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Author             Title              No. of copies   Book summary

Abrahams, Peter Down the rabbit       10              An Echo Falls mystery.
                hole                                  When Ingrid accidentally leaves h
                                                      sneakers on a murder scene, she i
                                                      mysterious case. It’s all her fault
                                                      the wrong track, so Ingrid swears
                                                      up Katie’s killer herself.
Aiken, Joan        The Witch of       10              Malise, the witch of Clatteringsha
                   Clatteringshaws                    Ladies Convenience at the end of
                                                      Caledonia. Down in London, Sim
                                                      inherited the throne of England an
                                                      accompanied by his friend Dido,
                                                      On hearing a witch maybe able to
                                                      to Scotland.
Allan,             Hox                10              12 year old Robbie is angry and f
Annemarie                                             his fathers work Robbie has to sp
                                                      Institute for Animal Research. A
                                                      changes everything. Suddenly he
                                                      perilous journey through the hars
                                                      highland winter, accompanied by
                                                      mysterious travelling companions
Allison, Jennifer Gilda Jones and     10              Gilda is not exactly thrilled when
                  the ladies of the                   scholarship to the prestigious Our
                  lake                                school for girls. But then she find
                                                      Lambert, the ex-pupil who drown
                                                      lake in the grounds of the school.
                                                      to start at the school. She plans to
                                                      mystery straight away.
Almond, David      The fire-eaters    12              Bobby Burns is a lucky lad. He li
                                                      Keely Bay with his wonderful fam
                                                      guy Joseph Connor, who’s alway
                                                      and Ailsa Spink, the seacoaler’s d
                                                      injured fawns with her dreams. T
                                          for Bobby, his dad becomes myst
                                          school is a cold and cruel place an
                                          War seems about to start. He mee
                                          eater who brings more troubles in
Arbuthnott, Gill   Winterbringer’s   10   St Andrews, Fife – not known for
                                          but even so, Josh hadn’t expected
                                          freeze and ice to creep up the bea
                                          holiday isn’t looking too promisin
                                          companions are a strange local gi
                                          enormous dog Luath. They unco
                                          eighteenth-century girl who write
                                          Summer and suddenly they find t
                                          headlong into a storm of witches,
                                          and the Winter King. A permanen
                                          unless they can help restore the n
Arnold, Louise     The invisible     11   Grey Arthur is a ghost. Not a cha
                   friend                 wailing type of ghost. He’s hazy,
                                          ghost-like at all. He decides to be
                                          best friend. Never before has Gre
                                          who so clearly needs help.
Beddor, Frank      The Looking       11   Alyss, born in Wonderland, is des
                   Glass Wars             next warrior Queen, but when a b
                                          Heart regime, she is forced into e
                                          At the age of 20 she returns to ba
                                          what is rightly her own.
Blacker, Terence Parent swap         10   Danny Bell’s biggest problem is h
                                          has left and his dad spends his da
                                          the TV. Danny decides to use Pa
                                          agency that help kids find the par
                                          he soon finds out the agency isn’t
Bloor, Thomas      Worm in the       10   Sam’s family is cursed with a dar
                   Blood                  has its origins on a remote island
                                          and has haunted every generation
                                          hundreds of years. Now the curse
                                          as its next victim.

