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									              Parts of the cell

Cell Membrane
Separates the inside of the cell from its environment.
Controls the flow of material into and out of the cell
Has very small pores (holes) to allow movement
The ‘Gate Keeper”
             Parts of the cell

Cell Wall
Tough rigid structure that surrounds membrane in plant
Provides support and protection for the cell.
The armor of the cell
              Parts of the cell

Jelly like substance that contains the organelles
Allows for movement of water and other nutrients within the
The “blood” of the cell
             Parts of the cell

Provides energy for the cell
Convert sugars into useable energy

The powerhouse of the cell
             Parts of the cell

Found only in plant cells
Provides energy for the plant by converting sunlight into
             Parts of the cell

Small non-membranous organelles that can be up to 25%
of the mass of the cell
Free floating or embedded in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Location of protein synthesis
             Parts of the cell

Endoplasmic Reticulum
A network of channels within the cell
Act as a highway or transportation system for materials in
the cell
Houses many of the ribosomes
             Parts of the cell

Membranous sacs that perform many functions
Important for the transport of Proteins to the cell membrane
             Parts of the cell

Golgi Body
Used to sort and package completed proteins
Can store proteins for use in the cell or transport them out
of the cell
They are the Fed-Ex of the cell
             Parts of the cell

Membranous storage containers in the cell for storing water
and starch
Animal cells may have small vacuoles while plant cells
usually have one or two large vacuoles
Water pressure in vacuole helps to give plant structure
              Parts of the cell

Controls all of the operations of the cell
Has a nuclear membrane much like the cellular membrane
Stores the cells information in the form of DNA
            Parts of the cell

Found within the nucleus
Main function is to make ribosomes

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