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					                                           Let’s Cultivate       Sustained Business Success
                                                                                                                           KSA’s transferable
                                                  MUHAMMAD IMRAN                                                            visa is available
                      HBS Courses, CPA (USA), CIMA (UK), FCMA, JAIBP , B.Sc.
                      Twelve years of Senior Level, Global Experience

                                       +966-500808251               cpa .imran
           Target         Finance Director • CFO • Financial Controller • Finance Manager• Consultant

                      Extensively experienced and goal-oriented Controller and Finance Director with a demonstrated
                      track record of leading the preparation and analysis of financial reports to summarise, forecast &
                      strategize financial position. Proven expertise in driving efficiency and productivity through
                      evaluation of financial management systems and implementation of process improvements.
                      Talented leader directing highly skilled financial management teams to support achievement of
                      overall corporate goals and objectives with optimum performance of whole project.

                      Core competencies include:
                       Strategic Financial Modeling,         Financial Structuring, Budgetary      International Accounting
                        Planning, Management &                 Analysis, Cost Control, Financial      Systems, Budgeting, Costing,
                        Control, Designing Systems &           Reporting; Balance Sheet, P&L          Cost Control, Auditing, Internal
                        KPIs                                   Statements, Cash Flow.                 Controls , Fraud Detection.
                       Financial needs analysis (WC +        Financial Consultancy, Financial      Interpersonal, Analytical, Team
                        Capex), finance negotiation with       Feasibilities, Financial Forecasts     Building & Leadership,
                        banks and finance utilizations’       Process Re-Engineering,                Creative Problem Solving
                        operational management                 Performance Optimization              International Trade

                                                            CAREER EXPERIENCE
                      Al-Rajhi Holding, Saudi Arabia. 2010 - Present                                 (A Strategic Business Unit of Al-Rajhi Holding
                                                                                                    Group, a well known group in KSA)
                      Finance Director
                      Following are job responsibilities;
                             Analyzing KPIs and trends which include establishing financial benchmarks of acceptable performance
                              as well as comparison of actual results to budget thus initiating corrective actions.
                             Reviewing and devising monthly / yearly financial and income statements, balance sheets, internal
                              audit, cash flow projections and quarterly principal profit & loss to reduce cost as well as ensure
                              budgetary compliance.
                             Designing budget, guidelines to optimize company’s resources & cash flows, managing investments and
                              working capital requirements. Advising higher management on optimal utilization of financial
                              structures within the company and proposing financial strategies with emphasis on contractual
                              obligations, financial management, systems and procedures to maximize profit and control cost.
                             Directing the financial accounting activities (invoicing, refunds, payroll management, collection of
                              accounts receivable, management, payment of suppliers & contractors, etc).
                             Liaising with the headquarter, principal clients, vendors, financial and banking institutions on related
                              activities and supporting top management on contractual negotiations that effect company’s financial or
                              non-financial obligations.
                             Analyzing cash flow and business performance reports to managing short and long term debts, cash
                              rollover and investment proposals.
                             Instituting Cost–volume–profit (CVP) analysis with contribution margin & sensitive analysis to
                              optimize the performance of venture.
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                                                             CAREER EXPERIENCE CONTINUED
                      D.M. Textile Mills Ltd., Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 2010 - 2010
                                                                                                   (A public limited & listed company on Stock
                     Chief Financial Officer                                                       Exchange with yarn production facilities)
                     Following are job responsibilities;
                          Act as financial steward of the company and plan long-term success.
                          Provide strategic / operational leadership in strategic financial management.
                          Anticipate future business opportunities and develop financial strategic to address them.
                          Manage multiple competing priorities in a fast paced environment.
                          Manage business planning, budgeting, treasury and regulatory affairs.
                          Provide high level financial inputs for new business ventures.
                          Oversee financial reporting (as per IAS & IFRS other laws) and financial systems.
                          Responsible for internal financial controls and statutory audit.