Bowler, Tim        Apocalypse        10   After a dramatic accident Kit and
                                          themselves washed up on a small
                                          sanctuary here as the local comm
                                          menacing and soon Kit’s life is in
                                          to survive he must confront good
Boyce, Frank      Cosmic           10   Not very long ago, in a galaxy qu
Cottrell                                Liam Digby was just an ordinary
                                        very tall ordinary 12 year old. Som
                                        he’s a grown-up. This is the incre
                                        told some fibs, nearly stole a Pors
                                        park and sort of by accident ende
Chancellor,       The Museum’s     10   Welcome to the Scatterhorn Muse
Henry             Secret                excited it’s a cold and dingy place
                                        stuffed animals and junk. Nobody
                                        any more, and its days are surely
                                        Tom is sent to live there, he soon
                                        this museum than meets the eye. T
                                        shabby and moth-eater but they p
                                        secret. And when Tom discovers
                                        the time of their making, a hundre
                                        embarks on a journey full of unim
Choldenk,         Al Capone does   13   Moose Flanagan lives with his fam
Gennifer          my shirts             – home to a high security prison a
                                        gangster Al Capone. Moose has a
                                        used to and new friends to make w
                                        spends all her time looking after h
                                        bothered with his concerns. Moo
                                        up with a plan to make money ou
                                        life starts looking up until his sist
                                        bigger problem than she normally
Cooper, Susan     Victory          10   Two children cross an ocean 200
                                        Sam Robbins, a powder monkey
                                        other is Molly Jennings, a present
                                        transplanted from London to Ame
                                        adventure tells the interwoven sto
                                        are linked by a mystery.
Cottrell Boyce,   Framed           10   Dylan Hughes is more interested
Frank                                   the Renaissance artists they are na
                                        discovers priceless artwork has be
                                        disused slate mines of his tiny We
                                        would still prefer a pizza-eating, p
                                        turtle to a painting.
Cottrell Boyce,   Millions         13   When a bag stuffed full of money
Frank                                   Damian and Anthony find themse
                                        Suddenly the brothers can buy an
                                        except the one thing they really n
Craig, Joe        Sabotage         10   Jimmy Coates seems like an ordin
                                       He’s genetically engineered to gr
                                       government assassin. He has to f
                                       while his government fights to kil
Creech, Sharon    Love that dog   11   This is a story about a little boy w
                                       and then another and then even m
Dahl, Roald       The Eejits      12   The Twits translated into Scots by
                                       Twits Mr Twit was horrible and h
                                       just plain ugly. Now in The Eejit
                                       maukit, bowfin and clarty and Mr
                                       revealed in all its manky glory.
Dale, Anna        Whispering to   11   Joe Binks is spending Christmas w
                  witches              father and half-sister but little doe
                                       excitement that is in store for him
                                       over he finds himself part of a dra
                                       surrounding an ancient book of m
                                       a world of witches, spells and cun
                                       and his new friend Twiggy solve
                                       is lost.
De Fombelle,      Toby Alone      10   Running from branch to branch, e
Timothee                               bleeding, Toby is on the run from
                                       just one and a half millimetres tal
                                       the most wanted person in the gre
                                       across a hazardous terrain and hu
                                       and blood-thirsty soldier ants, To
                                       for survival in an unforgettable m
Delaney, Joseph   The Spook’s     10   Thomas Ward is the seventh son
                  apprentice           has been apprenticed to the local
                                       the spook is distant and many app
                                       before him. Somehow Thomas m
                                       exercise ghosts, contain witches a
Dickson,          Marvin          12   Marvin lives a very ordinary life
Allister                               day when everything changes. H
                                       Carlan the most wonderful place
                                       As his adventure begins and he m
                                       meet creatures of all descriptions
                                       hideously ugly. He meets the girl
                                       to save the country from oppressi
Doherty, Berlie   Children of     10   Catherine and her family are out f
                  winter               sudden storm blows up. The chil
                                       deserted barn, which seems strang
                                       they have never been there before
                                       Catherine senses the secrets of the
                                             press in upon her secrets from ano
Don, Lari           First aid for       10   Helen has no interest in becoming
                    fairies and other        So she isn’t pleased when asked t
                    fabled beasts            Only this horse isn’t entirely norm
                                             friends. Without warning, Helen i
                                             extraordinary world full of magic
                                             creatures and a dangerous, power
                                             Master, who would destroy it all.
