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									10 Ways to Integrate Technology
      into the Curriculum

               District Resources/
               Nashua Academic
               Network (2000-2001)
Workshop Description

Participants will explore the Nashua Academic
  Network Training and Technology Integration
  web site while learning ways to use technology
  with students in grades K-12.

The instructor will assist teachers with new ways
  to use Office 2000 in the classroom for
  instructional delivery purposes and for student
  projects. Organizational and management
  strategies will be addressed.

               This session has
               been organized to
               provide support to
               teachers learning to
               use technology to
               enhance the
1.) Take an After-School District

   Visit the NAN Training Web Site to view a
    complete list of all technology workshops
    offered by the district:

   View the current technology workshop
    offerings on the district Web Site:
2.) Visit the NAN Training Web Site


   Technology Newsletters
   Curriculum Resources (Coming Soon!)
   Teacher Resources
   How Do I’s
   Course Handouts (Coming Soon!)
   Links to School/ Teacher Web Sites
3.) Take an On-Line Course from
Connected University
 Over 400 Passwords good through August 31, 2001
 Take as many classes as you wish!
 3 Week Computer Basics Courses
 6 Week Curriculum Related Courses
 Earn up to 40 Staff Development Points per class
 Audit, Independent Study, General Registration, Graduate Credits,
 E-Mail diprizitol@nashua.edu for a password
 Lesson Plan Requirement
 How To’s/ Recipe for Success Tutorials
4.) Receive immediate technical support from
the Teacher’s Corner Web Site

 Ask any technology question and receive an immediate
   response anytime between 8:30 and 5:00 using the
   Chat feature
 Education Newsletter
 Join a discussion group and share with teachers
   across the country
 Take an on-line tutorial to learn to use software
 Use the testing section to assess and track your level
   of technology expertise
5.) Request a course designed specifically for
your team or your school

   Assemble a group of 6 or more teachers with a
    common interest and request to have a
    technology course specifically designed to
    meet your needs, at your school and at your
    time preference!
   Request support for ways to integrate
    technology into your curriculum
   E-Mail diprizitol@nashua.edu with your request
6.) Use the Tech Tutor CD-ROM set
to learn computer applications
   Tutorials, Classroom Application, Lesson Plans
    for using software applications (Word
    processing, databases, spreadsheets,
    multimedia presentations)
   Take the CD set home or use the network
    version (see website for shortcut)
   Use the Teacher Resource binder and make
    copies of hands-on lesson plans and
    classroom activities both on and off the
7.) Contact a FreshPond team
member for curriculum support
   Contact the FreshPond team member in the
    district for your school and/or subject area
   Learn ways your colleagues have used
    technology in their classroom
   Receive actual lesson plans and classroom
    activities you can use in your classroom
   Ask a FreshPond team member to assist you
    in adapting their lesson for your classroom
8.) Contact your school’s
Technology Facilitator

   Learn about new district technology initiatives

   Ask your representative to bring “your issue” to
    the bi-monthly meetings at district office
9.) Visit Liz’s Integrating Technology Into the
Curriculum Web Site

 Learn new ways to use technology to enhance your
 This site includes:
  –   Theories
  –   how to plan for technology projects
  –   hardware/software considerations
  –   links to curriculum standards
  –   teacher resources
  –   how to use the internet and multimedia presentations
  –   rubrics and assessments
  –   sample projects
10.) Explore the Sophomore
Training Web Site


   View a sample Interdisciplinary unit that
    incorporates the use of technology into subject
    areas across the curriculum
Directions to this PowerPoint

   Network Neighborhood
   Entire Network
   Nashua Academic Network
   District Office
   District Office
   District Office Library
   Technology Training Folder
   10 Ways to Integrate Technology into the Curriculum

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