(OVERSEAS SCHOOL)
                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

TITLE:                       SUPERVISOR OF SECURITY


1. Excellent command of written, listening and spoken English.

2. Working knowledge of typing.

3. Clean light duty driving license.

4. Good Contracts with the local law authorities.

5. Ability to command successful leadership

6. Good character certificate from previous employer.

7. Medical suitability certificate from School nominated medical practitioner.

8. Having completed a security training program or equivalent.

9. Positive public relations skills, always.

REPORTS TO:                         Plant Manager

INTERFACES WITH:                    Faculty, administrators, the Director of
                                    Financial and Support Services students,
                                    parents, local officials, Supervisor of

SUPERVISES:                         Assigned Support Services Security Personnel


Through planning, close-monitoring, personnel training, maintaining a keen
sense of anticipation, the Supervisor shall ensure that the School campus is
secured against security events and/or security intrusions. To present accurate
and detailed security information when requested. To interface with local
security authorities only when directed by the Director or the Superintendent.

 1. To care read and review, for clear understanding, all the appropriate
sections of the School’s security manual.

 2. To keep attendance and leave records of all security guards; to maintain
overtime records of security staff.

 3. To prepare and allocate duties to security staff.

 4. To supervise and maintain discipline among the staff.

 5. To ensure security of School premises/property(moveable & immovable).

 6. To ensure that no school property is taken out without a valid gate pass.
Also to keep records of all gate passes issued by the warehouse and the

 7. To make sure that School gates are kept closed and only authorized
vehicles/persons are allowed to enter/exit. Also to check all vehicles for security

 8. To ensure that all vehicles traffic onto the campus is appropriate, authorized
and does not violate the security of the School security.

 9. To ensure that visitors are escorted to the required department/person.

10. To watch and maintain record of all visitors.

11. To ensure that the unauthorized students do not leave school premises
during school hours. Such cases be immediately reported to PM/Principal

12. To ensure that the security guards regularly patrol the school premises.

13. To ensure that shifting of security staff is done on proper handing/taking
over of charge in day and night.

14. To train his staff to use fire fighting equipment in emergencies.

15. To arrange security training for his staff.

16. To keep all the fire fighting equipment in operational condition.

17. To arrange the refilling of fire extinguishers.
18. To make sure all the sirens, emergency radios, emergency kit in auditorium
in working condition and update.

19. To arrange the fire fighting demonstration when ever required.

20. To keep update all the emergency plans.

21. To assist in the planning and execution of the School security.

22. To keep lists of important telephone numbers/addresses in his office i.e. fire
brigade police etc. for emergency use.

23. To maintain liaison with local law enforcement agencies (as directed, only)

24. To stay with the security at the night functions and on the weekends
tournaments and social events.

25. To check whole campus at 09:00 PM and ensure that all vehicles, class
rooms locked and their keys placed in safe custody.

26. To provide extra security guards during School functions in
Auditorium/Gymnasium and school campus as and when required.

27. To check classified staff on close of School for security purposes.

28. To check all security staff in the night that they are alert and are patrolling in
their assigned areas.

29. To provide security guards in School's vacant houses during summer
vacations or whenever needed.

30. To aid in the support operations of the school turning on and off security
assistance lights, A/C and heating units, accepting mail and messages outside
normal operating hours, water treatment plant operation, answer incoming phone
calls and take messages, cover swimming pool.

31. Refill the gas in all school vehicles under his own supervision from 9 AM to
10 AM.

32. Keep all log books update for gas and mileage of School vehicles.

33. To take necessary action in emergencies within his capacity and contact PM
where necessary.

34. To perform any other duties assigned by the Plant Manager (or Director)

No formal contract except signature on job description. Salary placement and
benefits determined by Board-approved schedule and policy. Forty eight (48) hour
work week with a flexible time schedule determined by the Plant Manager.
Supervisor shall not be eligible for overtime pay. Three weeks annual leave, not
including government-declared holidays


Annual performance evaluation completed by Plant Manager and reviewed by the
Director of Financial and Support Services.

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Supervisor of Security                                    Date

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Plant Manager                                             Date

Date of Last Review / Revision:        16 November 1998

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