Don, Lari           Storm Singing       10   A centaur, a selkie, a fairy and a p
                    and Other                unusual friends. And in this incre
                    Tangled Tasks            some even stranger opponents, fro
                                             killer whales. Helen must help R
                                             the most important contest of the
                                             the deep sea powers from going t
                                             trying to sabotage the competition
                                             and the fabled beasts find the real
                                             most devastating storm the world
Dowsell, Paul       Prison ship         11   Young Sam Witchall joins a fierc
                                             Danish Fleet at Copenhagen, com
                                             than Admiral Nelson. During the
                                             for a crime he did not commit. N
                                             execution he is sent instead on a e
                                             the other side of the world to face
Elliott, Patricia   Murkmere            10   Annie, born and brought up in a s
                                             she must never question the powe
                                             the birds – nor the omens in the T
                                             But when the Master of Murkmer
                                             be companion to his ward, Leah,
                                             disturbing world. Secrets and bet
                                             old house and when the shadowy
                                             Ministration arrives for a grand b
                                             becomes a dangerous game.
Fardell, John       The 7 professors 11      A storm ravaged traveller has blo
                    of the far North         Zara’s Edinburgh home, reawake
                                             their Great Uncle Alexander’s pas
                                             danger and before long, Zara, Ben
                                             Sam find themselves embarking o
                                             mission to the frozen Arctic Ocea
Fardell, John       The Flight of the 10     Sam and Marcia are back in Edin
                    Silver Turtle            and Professor Ampersand. The fr
                                             build an amazing electric-powere
                                             stumble across an old photograph
                                             them on to the trail of a long-lost
                                         could change the world.
Fidler, Kathleen   The desperate    15   The Murrays are forced to move t
                                         Glasgow - the first step in a journ
                                         across the seas to Canada, and to
                                         the events described by Kathleen
                                         happened to the Red River coloni
Fisher,            Darkhenge        12   Rob’s sister Chloe lies in a coma
Catherine                                When a dark druid shape-shifts hi
                                         despair turns to hope because the
                                         the way through the Underworld,
                                         is imprisoned. The problem is tha
                                         to be rescued from a world where
                                         becoming Queen.
Forde, Catherine Think Me Back      10   A supernatural mystery based on
                                         Pete’s family moved from Londo
                                         their new house he hears unexpla
                                         very strange happens through a se
                                         events he gains real experience of
French, Vivian     The Robe of      11   The sorceress Lady Lamorna has
                   Skills                robe. She will stop at nothing, inc
                                         more than a little black magic. Sh
                                         heroic Gracie Gillypot, not to men
                                         scruffy prince, two chatty bats, th
                                         ever, a troll with a grudge – and s
Funke, Cornelia    Dragon Rider     11   Firedrake, a brave young dragon
                                         are united as if by destiny with a
                                         Together, they embark on a magi
                                         legendary place where silver drag
                                         for ever.
Funke, Cornelia    Inkheart         14   Meggie lovers books. So does her
                                         bookbinder, although he has neve
                                         since her mother mysteriously dis
                                         quietly until the night a stranger k
                                         has come with a warning that forc
                                         extraordinary secret – a storytellin
                                         change their lives for ever.
Gaiman, Neil       Coraline         10   When Coraline explores her new
                                         through a door and into another h
                                         only there is another mother and f
                                         they want Coraline to stay with th
                                         their little girl….
Gardner, Lyn       Into the Woods   10   Three young sisters must defeat th
                                       before he takes control of the who
                                       wicked wolves and monsterous m
Gilman, David     Blood Sun       10   Deep in the London underground
                                       an unseen body. Days later, Max
                                       friends death in the capital. Danny
                                       envelope with Max’s name on it c
                                       Max’s mother’s death. The clues
                                       America where he must try to unc
                                       lies deep within the dangerous for
Gilman, David     The Devil’s     20   Soon after escaping an assassin th
                  Breath               shadows try and kill him in the da
                                       of his school in Dartmoor. Max G
                                       his explorer father has gone missi
                                       to find him whatever dangers may
Gleitzman,        Once            10   Once I escaped from an orphanag
Morris                                 Dad. Once I saved a girl called Ze
                                       house. Once I made a Nazi with t
                                       name is Felix. This is my story.
