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                                    (OPEN APPRAISAL)
Please tick according   Non-Executive           Executive           Managerial & Above

 For Confirmation          Promotion           Annual Review  Extension/Termination/Others (specify _______________________)

     (A) General Guideline
     Appraisal for Confirmation is scheduled 2 weeks prior before confirmation date.

     Any Promotion shall be scheduled at a minimum of 6 to 10 months from last confirmation and/or annual review.

     Annual review shall be in Jan/Feb and/or Jul/Aug whichever is applicable and/or Company indication period from time to time.

     (B) Appraisal Guideline on completing this form between appraisee and supervisor.
     Read scale ratings and factors descriptions carefully before making your assessment in each factor with the box provided with a  or  .

     Consider 1 factor at a time. Do not let your rating on one factor influence another.

     Choose the rate which most describes you/subordinate. Do not consider recent happenings or isolated incidents.

     Base on your judgment on the job performance and requirements, performed over the past few months, rate in the appropriate box for each
     factor that you think best represents yours/subordinate’s strengths.

     Exercise your judgment fairly.

     Upon completion, review and check the rating on yourself and discuss with your supervisor. Once both of you have confirm the rating, please
     submit to HR department.

     Note for Supervisor
     Do not avoid giving low rating when is necessary as it is wrong to mislead your subordinate to believe that he/she is performing satisfactorily
     when he/she is not. Guard against the tendency to indiscriminately award average rating.

Employee Name          : __________________________________             Date of Evaluation      :_____________________________________

Designation            : __________________________________             Date Joined             :_____________________________________

Department/Site        :__________________________________              Length of Service      :_____________________________________

Evaluation Sup (1st) : __________________________________               Evaluation Sup (2nd) :_____________________________________

Appraisal Period (DD/MM/YY) ______________________              to      ____________________________


Please list your Primary Responsibilities:

     1)   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
     2)   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
     3)   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
     4)   ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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                                           Measurement                                      Start Date to End Date
Accomplishments: Goals / Objectives Set                                                                                          Remarks
                                        (% of Achievement)                                         (MM/YY)
1)                                                       %                                            to

2)                                                                                 %                      to

3)                                                                                 %                      to


Scale Rating                            Definition of Rating
1 Unsatisfactory                        Performance consistently is below expectation. Will have to address the issue.

2 Improvement Needed                    Performance consistently does not meet expectations

3 Meets Requirement                     Performance consistently meets expectations

4 Above Expectations                    Performance consistently is beyond expectations

5 Excellent                             Performance consistently well exceeds expectations and is outstanding

S/N    Performance Ratings                        1                      2                       3                       4                     5            (pls indicate
                                                                                                                                                            ‘NA’ if not
                                                                (A) WORK PERFORMANCE
       QUALITY OF WORK:                 Poor quality of work.   Quality of work        Quality of work is      Careful and seldom       Shows a high
       Consider accuracy,               Very careless,          tends to be erratic,   generally               requires checking        degree of all-
       thoroughness and neatness        frequent errors.        falling below the      acceptable and          and correction.          round
       of completed work.               Constant checking       required standard.     adequate.               Maintains                excellence in his
                                        and correct required.   Occasionally           Sufficient accuracy     consistent standard      work. Consistent
                                                                careless. Checking     to meet job             of work.                 accuracy and
                                                                and correction is      requirements.                                    thoroughness.
1                                                               occasionally.

       QUANTITY OF                      Amount of work is       Inclined to be slow.   Does sufficient         Usually does more        Maintains very
       WORK/SPEED:                      entirely inadequate.    Have some              amount of work.         than expected.           high output.
       Consider number of                                       difficulties in        Able to complete        Normally keeps           Always ahead of
                                        Always fails to meet
       assignments completed and                                meeting deadlines.     work on time.           ahead of targets         deadlines.
       volume of output reasonably                                                                             set.

       EFFECTIVENESS AND                Amount of work is       Inclined to be slow.   Does sufficient         Usually does more        Maintains
       CUSTOMER SERVICE                 entirely inadequate.    Little concern for     amount of work.         than expected.           unusually high
       ORIENTATION                      No concern for          customer               Normally keeps          Normally keeps           output. Keeps
                                        customer                satisfaction and       within targets set.     ahead of targets         ahead of targets
       (INTERNAL &                      satisfactory. Does      acts only when         Concern for             set. Great concern       set. Genuine
       EXTERNAL)                        little to satisfy       prompted by            Customers’              for customer             concern for
                                        customer’s needs.       others.                satisfaction and        satisfaction and         customer
2      Consider his/her manner of                                                      acts accordingly to     always act               satisfaction and
       working, if he completes his                                                    satisfy customers’      accordingly attempt      fully satisfy
       job within targets set and his                                                  needs.                  to satisfy               customers’
       ability to satisfy needs of                                                                             customers’ needs.        needs and
       customers/superior.                                                                                                              beyond.

