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Introduction to ETD Submissions

The Catholic University of America requires ETD submission for Doctoral Dissertations only. If
you are working on a thesis or a licentiate degree, you will still be submitting a paper copy to the
Office of Graduate Studies.

What is ETD submission?

ETD (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) submission means that you will submit your thesis or
dissertation online in a digital format, rather than as a paper copy. Your thesis or dissertation will
be submitted to and published by ProQuest, the world’s only comprehensive service for
publishing, archiving and disseminating graduate research. By publishing with ProQuest, you
ensure that your thesis or dissertation reaches the widest possible audience. CUA no longer
accepts paper copies of theses and dissertations for deposit; online submission is required for

Why submit and publish online?

Electronic publishing offers many benefits:

      Faster and wider access to your work
      Reliable archival backup
      Decreased costs to the student and the university
      Saves library shelf space
      Saves paper

How can I convert my thesis or dissertation into a single PDF?

Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions offer the option to save your document as a PDF. If you
are using another word processing program or need to convert other types of files (graphics,
charts, etc.) to PDF, the ETD Administrator FAQ (
bin/main/faq?siteId=213#pdf1) offers more conversion options.

The electronic copy of your thesis or dissertation that you submit to the Office of Graduate
Studies for preview, and to ProQuest for final submission, must contain the entire thesis or
dissertation (excluding supplementary materials) in a single PDF file. Adobe Acrobat can
combine PDF files with the “Insert Pages” command. If you do not have access to Adobe
Acrobat, PDF Split and Merge ( offers free, open source software for
merging PDF documents.

When creating your PDF for deposit, please be sure to embed all fonts. For instructions, see the
ETD Administrator FAQ.
Overview of the Submission Process

For a presentation showing the step-by-step procedure for submitting an ETD, please click here.

Before you begin the dissertation submission process, make sure that you have the following:

         Dissertation abstract
         Advisor’s full name
         Your thesis or dissertation in a single PDF file (see PDF instructions above)
         Any supplementary files (e.g. images, audio or video clips) not already in your
         Credit card number to pay your ProQuest fees

Submission Deadlines

For a presentation showing the step-by-step procedure for submitting your ETD, please click

You must schedule a deposit appointment with the Administrator of Graduate Studies. This
appointment must be made well in advance of the deadline. The final deadlines:

     For fall graduation - January 7, 2011
     For spring graduation - April 29, 2011

Formatting Requirements

     Doctoral Dissertation Handbook
     Combining Multiple Word Documents Into One Complete PDF Document:

       If your submission consists of multiple documents (such as a word processing file,
       graphics, spreadsheets, etc.), it is best to consolidate them first in one document and then
       print that file as a PDF document. If you aren't able to consolidate the files before
       creating the PDF file, it is possible to combine PDF files using the commands in Adobe

 1.   Open the main PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.
 2.   Go to the page where you want to insert the additional page or pages.
 3.   Choose "Insert Pages" from the Document menu.
 4.   Select and open the PDF file that contains the pages to be inserted.
 5.   Verify the settings in the dialog to be sure that you're inserting the pages in the correct
      location, and click OK.
    Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials

CUA's Open Access Option

    ETD @ CUA Submission Copyright Statement
    CUA's Digital Repository

Resources and Forms

    Online Submission FAQ
    UMI Copyright Booklet

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