Golding, Julia    Secret of the   10   Mythical creatures still exist. You
                  Sirens               That’s because for centuries they
                                       a hidden society. Now the society
Golding, Julia    The Ship        11   The Golden Needle is crewed by
                  between the          fiendish pirates with a desire to at
                  Worlds               In hot pursuit of the Golden Need
                                       crewed by pirates who live only t
                                       thread anchoring the worlds. Who
                                       the death? If it is the Scythe, who
Goodhart, Pippa   Raven Boy       11   Legend has it that if the ravens le
                                       London, then monarch and kingd
                                       1666, the Great Plague rages and
                                       place. Young Nick Truelove blam
                                       his hardships and he vows to get r
                                       young raven, he bluffs his way in
                                       London. But as a friendship grow
                                       raven, a new danger engulfs Lond
                                       world and his king is about to cha
Grenfell, Gus     Woodenface      10   Meg is a maker, pouring life into
                                       carves. Accused of witchcraft, sh
                                       to find her father in jail, facing de
                                       Desperate to save him, she must f
                                       maker really means – and confron
Grogan, John     Marley: a dog    10   Meet Marley, a yellow furball of
                 like no other         appetite for mischief. You could s
                                       world’s worst dog, but for those w
                                       dog like no other; bringing joy to
                                       bounds through life teaching them
Hearn, Julie     The Merrybegot   10   The story of Nell who lives with h
                                       local cunning woman and healer,
                                       Somerset. When one of the Minis
                                       pregnant she and her sister attemp
                                       accussing Nell of putting a curse
Hesse, Karen     The Stowaway     9    Nicholas Young has had enough o
                                       London. So he stows away aboard
                                       Endeavour, not knowing he is abo
                                       the most famous journeys of disco
                                       in maritime history
Higgins, F.E.    The Black Book   10   When Ludlow Fitch’s parents cru
                 of Secrets            steals away on the back of a carri
                                       the stinking city. He arrives in the
                                       remote village, where he crosses
                                       Zabbidou – pawnbroker with a di
                                       secrets, not goods for cash.
Hightman, Jason The Saint of      10   Simon St George meets his long l
                Dragons                supposing him dead, only to be in
                                       descendant of St George the drag
                                       duty to inherit this role himself. F
                                       todays society, but they are disgu
                                       positions of power.
Ibbotson, Eva    The Star of      14   An abandoned baby named Annik
                 Kazan                 aged cook from Vienna and broug
                                       professors by their 2 servants. By
                                       can bake and ice a three tiered cak
                                       floors. She lives a greatly blessed
                                       mother tracks her down.
James, Charlie   Dino Egg         11   When a seemingly innocent boile
                                       change colour, say “cheep” and th
                                       dinosaur, it’s Ned’s bad luck that
                                       to hide it from their mum under a
                                       keep it as a pet. Ned is the only p
                                       some sense into his totally irrespo
                                       keep his eagle-eyed mum in the d
                                       thinks, anyway… Life in the Finn
                                       never seems to be a quiet one! Fo
                                          chaotic adventures as they grappl
                                          dinosaur in the house!
Kemp, Gene         Nothing scares    10   Petra has a sixth sense, she can pr
                   me                     a pupil from her school goes miss
                                          her gift may hold the key to the d
Laird, Elizabeth   The Garbage       10   This is the powerful and unforget
                   King                   who live on the edge of destructio
                                          and the street boys that they join,
                                          everything. Their courage, loyalty
                                          enable them to survive in the hars
Landy, Derek       Skulduggery       10   Stephanie’s Uncle Gordon is a wr
                   Pleasant               When he dies and leaves her his e
                                          that while he may have written ho
                                          fiction. Pursued by evil forces in
                                          mysterious key, Stephanie finds h
                                          source – the wisecracking skeleto
Langrish,          Troll Fell        12   Peers Ulfsson lives the life of serv
Katherine                                 company of his faithful dog, Loki
                                          Hilde, whose family farm on Trol
                                          uncles’ house spirit. Between them
                                          by Grimsson brothers to sell one b
                                          trolls who live on Troll Fell
Lingard, Joan      The Eleventh      10   Mr & Mrs Bigsby of the Pig and
                   orphan                 Newington already look after ten
                                          Constable O’Dowd brings them a
                                          found on the street, Ma Bigsby is
                                          But there’s something about Elfie
                                          new century and Ma loves a myst
                                          Elfie possess a little water colour
                                          Whistle? As the mystery unfolds,
                                          chamge completely
Lingard, Joan      The Sign of the   12   When Will and Lucy’s dad disapp
                   Black Dagger           for ever. They uncover a trail of s
                                          hidden in a fireplace in their Edin
                                          clue that might lead them to the tr
                                          the story of another pair of twins,
                                          who lived in their house 200years
Lloyd-Jones,       Red Fox           10   When Adam signs on as cabin bo
Robin              Running                Arctic expedition, 150 years ago,
                                          the amazing beauty and extreme d
                                          Greenland coast, not to mention t
                                          survival skills of the local Inuit. R
                                          of the ever-present danger surrou
                                         shipmates, the ice and the polar b
                                         truth about his own past.