                                                                                                       A public limited & listed company on Stock Exchange
                                                                                                        with yarn production facilities.
                      Colony Mills Ltd., Multan, Pakistan. 2009 - 2010                                 Largest production facilities at one place.                                                                                    Sale over Rs.7billion.
                      Internal Audit Manager                                                           Largest importer and among biggest exporters.
                                                                                                       Over Rs.10billion, portfolio of financial facilities, with
                                                                                                        diversified financial products from over 20 financial
                      Followings are job responsibilities;                                              institutions.
                         Development & implementation of internal controls, policies & procedures.
                         To devise audit tools and techniques for verifications of internal controls & other assurances.
                         Development of control environment in organization by implementation of policies and procedures.
                         Monitoring the proper implementation & functioning of ERP system Microsoft Dynamics Great Plane.
                         Evaluating the performance of Production Units by calculating relevant KPIs & reporting to BOD.
                         Periodical physical verification of assets.
                         Carry out investigations, inquiries and other special assignments on instructions of BOD.

                      XL Based Management Reporting; Production KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) calculation in production unit wise; Raw
                      Material Yields, OPS (Ounce Per Spindle). Daily Electricity production and cost center wise consumption analysis. Different
                      type of inter & intra company comparisons, analysis for BOD.

                      Bin Ablan Food Industry, Dubai, U.A.E. 2009- 2009 (Bakery items production facilities)
                     Given management consultancy regarding followings;
                         Product costing was made for over 50 products with, to continue or to drop, decisions.
                         Assurance for migration from legacy to new MIS was made.
                         Different analysis with recommendations were made; production capacity utilization, debtor, inventory.
                      XL Based Management Reporting; Product costing, Monthly accounts with comparative analysis, Sales and debtors analysis
                      with Pivot Table & Chart Analysis, Production analysis etc

                                                                                                      A public limited & listed company on Stock Exchange
                      Colony Mills Ltd., Multan, Pakistan. 2007 – 2009                                 with yarn production facilities.
                                                                                                      Largest production facilities at one place.
                                                                                                      Sale over Rs.7billion.   Finance Manager                                                                 Largest importer and among biggest exporters.
                                                                                                      Over Rs.10billion, portfolio of financial facilities, with
                      Following was the job responsibilities;                                          diversified financial products from over 20 financial
                            Planning and Monitoring of Cash Flows.                                    institutions.

                            Supervision of transactions’ recording in Management Information System (MIS).
                            Management of Treasury Functions; FX Loans, FX Import / Export deal Booking and
                              adjustment, Forward Contracts, other FX dealings etc.
                            Preparation and Follow up of Financing Proposals with Banks and DFIs.
                            Day to day financial operation management through close liaison with Banks, DFIs & NBFCs.
                            Finalization of Departmental Budgets and Monitoring of their Results.
                            Monitoring and coordination of Annual Audit Work.
                            Preparation of different Feasibility Reports & analysis on BOD instructions.
                            Implementation of Micro Soft Dynamics Great Plane (MSDGP) of Finance Department.
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                                                           CAREER EXPERIENCE CONTINUED
                   XL Based Management Reporting; Projected Financial Payables analysis based on multi financial products with banks &
                   DFIs wise, Cash budgets Vs actual analysis, Daily Bank Drawing Power calculation and its reconciliations w.r.t. cash and non
                   cash transactions (flow of finances) for BOD.

                   Fazal Rehman Fabrics Ltd., Multan, Pakistan. 2006 – 2007 (fabric production facilities)
                   Finance & Accounts Manager
                   Lead the complete functions of Finance & Accounts with following key responsibilities;
                        Maintain day-to-day financial & credit controls.
                        Valuation of work in process and finished goods on month end.
                        Supervision of recording of all transaction in Information System.
                        Supervise the banks, stores, raw material & finished goods reconciliations.
                        Deal with banks & insurance companies regarding relevant matters.
                        Preparation of Monthly Accounts and Analysis with related Notes for BOD.
                   XL Based Management Reporting; Monthly Manufacturing and Profit & Loss Account with Analysis, Raw Material
                   Reconciliation, Work in Process and Finished Goods product wise valuation (costing) & Analysis, Production KPIs
                   computations, per loom cost, per centimeter weave cost etc for BOD.

