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					Nitin Gadkari’s Dubious Businesses – Just a Crook – Exclusive

Nitish Gadkari has started dreaming to replace Dr. Manmohan Singh as next
prime minister- study of his operations reveal he is a mediocre and Crook just
good enough to roll carpets for RSS bosses.
Kishore Tiwary has alleged Nitin Gadkari to keep his Businesses in Profit –
marginally though Rs.12 crores on Rs.330 crore Turnover Looted Vidarbha
Farmers to the tune of Rs.100 crores directly –Rs.100 crores indirectly when we
consider Transportation Costs and Nitin Gadkari has Alcohol and Baggage
Based Power Plant.


 Can you believe Nitin Gadkari was Director in UMRED AGRO COMPLEX
LIMITED 2009-10 – It was Processing Oilseeds for Cargill – American Agro
Multinational – but He Opposed Walmart for Indian Farmers?

 Can you believe even more shocking Umred Agro Complex – on turnover of
Rs.18 crores made cumulative losses of Rs. 15 crores?

 Can you believe Nitin Gadkari wanted to be re-elected as Director of Umred
Agro Complex September, 2010 at 4.00 p.m but presumably LOST. He was
not in the list of Directors.

 ANNUAL REPORT 2009-2Q1Q Annual Report
According to the Individual - Audited financial statement for the Year of 2011,
total net operating revenues increased with 341.15%, from INR 21.82 tens of
millions to INR 96.26 tens of millions. Operating Results increased from INR -
1.83 tens of millions to INR 2.58 tens of millions. The results of the period
increased 358.33% reaching INR 0.55 tens of millions at the end of the period
against INR 0.12 tens of millions last year. Return on equity (Net income/Total
equity) went from 0.96% to 24.55%, the Return On Asset (Net income / Total
Asset) went from 0.54% to 7.59% and the Net Profit Margin (Net Income/Net
Sales) went from 0.55% to 0.57% when compared to the same period of last
year. The Debt to Equity Ratio (Total Liabilities/Equity) was 323.66% compared
to 175.60% of last year. Finally, the Current Ratio (Current Assets/Current
Liabilities) went from 1.23 to 1.05 when compared to the previous year.

 After Nitin Gadkari was Thrown Out Company Turnover increased 341.15%,
in just a year.

Purti Power & Sugar Ltd

Nitin Gadkari started his Sugar Factory in No sugar region –

All over Nagpur just 400 hectares area was planted and there were already 2-3
sugar mills in district. Minimum Sugarcane area required for just one Sugar Mill
is 5000 hectares.

 He acquired 250 acres from poor farmers cheaply when for 2500tpd
capacity just 10 acres is sufficient. (Phagwara Mill Operates 4500tpd Sugar Mill
on 10 acres land.)

 The Case Study exposes his SMARTNESS – Sugarcane was brought from
far of places – 6 hours to 12 hours trucking.

Ravinder Singh
June07, 2012
M/s Purti sugar mill is situated at Khursapar (Bela) village near about 60 KM
from Nagpur at national highway (Nagpur-Chandrapur) in Umred Taluka. This
complex has been started within the leadership of Shri. Nitinji Gadkari,
Chairman, who had laid the foundation stone of this multiproduct complex,
which in the years to come would be the ideal example for whole Indian sugar
industry sector. This multiproduct complex is spread over 250 Acres and consist
of the following
• Sugar complex -capacity 2500 TPD/day (tons
per day)
• Distillery complex- capacity Sprit– 45,000 KLPD
(kilo liters per day) Ethanol– 1,20,000 KLPD
• Co-generation complex( capacity 220 MW)
• Bio-disel complex capacity (3000 liters/day)
• Bio-composting unit

Sugar Complex

The sugar industry began its crushing operation in 2002 with a capacity of 2500
TPD. of cane per day. But eventually operating a sugar factory in an area where
small number of farmers are planting sugar cane which is insufficient to assure
the operation of the sugar factory would not have been commercially viable.

This year the restriction of the command area has been removed by the
government which in turns helps the industry to procured the sugarcane from
outside the command area.