Matthews,         The Shadow        11   Matty’s sixth sense tells her that T
Andrew            Garden                 harbouring a dark secret. The mas
                                         charming on the surface but unde
                                         glint of razor-sharp steel. Her fea
                                         eerie Shadow Garden, and she ev
                                         what’s buried there. Now she mu
                                         before disaster engulfs everyone.
McCaughrean,      Not the End of    9    Everyone knows the story of the A
Geraldine         the World              chose to save, but what about the
                                         women and children. When Timn
                                         - when she defies her father and s
                                         her fearful secret may bring death
                                         If it does, one thing is certain. Th
McCaughrean,      Plundering        10   Nathan has always dreamed of pi
Geraldine         Paradise               places. So when Tamo White sug
                                         his sister, Maud, set sail with him
                                         among the pirates. Nathan’s dream
                                         real adventure.
McKinley,         Beauty            10   Beauty, believing herself plain an
Robin                                    roses. But when her father goes tr
                                         just one magnificent, crimson ros
                                         of a magical castle, a fearsome Be
                                         Either Beauty’s father must forfei
                                         daughter must promise to live wit
Michael, Livi     The Whispering    11   Joe tells stories. Some people wo
                  Roads                  Joe will do whatever it takes to ge
                                         hears voices and sees things. But
                                         looked after her in the workhouse
                                         they’ve escaped. They’re on the r
                                         where? Because it’s hard to feed
                                         and lies, and the road ahead is a lo
Mieville, China   Un Lun Dun        10   Stumbling through a secret entran
                                         find themselves in the strange wo
                                         Here all the lost and broken thing
                                         and some of it’s people too – incl
                                         boss of the broken umbrellas and
                                         boy. But the girls have arrived at
                                         UnLondon is under seige by the s
                                         awaiting its hero.
Molony,           After the Death   11   Mum had died. Sam knew that. B
Rowland     of Alice Bennett        Mum said she would still be alive
                                    World. And she seems to have lef
                                    number in the kitchen… An unsi
                                    on the day of Mum’s cremation s
                                    if Mum is trying to get in touch w
                                    replies and gets a text back, he’s c
                                    Mum and that she’s trying to give
                                    who is Sam really texting? Who’s
                                    kitchen? And why is somebody re
                                    lonely, hopefully messages?
