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									Long Island Regional
  Planning Council
          By Michael E. White
              Executive Director
          Long Island Regional
            Planning Council

   John D. Cameron, Jr., Chair      Hon. Steve Levy
   Paul Tonna, Vice Chair           Hon. Tom Suozzi
   V. Elaine Gross, Secretary       Patricia Bourne
   Jeffrey Kraut, Treasurer         Tom Isles
   Hon. Steve Bellone               Gilbert Anderson
   Peter Elkowitz                   Raymond Ribeiro
   Richard Guardino                 Howard Weitzman
   Grant Hendricks                  Joseph Sawicki
   Hon. Jon Kaiman                  William Lindsay
   Hon. Paul Pontieri               Diane Yatauro
   Theresa Sanders                  Maria Carney
   Hon. George Starkie              Humayan Chaudhry
                                     Patrick G. Duggan
                                     Patrick A. Heaney
Long Island Regional Planning Council

                     Mission Statement

The Long Island Regional Planning Council is established to represent
 the various interests and needs of all Long Islanders in providing
 education, research, planning, advocacy and leadership for the
 Nassau–Suffolk Region on important issues affecting the quality of life
 on Long Island for the express purpose of promoting the physical,
 economic and social health of the Region.

In furtherance of its goals, the Long Island Regional Planning Council
shall disseminate valuable information, serve as a regional forum for
discourse and debate on key issues affecting Long Island, identify and
address impediments and obstacles to resolving such issues, utilize the
inherent powers entrusted to it to effectuate positive change and
assemble the available resources necessary to develop a
comprehensive plan which shall serve as a blueprint for implementation
of the Region’s long-range planning goals and strategies.
   LI 2035 Regional Visioning Initiative

  Develop a public consensus on where the next
  generation of residents of Long Island could be
  housed, the transportation systems needed to support
  these settlement patterns and the actions needed to
  ensure that prosperity is broadly and equitably shared.

Evaluate alternate futures by “Triple Bottom Line.”

Economic Prosperity   Social and Racial Equity   Environmental Sustainability
LI 2035 Regional Comprehensive
       Sustainability Plan
 Develop an action plan to secure the sustainable
  development of Long Island’s economy and social and
  natural environment over the next 25 to 30 years.

 A comprehensive island – wide review, under the
  leadership of the LIRPC and with the oversight of Nassau
  and Suffolk Counties, in collaboration with municipal,
  business, environmental, philanthropic, not – for – profit,
  civic and community leaders.

 Strive for regional social and racial equity as a core
Long Island Key Regional Issues

 Property Taxes           Quality Education
 A Sustainable            Reliable, Renewable
  Economy                   and Clean Energy
 Affordable Housing       Efficient
 Environmental             Transportation
  Protection               Emergency
 Social and Racial         Preparedness
  Equity                   Quality of Life
 Available Health Care
           Thematic Areas
Economy                  Resources
• Industry Growth        • Government
• Employment             • Institution
• Tax Base               • Community
• Population Diversity   • Nature

Infrastructure           • Development
• Transportation         • Land Use
• Water                  • Housing
• Waste and Wastewater   • Open Space and
• Energy                   Amenities
                         • Brownfield
           Project Scope

Stage 1 Identification and Analysis
      • Identify Vision and Set Goals
      • Develop “No Action” Baseline Scenario
      • Identify Future Trends that Affect Sustainability

Stage 2 Develop Sustainable Strategies
      • Develop Sustainable Strategies and Initiatives
      • Identify Early Action Strategies
      • Develop Preferred Strategies for Refinement
             Project Scope

Stage 3     Integrated Action Plan
      •   Assess Government Impact of Strategies
      •   Develop Integrated Strategy
      •   Forecast Future 2035 Sustainable Condition
      •   Present Final Report

Long Island Regional Planning

First Annual Planning Summit

     1864 Muttontown Road
      Syosset, N.Y. 11791
        (516) 571-7613


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