In this region water table is very low therefore water scarcity problem is very
high as compare to other sugarcane growing region. This sugar factory has an
enormous importance for the surrounding community.

Being located in the rural area, it provides employment opportunity and
increases secondary business in the area. During the harvesting season, the
cane is taken to the mill mostly by tractors (single & doubled trolley), bullock

cart, and trucks. This year, most of the sugar cane came from the nearby areas
like Wardha, Nanded, Selu, which approximately takes 6 to 8 hrs, while in case
of Madhya Pradesh it takes more than 12 to 15 hrs.
Gadkari's Purti sugar mills to expand cane crushing capacity
Vishwanath Kulkarni
Devada (Maharashtra), Nov. 15:

The BJP President, Mr Nitin Gadkari-led Purti Group plans to increase crushing
capacity of its three sugar mills by 2,000 tonnes crushed per day (tcd) to 8,500
tcd next year. The company owns three sugar factories in the Vidarbha region
of Maharashtra and plans to invest about Rs 100 crore in expanding sugar

Besides, it plans to set up a 20 MW bagasse/bio-mass based power plant at the
Waingang Sugar and Power Ltd at Devada in Bhandara district with an
investment of Rs 115 crore by 2013.

The Wainganga factory, acquired through public auction for Rs 14.1 crore last
year, was restarted on Tuesday in the presence of Ms Sushma Swaraj, Leader
of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, and the Chattisgarh Chief Minister, Mr
Raman Singh.

The company plans to crush about 2 lakh tonnes of cane and produce about
20,000 tonnes of sugar in the first year of operations this year.

Inaugurating the crushing, Mr Gadkari told a farmers' rally at Devada that his
firm was targeting the creation of some 40,000 rural jobs in the Vidarbha region
next year through the company's expansion in bio-mass and sugar production.

The Purti Group, which operates four bio-mass power units in Vidarbha with a
capacity of 60 MW, plans to double it to 125 MW by 2013.

The Group, with interest in sugar, power and solar sectors, recorded a turnover
of Rs 330 crore and a profit of Rs 12 crore in the year-ended March 2011, said
Mr Sudir Dive, Managing Director of Purti's power and sugar business. The
company is targeting a revenue of Rs 500 crore for the current fiscal and Rs
1,000 by 2015, Mr Dive said.

Purti's sugar assets are valued at Rs 650 crore, while its debts stand at Rs 450
crore, he added.

Addressing the rally, Ms Swaraj blamed the faulty policies of the UPA
government for the rise in inflation. Issues such as rising inflation and
inadequate support price to farmers will be raised in the forthcoming winter
session of Parliament, she said
Sugarcane growers cry foul over support price
TNN Jan 9, 2012,

WARDHA: Even if the state government has declared Rs 1,800 and Rs 2,050
support price for sugarcane growers in Vidarbha, Marathwada and western
Maharashtra regions respectively, the farmers in this region are still waiting for
this price.

In Jamini, Mahatma Sugar Factory (MSF) is offering Rs 1,500 per quintal for
sugarcane. With this, the factory is earning Rs 12 crore while the farmers are
bearing huge losses. The estimated sugarcane crop in Wardha district is 4 lakh
tonne, and if the whole crop is sold for Rs 1,500 per quintal which is Rs 300 less
than the declared price, the total loss to farmers will reach a whopping Rs 12

In October, Raju Shetty led an agitation in western Maharashtra demanding
minimum support price for sugarcane. The Maharashtra government had
agreed and announced Rs 1,800 MSP for sugarcane in Vidarbha and
Marathwada and Rs 2,050 in western Maharashtra.

Farmer leader Vijay Jawandhiya said, "Though I am not sure whether a
government GR has been issued or not, I know an agreement was reached
between the agitators and the government."

MSF managing director denied the charges while accepting that the factory was
paying only Rs 1,500 per quintal. He said, "We have to pay carrying and other
charges as well, which cost Rs 500."

Damodar Jhade, a farmer, said, "I am getting Rs 1,500. However, the
purchasers convince us that other charges paid by them should be added to the
sugarcane price. "This is a different trend than western Maharashtra," he said.


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