       WORK/APPLIED                     Very shallow            Insufficient           Has sufficient          Has good                 Has a very
       KNOWLEDGE /                      knowledge of work.      knowledge and/or       knowledge and           knowledge and            strong job
       COMPETENCE                       Relies on others.       unable to apply        apply it effectively    applies if effectively   knowledge and
                                        Continually needs       effectively to his     in routine              to the job. Keen to      applies it
                                        guidance. Lacks         work. Needs to be      situations. Has         learn new methods        effectively to
       Consider his
                                        basic job               supervised and         some interest to        and ideas.               whatever he/she
       knowledge/skills in own job
3                                       knowledge/skills.       guided.                learn new ideas.                                 does. Very keen
       and related work ability to
                                        Needs continuous                                                                                to learn new
                                        instructions and/or                                                                             methods and
                                        makes no effort to                                                                              ideas.

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S/N   Performance Ratings                        1                     2                      3                      4                      5           (pls indicate
                                                                                                                                                        ‘NA’ if not
                                                                  (B) WORK ATTITUDE
      ATTITUDE,                        Always complaining     Complaints             Sets acceptable        Sets good example       Sets a high
      DISCIPLINE,                      and constantly         frequently and         example for others     for others to follow.   personal
      ATTENDANCE AND                   dissatisfied with      showing some           to follow. Generally   Disciplined and         standard and
                                       Company and/or         satisfaction with      well disciplined and   conscientious.          excellent
      BEHAVIOUR                        colleagues. Not        Company and/or         does not give too                              example for
                                       disciplined. Always    colleagues. Follows    much trouble.                                  others to follow.
      Consider his/her general         challenging            instructions but                                                      Well-disciplined.
4     demeanor, daily attendance       instructions and       may discard rules
      and work attitude.               Company                and regulations if
                                       regulations.           encouraged by
                                                              others. Inclined not
                                                              to be disciplined at

      DRIVE AND                        No enthusiasm. Must    Needs                  Needs some             Enthusiastic and        Achievement
      DETERMINATION                    be pushed to get       encouragement          encouragement          persistent in           orientated.
                                       things done.           and occasionally       and support in         achieving goals.        Always strive to
      Consider his/her                                        shows signs of         achieving goals.                               do the best.
                                                              backing off during                                                    Determined to
5     perseverance in achieving
                                                              setbacks or                                                           carry tasks
      the goals set.
                                                              opposition.                                                           through to the

      RESPONSIBILITY/                  Unreliable and         Tends to defer         He/she can be          Shows concern for       Identify oneself
      DEDICATION AND                   negligent. Avoids      duties whenever        relied on but no       work and will           wholly with
      COMMITMENT                       responsibilities       possible. Little       special effort         accomplish the          one’s duties and
                                       totally. Complains     interest in job.       shown.                 assignments with        will always
                                       about work.                                                          good results.           accomplish the
      Consider his/her interest and
                                                                                                            Accepts duties          assignments
      enthusiasm in his/her work.
                                                                                                            willingly.              with excellent
                                                                                                                                    results. High
                                                                                                                                    interest in job,
6                                                                                                                                   very enthusiastic
                                                                                                                                    and always
                                                                                                                                    actively seeking
                                                                                                                                    to acquire
                                                                                                                                    knowledge and

      TEAMWORK AND                     Shows no concern       Cooperation must       No problem with        Able to relate well     Effective team
      COOPERATION                      for teamwork. Tends    be solicited. Lacks    team work.             with others.            member with
                                       to be a troublemaker   team spirit. Prefers   Cooperates with        Cooperates              excellent
                                       or not cooperative.    to work alone.         others when called     willingly and offers    relations with
      Consider his/her cooperation
                                                                                     upon.                  to assist others        others. Gives
      with peers and others to
      promotes team building,                                                                               most of the time.       support and
      ensure team effectiveness                                                                                                     assistance to
      and team spirit maximum                                                                                                       team members
7     results and his/her ability to                                                                                                spontaneously
      gain, get understanding                                                                                                       to ensure
      along support action and                                                                                                      maximum result.
                                                                                                                                    Places team’s

                                                                    (C) WORK HABITS
      PLANNING AND                     Unplanned work and     Rarely plans and       Normally plans and     Well planned and        Far-sighted
      ORGANIZING ABILITY               ill organized.         organizes work,        organizes works.       organized, usually      planning and
                                                              often ineffective.                            effective.              organizing,
      Consider his/her ability to                                                                                                   effective under
8     plan and organize.                                                                                                            most