Morpurgo,   Alone on a wide    15   Orphaned in WWII, Arthur is sep
Michael     wide sea                and sent to the other side of the w
                                    extraordinary journey continues a
                                    Marty survive brutal captivity on
                                    new family with the eccentric Au
                                    animals, and discover their talent
                                    Sixty years later, Arthur’s daught
                                    handed in a yacht designed by her
                                    find his long-lost sister in Englan
                                    stretch across time and the vastne
                                    will the threads of Arthur’s life fi
Morpurgo,   Butterfly Lion     15   Bertie rescues an orphaned white
Michael                             African veld. They are inseparabl
                                    boarding school far away in Engl
                                    to a circus. Bertie swears that one
                                    another again, but the butterfly lio
                                    friendship will never be forgotten
Morpurgo,   An Elephant in     15   I looked out of the window, and s
Michael     the Garden              looked like a big dark shadow, bu
                                    moved, and I looked again. She w
                                    definitely an elephant I did not kn
                                    course, but this elephant in our ga
                                    change my life for ever……
Morpurgo,   Kaspar: Prince     15   They say cats have nine lives, and
Michael     of Cats                 Kaspar. From the glamorous suit
                                    to the servants quarters in the atti
                                    lifeboat to the hustle and bustle o
                                    Kaspar proves that no cat is too sm
                                    But he’s no ordinary cat he’s a Pr
                                    only cat to survive the sinking tita
Morpurgo,   Kensuke’s          9    Washed up on an island in the Pa
Michael     Kingdom                 to survive on his own. With no fo
                                    curls up to die. When he wakes, t
                                        him of fish, of fruit and a bowl of
Morpurgo,       Private Peaceful   10   As a young Thomas Peaceful look
Michael                                 childhood from the battlefields of
                                        his memories are full of family lif
                                        countryside. But the clock is tick
                                        Tommo spends remembering how
                                        means another moment closer to s
                                        change his life for ever.
Morpurgo,       Running Wild       15   For Will and his mother, going to
Michael                                 is a chance to put things behind th
                                        fun. But the elephant Will is ridin
                                        acting strangely. That’s when the
                                        crashing in, and the elephant begi
                                        when the tsunami is gone, Will’s
Morpurgo,       The amazing        15   Set against the backdrop of the Se
Michael         story of                story is about lifelong friendship
                Adolphus tips           cat! It's 1943, apart from her fathe
                                        Tregenze's life is scarcely touched
                                        day, Lily and her family, along w
                                        villagers, are told to move out of
Morpurgo,       Twist of Gold      10   Sean and Annie have one chance
Michael                                 famine in Ireland, but they must l
                                        mother behind. They travel in sea
                                        across rough seas, to a new land o
                                        There they busk in a city street, ru
                                        wagon train across the prairies an
                                        long and dangerous journey but th
                                        depends on it.
Morpurgo,       Waiting for        15   Jo finds out that Jewish children a
Michael         Anya                    away from the Nazis over the mo
                                        All goes to plan until German sol
                                        mountains, and Jo realises the chi
                                        slightest mistake could have deva
Morpurgo,       Warhorse           15   I saw the grey soldiers ahead of u
Michael                                 heart the death rattle of a machine
                                        story of the truest of friendship in
Mowll, Joshua   Operation Red      9    Shanghai 1920: While on board th
                Jericho                 and Becca MacKenzie anxiously
                                        missing parents…and stumble acr
                                        organization created to protect ma
                                        England 2002: Joshua Mowll inh
                                       Becca’s archive of documents and
                                       events that took place eighty year
                                       young people caught up in an extr
Nelson, D A      Dark Isle       20    When two strangers help Morag e
                                       drudgery she has no idea that join
                                       mission will take her into a world
                                       the one she is leaving. Their miss
                                       stolen ancient stone that was used
                                       mysterious homeland from human
Newbery, Linda   Catcall         10    Josh’s family is used to changes –
                                       hurtling into even more. Although
                                       an affinity with animals, it’s his y
                                       who falls under the wild cat spell
                                       taken over Jamie’s life. Soon it be
                                       the family to cope with his frighte
                                       behaviour. Only Josh understands
                                       enough to break through Jamie’s
                                       save them all.
Norriss, Andrew The Portal       10    Imagine coming home one day an
                                       there. Imagine being told everyth
                                       know it’s not. Imagine finding an
                                       your house that gives you access
                                       what happens to William and Dan
                                       no trace of their mum and dad in
                                       beyond. Can they solve the myste
                                       have they disappeared…forever?
Norton, Mary     The Borrowers   15    Pad, Hamily and Arrietty are a fa
                                       who live beneath the floorboard.
                                       is borrowed from the humans who
                                       exist. That is, until the fateful day
                                       friends with the boy upstairs.
