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									                                              Position Description

                                     Office Administrator


     We will grow and manage a diversified portfolio of metals and mining businesses with the single
     aim of delivering industry-leading returns for our shareholders.
     We can achieve this only through genuine partnerships with employees, customers,
     shareholders, local communities and other stakeholders, which are based on integrity, co-
     operation, transparency and mutual value-creation.

     We   have an absolute commitment to Sustainable Development
     We   are passionate in delivering outcomes
     We   do what we say
     We   behave with honesty and integrity
     We   are commercially astute
     We   take personal responsibility and accountability
     We   aspire to be the best

     We   work   ethically
     We   work   together and with others
     We   work   openly
     We   work   responsibly

 Part A – Role Specification

 Position Title:            Office Administrator

 Alternate Titles:

 Unit/section:              Xstrata Mangoola             Location:       Mangoola Coal

 Position Reports to:       Commercial Manager – Ian Gough

 Key Relationships:            Mangoola Coal Team                        NSW Project Team

                               Consultants

 Direct Reports:             NIL

 Statutory Responsibilities
                                                                                  (not applicable)
 Statutory           (not applicable)               Area of Statutory
 Nomination                                         Responsibility (eg. Mine,

                     (not applicable)
 Relevant Statute

                     (not applicable)
 Details of

                     (not applicable)
 Statement of

 Organisational Position

                                              COMMERCIAL MANAGER

                                        COMMERCIAL SERVICES COORDINATOR


 CORE COMMITMENT – Technical & Support (employees in similar role and level in the Xstrata Coal

 As a Technical or Support person at any Xstrata Coal location – the following are core business

        Provide technical, administrative and/ or other support to enable the business to function at
         optimum efficiency/ effectiveness.

        Support senior functional and process leaders to deliver expected results and provide a value-
         adding contribution to the overall effort;
        Provide a high level of customer service and continue to grow and combine professional learning
         and experience with work output;
        Consider safety, environmental and cost impacts when planning and undertaking work;

Key Result Areas           Specific Accountabilities (local)

                         Demonstrate leadership in accordance with relevant SD, legal and other requirements;

                         Monitor compliance with legal & corporate requirements within area of responsibility;

Health, Safety,          Demonstrate a highly visible on-site presence and commitment to implementation of
Environment               SD policies, strategy, standards, systems, processes and interactions;
and Community
                         Assist with hazard identification in the workplace as well as champion and hold others
                          accountable to the field health and safety leadership matrix;

                         Develop and maintain positive working relationships with external stakeholders,
                          including government and the community;

                         Provide strong leadership to drive a high-performance culture, role modeling and
                          reinforcing the behaviours that will underpin the success of the operation;

                         Hold people accountable to deliver, recognise and reward positive results;

                         Appropriately share information in an open and timely manner through presentations
                          and general communications to relevant stakeholders;

People                   Maintain good working relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

                         Set high standards of teamwork and strive for best practise.

                         Assist others to perform Risk Assessments for all relevant tasks where a procedure is
                          not available

                         Take full responsibility for own job.

                         Demonstrate commitment and Leadership by enforcement of site Rules and

                         Provide administrative and general support to the Mangoola team as required

Performance              Answering incoming phone calls

                         Maintenance and ordering of office supplies

                         Distribution of incoming and outgoing mail

                         Creation of emails and correspondence

                         Filing – electronic and physical

                         General office duties as required

                         Dealing with general enquiries from the public both via phone calls and face to face
                          and referring the party onto the correct management area

                         Completing PULSE duties as required

Key Performance Indicators - KPI’s

     For specific targets and objectives applicable to the current period please access Individual Performance and
      Development Plan

Part B
                   Important Reference Points (Statutory, Legal Compliance)

                   * This Section is not intended to be an exhaustive list of legislative / other obligations.

                   Health & Safety Legislation -
References                                                      Occupational Health & Safety Act 2000,Section 8
                   General Duty of Care
(SD, HR, Eng,
Commercial)           See Supervisor Obligations ( XCN Summary Table – NSW CMHS Act and Regulations)

                                                                NSW Coal Mine Health & Safety Act 2002 – Part
                   Statutory Responsibility
                                                                5, Division 5 Clause (69, 70)

                                                              NSW Coal Mine Health & Safety Regulation
                Regulatory Requirements
                                                              2006 – Part 4 Division 3 Clause (127, 128, 133)

                Management Structure                          NSW DPI Guidance Note – GNC-002
                Contractor OH&S Assessment Tool               NSW DPI & Mine Safety Advisory Council

                Environmental Legislation -

                                                              Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979
                Project Approval (Development Consent)
                                                              [administered by NSW Department of Planning]

                Environmental Protection Licence
                                                              Protection of the Environment Operations Act
                [monitoring / compliance within EPL
                                                              [administered Department Environ & Climate Change]

                Mining Lease + Subsidence
                                                              Mining Act 1992
                                                              [administered NSW Department of Primary Industries]
                [operations within boundaries / exclusions]

                Water Licence                                 Water Management Act 2000

                Archaeological Finds                          National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974

                                                              National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act
                Greenhouse Reporting

                HR/IR Legislation -

                Workplace Relations Laws / Framework          Fair Work Act 2009 (Federal)

                Industry Min. Employment Conditions           Black Coal Mining Industry Award 2010

                National Min. Employment Conditions           National Employment Standard Provisions

 Part B
                  Important Reference Points (Xstrata Coal Business Compliance)

                  XC / XCN Policies -

                  XCN HSEC Pol           XCN Sustainable Development Policy

                  XCN HSEC Pol           XCN Sustainable Development Framework

                  XC Policy              XC Business Principles

                  XCN HSEC Pol           XC Media Policy

                  XC Policy              XC Fraud Policy

                  XCN HR Pol             XCN Recruitment Policy

                  XCN HR Pol             XCN Conflicts of Interest Policy

                  XCN HR Pol             XCN EEO / Anti-Discrimination Policy

                  XCN HR Pol             XCN Industrial Negotiations Protocol

 XCN Systems      HSEC Doc               XCN HSEC Governance Overview
                  XC / XCN Standards -

 (SD, HR, Eng,    XCN HSEC Std           XCN Sustainable Development Standards
                  XCN HSEC Std           Management Plans, Approvals & Licences

                  XCN HSEC Std           Contractor Management

                  XCN HSEC Std           Emergency Management

                  XCN HSEC Std           Roles and Responsibilities

                  XCN HR Pol             Performance Management & Development

                  XCN HR Pol             Compliance Policy

                  XCN HR Std             Role Responsibilities Charter

                  XCN HR Std             Education, Training & Development

                  XCN HR Std             Leadership Standard

                  XCN HR Std             General Site Induction Process

                  XCN HR Std             New Staff Notification Protocol

 Part C - Person Specification

 Qualifications & Experience


    Previous administration experience

 Skills and Abilities

    Sound computer skills - particularly MS Office suite.

    Strong and ethical Leader.

    Cost focussed.

    Written and verbal communication skills.

    Ability to work in pressure situations with competing work place priorities.

    Sound judgement coupled with motivation and drive.

    Manage & build positive relationships (Internal and External).

    Act honestly and with integrity at all times.

    Respect the values and diversity of others.

    Act decisively.

    Maintain confidentiality with regards to all tasks.

    Hold people accountable

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