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S/N   Performance Ratings                      1                      2                     3                      4                     5           Score
                                                                                                                                                     (pls indicate
                                                                                                                                                     ‘NA’ if not
      COST CONTROL &                 Poor in planning and    Not cautious on       No issue to control    Able to understand     Excellent in cost
      REDUCTION                      budgeting cost on       project operations    cost and budget        the control cost and   control and
      OPERATIONAL COST               project work. Always    budget and cost.      the operations         operations budget      reduction
                                     neglect to take         Tends to              expense. Tends to      well. Usually take     operational
      Consider his/her ability in    charge on operations    overspend and not     take charge on the     charge on the          expense. Well
                                     expense.                take charge on the    expense reduction.     expense reduction.     maintaining
      operate the spending,
9                                                            expense.                                                            appropriate
      reduction on expense and
                                                                                                                                 expense and
      take charge of operational
                                                                                                                                 take charge of
      budget and plan the expense
      within.                                                                                                                    expense

      DELEGATION AND                 Prefers to do           Very comfortable      Delegates only         Usually delegates      Establishes
      UTILIZATION OF                 everything by           with doing            when required or       effectively and        efficient work
      RESOURCES ABILITY              himself. Does not       everything by         called upon to do      assigns appropriate    methods/
                                     delegate at all.        himself. Reluctant    so. Has difficulty     tasks to team.         systems and
      Consider his/her ability in                            to delegate or does   assigning                                     delegates
                                                             not know how to       appropriate tasks                             effectively by
10    assigning task effectively.
                                                             delegate.             to team and in                                assigning
                                                                                   supervision.                                  appropriate
                                                                                                                                 tasks to team.

      DECISION MAKING                Avoids making any       Slow at arriving at   Makes reasonably       Decisions are          Decisions are
                                     decision at all.        solutions.            quick and              made fast and          made very fast
      Consider his/her speed and                             Decisions are         satisfactory           sound usually.         and consistently
      quality of decisions.                                  barely adequate.      decisions.                                    sound under all
11                                                                                                                               circumstances.

      DEPENDABILITY/                 Entirely                Required              Dependable on          Can be relied on to    Dependable in
      RELIABILITY                    undependable. Never     supervision on        routine                do most jobs.          all assignments.
                                     follows work            most assignments      assignments.           Needs directions       Highly
      Consider his/her               schedules. Chronic      and shows little      Requires some          and supervision        committed to
      trustworthiness.               abuses of working       commitment. Some      follow-up and          occasionally.          his/her job.
                                     schedules. Avoid        abuses                supervision on new                            Places
12                                   duties whenever         occasionally. Work    assignment.                                   Company
                                     possible. Lacks of      needs to be           Generally reliable                            interest ahead of
                                     commitment.             checked               on the job as                                 personal
                                                             sometimes.            needed.                                       inconveniences.

      REACTIONS UNDER                Inefficient and         Efficiency and        Efficiency under       Maintains efficiency   Maintains high
      PRESSURE OR IN                 becomes nervous         productivity          normal condition       even under             efficiency and
      STRESSFUL                      even under slight       declines when         but when under         unfavorable            productivity
                                     strains.                subjected to          stress, requires       conditions.            even under very
      SITUATIONS                                             pressure.             encouragement                                 trying
13                                                                                 and support to                                conditions.
      Consider his/her manner/way                                                  maintain efficiency.
      in handling crisis

      HOUSEKEEPING /                 Careless and            Occasionally          Generally neat and     Workplace is clean     Consistently
      WORK PLACE HEALTH              disregard safety        overlooking safely    workplace is           and tidy free          neat and always
      & SAFETY                       regulations. Does not   regulations or        reasonably tidy.       accidents. Care is     keeps work
                                     take care of            loss/damage of        Mindful of safety,     exercised in all       place safety,
                                     documents/              documents/            health habits/         areas of work          health, clean
      Consider work habits and
                                     equipment, causing      equipment. Needs      standards.             safety, health         and tidy. Care is
      personal conduct to promote
                                     frequent damage or      to be reminded of     Documents/             habits and personal    exercised in all
      work place, health & safety,
      cautious, self and social      loss Non safety         good safety, health   equipment are          conduct to promote     areas of work
14    responsibility (WSH/EHS) of
                                     precaution. Never       standard and          properly used and      work place safety.     place health &
      accidents free and             cleans up workplace.    housekeeping.         maintained, seldom                            safety habits
                                                                                   lost of damaged.                              and personal
                                                                                                                                 conduct to
                                                                                                                                 promote work
                                                                                                                                 place health &