Parkinson,       Blue Like Friday 10   Olivia’s best friend, Hal, thinks F
Siobhan                                tangy. Olivia thinks he’s crazy. A
                                       is Hal’s plan to make his sort-of-s
                                       home. Hal thinks if Alec left the e
                                       ok. Olivia doesn’t think Alec is th
                                       find a way to change Hal’s mind
Philbrick,       Fire Pony       10    Roy and his brother, Joe, are on th
Rodman                                 when they end up at Bar None Ra
                                       passion for horses soon wins them
                                       ofered the chance of a lifetime, to
                                       He is promised that if he can ride
                                       keep her. But Roy knows Joe has
                                          dark obsession that could explode
                                          Roy’s dream, and their whole wo
Philbrick,         Lobster Boy       10   Skiff Beaman has a problem. A b
Rodman                                    to fix up his family’s fishing boat
                                          money. His father isn’t going to h
                                          further than his next can of beer s
                                          died – and nor is his classmate, T
                                          nickname “Lobster Boy”. But Ski
                                          plan. It’s crazy and dangerous and
                                          Skiff’s grit and strength to win a g
Priestley, Chris   Tales of Terror   10   Ethan and Cathy are sick and thei
                   from the Black         fetch a doctor but they are not alo
                   Ship                   comes begging for shelter, and th
                                          the throes of the storm with the vi
                                          children grisly and terrifying tales
                                          something about the man makes E
                                          he is anxious for the storm to blow
                                          return and the long night to come
Priestley, Chris   The White Rider 10     London, 1716. The streets are buz
                                          young Tom Marlowe is caught in
                                          it. The roads are haunted by a my
                                          The White Rider - A robber so fie
                                          victims simply by pointing at them
Prue, Sally        The Truth Sayer   10   Nian is ‘discovered’ as a boy with
                                          whisked away to be an apprentice
                                          He immediately resolves to escap
                                          way he can think of to get out, an
Purkiss, Sue       The Willow        10   When his younger sister Sophie h
                   Man                    Tom feels jealous and guilty, imp
                                          the time. His mate Ash is the only
                                          understand. But Ash has problem
                                          believes that the willow man is m
                                          them all – all her to walk and Ash
Rees, Celia        Ghost Chamber     10   The dark secret of the mysterious
                                          been hidden for over five hundred
                                          Goodman family move into a cru
                                          English countryside and discover
                                          unearthed beneath it’s very struct
                                          of the family, time slips, terrifyin
                                          and finally, undeniable proof, all
Reeve, Philip      Mortal Engines    12   London is on the move again. The
                                       low, skulking in the hills to avoid
                                       hungrier cities loose in the Great
                                       great town moves off after it’s qu
                                       the walls begin to take a sinister t
Ridley, Philip   Zip’s Apollo     10   Zip Jingle, his mum and his little
                                       just moved from the forest to new
                                       trees are plastic. The magic has g
                                       and they don’t know how to get it
                                       Zip and Newt bring home a shopp
                                       supermarket…and it speaks to the
Roberts,         I am the Great   10   From the moment the battle scarr
Katherine        Horse                 allows the young Alexander the G
                                       girl, Charm, sit on his back he is b
                                       Thriugh the eyes of the horse, his
                                       adventure unfold.
