receive consideration for
employment without regard to veteran status.

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