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S/N    Performance Ratings                         1                            2                      3                      4                     5            Score
                                                                                                                                                                 (pls indicate
                                                                                                                                                                 ‘NA’ if not
                                                                      (D) PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES
       LEADERSHIP AND                    Always wait to be            Some attempts to       Manages to              Provides clear         A natural leader.
       ABILITY TO                        director. No                 lead but not           motivate team           vision and goals.      Provides clear
       STRATEGIZE                        leadership abilities.        effective in           under normal            Capable in gaining     vision and goals
                                         Prefers to follow than       motivating or          circumstances but       cooperation and        for team. Easily
                                         to lead.                     leading team.          encounters              support form team      imposes
       Consider his/her ability to set
                                                                                             difficulties under      most of the time.      authority and
       goals clearly to team. Guide
       on relevant job aspects,                                                              difficult situations.                          very effective in
                                                                                                                                            motivating and
       motivate, provide feedback
                                                                                                                                            leading team.
       and lead his/her team regular
15     basis. Involves, provide clear
                                                                                                                                            Able to
                                                                                                                                            strategize and
       directions and take charge in
       crisis situations and achieve                                                                                                        always drive
                                                                                                                                            team to achieve
       satisfactory solutions to
       team.                                                                                                                                goals and

       COMMUNICATION                     Unable to                    Slight difficulty in   Usually organized       Good in                Outstanding
       SKILLS                            communicate or               expressing             and expresses           communicating          ability to
       (ORAL & WRITTEN)                  express thoughts             thoughts at times.     thoughts on routine     ideas and              communicate
                                         clearly.                                            matters clearly and     information usually.   ideas and
16                                                                                           concisely.                                     information in all
       Consider his/her ability to
       communicate ideas and                                                                                                                situations.

       HUMAN RELATIONS                   Overbearing and              Finds dealing with     Able to deal with       Usually tactful and    Outstanding
                                         unnecessarily                people difficult       people satisfactory     has no problem         effective in
       Consider his/her ability to       officious in dealing         sometimes and          most of the time.       dealing with           dealing with
       deal with all levels of staff.    with people.                 encounters                                     people. Can be firm    people. Is tactful
17                                                                    problems                                       at times.              but firm when
                                                                      occasionally.                                                         required.

       INITIATIVE                        Resents changes or           Finds changes          Able to adapt and       Very willing to        Exceptionally
       ADAPTABILITY /                    new job                      difficult. Slow to     change. Needs           change and adapts      quick and
       INNOVATIVE /                      arrangements. Acts           adapt to change.       average amount of       well. Lean fast and    adaptable in any
                                         only if pushed step          Dislikes changes in    instructions to learn   easily. Very           situation. Excel
       RESOURCEFULNESS                   by step. Incapable of        job assignments.       new or related jobs.    resourceful and        in initiative and
                                         arriving at own              Seldom acts on his     Resourceful.            exercises initiative   very resourceful.
       Consider acceptance to
                                         decision.                    own. Usually           Handles                 in most matters.
18     change and willingness to                                      depends on others      independently all       Proceeds readily
       adjust. Attitude towards job.                                  to take the lead.      routine situations.     without problem.
                                                                                             Needs guidance for
       Consider the manner which
       he/she applies
       himself/herself to job-related
                                                                                                                                            Total Score :                        a
                                                                 (E) OVERALL APPRAISAL RATING

(a) Total Score                                    =              a

(b) Total factors Completed =                 x5=                 b

(c) Percentage (%) = a x 100 / b                   =              %

86% & above     :    Excellent           – Exceptional performance exceeding job requirements in all areas.
76% to 85%      :    Good                – Proficient performance exceeding job requirements in most areas.
66% to 75%      :    Average             – Performance which meets normal job requirements.
56% to 65%      :    Below Average       – Performance which fails meet some requirements.
Below 55%        :   Poor                – Unacceptable performance which fails to meet most or all job requirements.

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                                                                     (F) OVERALL COMMENTS

      1) Major Strengths:
      2) Areas of Improvements:

      3) Training/Development Needs:

      4) Career Development (if any):

      5)   Overall Performance Trend (if applicable): Please place a cross () or tick () in the box below.
            Good Improvement             Marginal Improvement               Performance remains the same      Declining in performance

(Please attach separate sheet if the space provided below is insufficient)

                                                               Measurement                  Start Date to End Date
 Goals / Objectives Set                                                                                                Remarks
                                                            (% of Achievement)                     (MM/YY)
 1)                                                                          %                        to

 2)                                                                                %                  to

 3)                                                                                %                  to




Assessed and signed by:                Assessed & Recommended by:                      Assessment Endorsed &         Assessment Approved by:
                                                                                       Section 3 & 6:

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Appraisee                              Appraiser/Immediate Sup                         Head of Department/Mgr        Operations Dir/GM
Name:                                  Name:                                            Name:                         Name:
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