                   Newways Travel Centre Ltd. London, England (UK) 2006 (travel & tour packages services)
                   Made feasibility research for new launch of an UK based Airline Project. My major contribution further to
                   managing overall feasibility research was followings;
                       Costing of the project and complete Financial Modeling / Projections, Project NPV & IRR analysis.
                       Defined Activity, Revenue & Cost Assumptions for the Complete Project.
                       Drafted the complete feasibility report which consists on more than 100 pages covering the all areas
                          including Market Research, Sales Mix & Distributions, Statistical Analysis, Organization Structure, Rout
                          Planning and Future Expansions Planning further to financial planning.
                   XL Based Management Reporting; All financial modeling / projections, calculations made in MS excel.

                   United Bank Ltd., Pakistan. 2000 – 2006                                                 (A public limited & listed company on Stock
                                                                                                           Exchange, 3rd Largest International Bank with
                   Audit & Compliance Manager                                                              more than 1000 branches)
                   Developed the culture of adherence for Management & Regulatory Policies, in Branches of South Punjab
                   Area (21 branches), through diversified & innovative tactics, during the process of restructuring of
                   organization. The restructuring was for hierarchy reorganization, automation, customer services & quality
                   maintenance, revelation AND exposure of new Private Corporate Vision. Pointed Out & recommended the
                   remedies of the activities that contain high risk for organizational assets. Further responsibility was to;
                           Ensure the reliability & integrity of financial & operating information.
                           Ensure that system has been established to compliance with all regulations, policies & procedures
                            developed by management, Govt. & other regulatory bodies.
                           Ensure that operation’s results are consistent with established objectives & goals of organization.
                           Risk Management & Ensure the safeguarding of assets.
                           Ensure customer quality services & Warn against any deterioration of business.
                           Play vital role in improving the overall working of organization’s affaires.
                   XL Based Management Reporting; Branch wise deposit, profit & loss and key control issues analysis.

                   Baha-u-din Zakaria University (BZU)
                   Visiting Faculty Member
                   Delivered lectures to Post Graduate classes (M.Sc. Account & Finance) in Commerce Department.
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                                                                          CAREER EXPERIENCE CONTINUED
                                                          PROFESSIONAL & ACADEMIC EDUCATION
                                                                      CONTINUED 1.          CPA from American Institute of CPAs covering following areas with content outline (in progress);

                                         Auditing                                              FINANCIAL                         REGULATION                    Business
                     I. Auditing and attestation. engagement                  I. Conceptual framework, standards,             I. Ethics, professional,   I. Corporate
                     acceptance and understanding the                         standard setting, and presentation of           and legal                  governance
                     assignment                                               financial statements                            responsibilities           II. Economic
                     II. Auditing and attestation: understanding              II. Financial statement accounts:               II. Business law           concepts and
                     the entity and its environment (including                recognition, measurement, valuation,            III. Federal tax           analysis
                     internal control                                         calculation, presentation, and disclosures      procedures. accounting     III. Financial
                     III. Auditing and attestation. performing                III. Specific transactions, events and          and planning               management
                     audit procedures and evaluating evidence.                disclosures recognition, measurement,           IV. Federal taxation of    IV. Information
                     IV. Auditing and attestation. evaluating                 valuation, calculation, presentation, and       property transactions      systems and
                     audit findings, communications, and                      disclosures                                     V. Federal taxation of     communications
                     reporting                                                IV. Governmental accounting and                 individuals                V. Strategic planning
                     V. Accounting and review services                        reporting                                       VI. Federal taxation of     VI. Operations
                     engagements.                                             V. Not-for-profit (nongovernmental)             entities                   management
                     VI. Professional responsibilities                        accounting and reporting

