World War II Study Questions by 1og9IC7o


									            World War II Study Questions
1. What is blitzkrieg?
2. What was Kristallnacht?
3. Describe the last German push at the end of the war?
4. What happened in the Battle of Britain? Who fought in it?
5. Axis countries?
6. Allied countries?
7. What was the “final solution”?
8. What was the agreement between German and the Soviet Union?
9. Why did Great Britain and France join the war?
10. What “Act” did the U.S. implement before entering the war?
11. Why did the U.S. join the war?
12. What is President Roosevelt’s famous statement regarding Pearl Harbor?
13. Describe “island hopping” and what was the technique and purpose?
14. What were kamikazes and what was their purpose and motivation?
15. Why was the atomic bomb (A-bomb) dropped?
16. Where were the atomic bombs dropped?
17. Who surrounded Berlin just before the German surrender?
18. What was the extent of Nazi occupation by 1940?
19. What is a Nazi work camp? What is a Nazi extermination camp? Famous camps?
20. What is the European Theater?
21. What is the Pacific Theater?
22. Why is the campaign in North Africa significant?
23. What happened on D-Day?
24. Why is propaganda important during war time?
25. What is appeasement?
26. What was the “Final Solution”?
27. Who are the leaders of the major countries of WWII?
28. Why was radar so important for Britain?
29. What is Operation Barbarossa?
30. Who won the war?

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