Recruiting Poster for the Colonies by dfbNK5e7


									                         Recruiting Poster for the Colonies:
                             An “Open Book” Assessment

                     Learning Target: I can explain how the physical
                     geography of the 13 colonies created distinct
                     cultural regions with their own lifestyle, and
                     government, by creating a RECRUITING POSTER
                     to encourage European citizens to colonize one
                     region of the American Colonies.

  Use persuasive, encouraging language to convey understanding of the following
 You poster must include a persuasive Thesis Statement which answers the following
   question: What are the reasons a European citizen would want to start a new life in
   this region of the American Colonies? (choose one region to focus on)
 Your design must include a 2-3 inch border with appropriate symbols, key
   words/vocabulary, facts
 List at least 4 resources or geographical features that would attract people: How can
   settlers utilize the raw materials which can be found in this region?
 State at least 2 reasons for colonizing that region: Why would someone chose that
   area?(Climate, living conditions, opportunities, diversity, “people like me”)
 Advertise at least three rights, freedoms, or opportunities a colonial citizen might have
   in colonies within that region: What can a citizen do here that they couldn’t do in
 Share info about two important people/key players associated with this region
All of this should be in a well-designed, info-packed, poster that grabs the viewers’
attention with lots of little “ads” and “commercials” which utilize persuasive language.
Think of this assignment as a blending of three things; a commercial, a collage, and
persuasive paper.

This is an “open book” assessment but you will be scored according to the learning
target and requirements above. Follow the directions carefully and stay focused on
the purpose of showing your understanding of the colonial region you choose. You
may use the computer to type your work and find appropriate pictures, but the final
product must be well glued onto the paper provided in class. Plan well, work hard,
you have two class periods to complete this assessment. You will be graded with the
following rubric. (Over)

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