                     2.    Following 44 modules based course from Harvard Business School (USA);                                                                                           Persuading Others
                     Personal Management                         Team Management                       Retaining Employees                   Marketing Essentials
                         Career Management                         Change Management                 Team Leadership                       Negotiating
                         Delegating                                Coaching                          Team Management                       Performance
                         Goal Setting                              Developing Employees              Virtual Teams                          Measurement
                         Managing Upward                           Difficult Interactions                                                   Process Improvement
                                                                                                        Business Management
                         Meeting Management                        Dismissing an Employee                                                   Project Management
                                                                                                       Budgeting
                         New Manager                               Feedback Essentials                                                      Strategic Thinking
                                                                                                       Business Case Development
                          Transitions                               Global Collaboration                                                     Strategy Execution
                                                                                                       Business Plan Development
                         Presentation Skills                       Hiring                                                                   Decision Making
                                                                                                       Crisis Management
                         Stress Management                         Laying Off Employees                                                     Diversity
                                                                                                       Customer Focus
                         Time Management                           Leading & Motivating                                                     Ethics at Work
                                                                                                       Innovation & Creativity
                         Writing Skills                            Performance Appraisals                                                   Finance Essentials
                                                                                                       Innovation Implementation

                     3. CIMA-Finalist (CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting) from The Chartered
                        Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) UK.   Fundamentals of                             Operations Level                       Management Level                         Strategy Level
                                                          The Global Business Environment       Strategic Management and                Interacting with the Competitive

                     Management                           Information Systems                   Assessing the Competitive               Environment
                                                          Operations Management                 Environment                             Change Management
                                                          Marketing                             Project Management                      Evaluation of Strategic Options
                                                          Managing Human Capital                Management of Relationships             Implementation of Strategic Plans
                     Financial Accounting
                                                          Costing Accounting Systems            Pricing and Product Decisions           Management Control Systems

                     Business                             Forecasting and Budgeting             Cost Planning and Analysis for          Risk and Internal Control
                                                          Techniques                            Competitive Advantage                   Review and Audit of Control
                     Mathematics                          Project Appraisal                     Budgeting and Management Control        Systems
                                                          Dealing with Uncertainty in           Control and Performance                 Management of Financial Risk
                     Business Economics                   Analysis                              Measurement of Responsibility           Risk and Control in Information
                                                          Managing Short Term Finance           Centres                                 Systems
                     Ethics, Corporate                                                          Group Financial Statements

                                                          Principles of Business Taxation       Issues in Recognition and               Formulation of Financial Strategy
                     Governance And                       Regulation and Ethics of Financial    Measurement                             Financial Decisions
                                                          Reporting                             Analysis and Interpretation of          Investment Decisions and Project
                     Business Law
                                                          Financial Accounting and Reporting    Financial Accounts                      Control
                                                                                                Developments in External Reporting
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                                               CAREER E ACADEMIC EDUCATION
                                     PROFESSIONAL & XPERIENCE CONTINUED
                      4. Fellow Cost & Management Accountant (FCMA) from Institute of Cost & Management
                                     Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP)                                            FONDATION
                      Stag.              FONDATION-1                             PROFESSIONAL-1             PROFESSIONAL-2         PROFESSIONAL-3             PROFESSIONAL-4
                                      Principle of                              Business                   Advance Financial                             Corporate Performance
                                                            Financial                                                           Strategic Management
                                      Accounting.                               Communication &            Accounting.                                   Audit & Evaluation.