Rose, Malcolm    Kiss of Death    9    On a school trip to the plague vill
                                       moved by the story of how villag
                                       to the dreaded Black Death. Kim
                                       interested in what they see at the
                                       well – money! But when they sna
                                       pick up something they hadn’t ba
                                       hideous consequences of their the
                                       all, Seth is forced to face a terrify
                                       plague-ridden past resurfaced to s
Ruby, Laura      The Invisible    10   Ever wanted to turn yourself invis
                 Girl                  still can’t hide from the evil Mrs T
                                       on a wild ride through a magical N
                                       no one can stay invisible for ever
Ruby, Laura      The Wall and     11   In a vast city where everyone can
                 the Wing              is trapped. Orphaned and lonely,
                                       nothing more than a flightless ‘lea
                                       when she finds that she has the po
                                       invisible. Gradually, Gurl learns t
                                       and teamsup with a belligerent bo
Shearer, Alex    Bootleg          10   The Good For You Party is runni
                                       forcing everyone to lead healthier
                                       addicts Smudger and Huntly watc
                                       favourite food is swept from the s
                                       Trooper police arrest anyone caug
                                       the boys discover the recipe for m
                                       hidden store of the right ingredien
                                       Their secret bootleg operation is s
                                       – but how long can they keep sell
                                          before the Good For You thugs ca
Shearer, Alex      The Hunted        10   Tarrin is born into a world where
                                          and live for longer. But real child
                                          bought and sold, won and lost, an
                                          stolen – or worse. So Tarrin know
                                          price on his head. As one of the fe
                                          children around, he’s something t
                                          and money can’t buy. Every day h
                                          terror of being taken. He’s one of
Somper, Justin     Demons of the     10   Connor and Grace are twins, orph
                   Ocean                  widowed father’s death. Rather th
                                          the town’s busy-bodies, they deci
                                          pastures in their father’s last poss
                                          boat. But a vicious storm sees the
                                          twins are separated. Two mysterio
Spinelli, Jerry    Stargirl          10   Stargirl, Nobody knows who she
                                          from. But everyone loves her for
                                          she captures Leo’s heart with just
                                          out isn’t always admired and whe
                                          them, Stargirl and Leo are forced
                                          their love.
Stewart, Paul      Curse of the      12   Barnaby Grimes is a tick-tock lad
                   Night Wolf             message antwhere any time. One
                                          highstalks above the city a huge b
                                          escapes with his life. And now hi
                                          has disappeared…
Stroud, Jonathan The Last Siege      10   A chance encounter on the snowy
                                          throw three lonely teenagers toge
                                          Marcus. Spurred on by Marcus, th
                                          ruined castle, spending a night to
                                          of occupation. But their re-enactm
                                          control and a real siege ensues.
Taylor, G.P.       Shadowmancer      11   Obadiah Demurral is a sorcerer w
                                          the highest power in the universe.
                                          nothing. The only people in his w
                                          Thomas and the mysterious Jacob
Tulloch, Shirley   I am a cloud, I   10   Set in the beauty of the African fo
                   can blow               of township, this is a story of hun
                   anywhere               It is also a celebration of hope, dr
                                          unconquerable spirit of one Afric
Updale, Eleanor    Montmorency       10   The rich of Victorian London are
                                          night, to a clever and cunning thie
                                         arrive, no one sees him leave.
White, E.B       Charlottes Web     15   One spring morning a little girl ca
                                         runt and names him Wilbur. But
                                         live on a farm where he meets Ch
                                         grey spider, they become best of f
                                         Wilbur is faced with a dreadful fa
                                         a very clever way to save him.
Williams, Alex   The talent thief   10   Wealthy orphan Adam Bloom is e
                                         when his glamorous sister, Cressi
                                         Fortescue’s festival of youthful ta
                                         tag along. But once all the childr
                                         their terrific talents mysteriously
Willis, Jeanne   Shamanka                Twelve year old Sam Khaan has j
                                    10   doctor’s notebook in her attic. Co
                                         to her long lost father, the son of
                                         out on a round the world journey
                                         to 3 questions – What is magic?
                                                             What is illusion?
                                                             What is real?

Wynne-Jones,     The boy in the     9    Ruth Rose is the wild and trouble
Tim              burning house           preacher, Father Fisher. She thin
                                         behind the sudden disappearance
                                         father, but Jim doesn’t want to be
                                         theories, he would rather carry on
                                         life in peace. Eventually Ruth Ro
                                         sparks something in Jim and toge
Biegel, Paul     The kingdom of     15   At the end of his 1,000year reign
                 the copper              tired and his heart is slowing. Hi
                 mountains               doctore and is told he must engag
                                         until he finds a cure for him. The
                                         nightly story more wonderful than
                                         one the kingdom’s inhabitants arr

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