                                                            Accounting.                                                         Accounting.
                                      Economics &                               Report Writing.            Business Taxation.                            Strategic Financial
                                                            Information                                                         Organization Behavior
                                      Business                                  Cost Accounting.           Corporate Law &                               Management.
                                                            Technology.                                                         & Strategic
                                      Environment.                              Management                 Secretarial                                   Marketing
                                                            Industrial &                                                        Management.
                                      Business English.                         Science Application.       Practices.                                    Management.
                                                            Commercial                                                          Financial Reporting.
                                      Computer & System                         Quantitative               Operational Cost                              Information
                                                            Law.                                                                Auditing.
                                      & Applications                            Techniques.                Accounting.                                   Management & Audit[[.

                      5. Junior Association ship (DIBP) from Institute of Bankers, Pakistan
                     Stage                                1st                                                2nd                                        3rd
                                        Business Communication for Financial          Information Technology in Financial             Monetary Economics.

                                        Services.                                     Services.                                       International Trade Financing & Foreign
                                        Laws relating to Financial Services.          Lending Operations and Risk Management.         Exchange Operations.
                                        Accounting for Financial Services.            Human Resource Management – Basic               Management Accounting for Financial
                                        Macro Economics and Financial System          Practices.                                      Services.
                                        of Pakistan.                                  Marketing of Financial Services.                SMEs and Agricultural Finance.

                                     Graduation / Bachelor (B.Sc.) with specialization in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (1999)
                                     from Bahaudin Zakaria University (BZU).

                                                          PROFESSIONAL COURSES ATTENDED
           1.      Basic Banking Skills                                    8.     Audit & Compliance.                             14. International Financial Reporting
           2.      Information System (UniBank 2000)                       9.     Compliance; Regulatory Controls &                   Standards.
           3.      Investigation of Fraud & Forgery                               Challenges.                                     15. MS Excel as Tool for Financial
           4.      Project Management.                                     10.    Internal Audit.                                     Modeling.
           5.      Seminar on Evolution Of Management                      11.    SWOT Analysis Of CMA                            16. SMEDA Accounting Software
                   Accounting Concepts                                     12.    International Accounting Standards                  Package-Multan Network
           6.      New Saving Concepts And Inflation                       13.    Mutual Funds-A Basic Tool for                   17. Mango Export Coaching Program
           7.      Post Budget Seminar 2007 – 2008.                               Economic Growth and Public Welfare.             18. Internal Controls
                                                                                                                                  19. Synopsis Of Labor Laws

                                                  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) SKILLS
                  MS Windows XP, Vista                                          UniBank (Oracle DBMS) - MIS                         Cranium - MIS
                  MS Word, Excel, Access, Outlook,                              Microsoft Dynamics GP (ERP)- MIS                    Peach Tree - MIS
                   Power Point, One Note - 2007                                  Oracle Financials (ERP) - MIS                       Various Generic MIS’s

                                                    ADVANCED SPREAD SHEET (XL) SKILL
            Excel Tools (Pivot Table Reports & Charts,                              Functions (Mathematical, Logical,            Automations & Customizations
              Consolidation, Sort, Filter, Sub-Totals, Importing                       Statistical, Database, Engineering,         VBA Programming (Introduction to
              External Data, Data Tables, Auditing, Goal Seek,                         Information, Text, Lookup, Date,              Macros, Logical decisions, Loop,
              Solver, Scenarios, Farm Controls, What if                                Financial).                                   Variables).
              Analysis, Circular Calculation, Add-ins, MS                            Formatting (Auto & Conditional               Dashboard Reporting (Interactive
              Query).                                                                  etc.).                                        Interface)

                                                  PROFESSIONAL CONSULTANCY PROVIDED
                1-Made feasibility researches, financial modeling, projections business planning etc. for many individuals and firms;

                  Textile spinning, weaving, dyeing & finishing, composite.                                 Crops, Alfalfa cultivation, packing & export.
                  Poultry Broiler/Layer, Dairy, Calf, Goat Farms.                                           Different import / export viability studies.
                2-Different shipments were made with production / processing, packing & export management & costing services
                3-Auditing & assurance services, MIS & Accounting solutions were also provided to many firms.

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