Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association by 5Imeg9K


									              15th Annual

   April 20th – 22nd, 2007
1st Ever Women’s Division
  1st Ever Open Division
                      Entry Fee $700.00
           Deposit Due February 16, 2007 - $350.00
       Balance and Roster Due April 1st, 2007 - $350.00
Three Divisions – 35+ and 40+ men, 35+ women, Open Division
                  Guarantee of Three Games
                     All Games Played @

      Register Early to Avoid Disappointment!
                      Please mail your cheque and application to:
                                    SCOHA, c/o Karen Scattolon
                                        31 Prestige Drive
                                      Stoney Creek, Ontario
                                             L8G 4Z9

                         For Details: contact Karen Scattolon (905)-662-6011
                                        E-mail –
                                 Visit our web site at -

            SCOHA 15th Annual APRIL FOOLS Tournament APRIL 20 - 22, 2007
Team Name:                 ___________________________           Division by Gender: M/F (Circle)
Team Roster:          Sweater Colours:
 Player #                        Name                                           Date of Birth

Team        Name:
                              Stoney Creek Oldtimers Hockey Association
                       15th Annual April Fools Tournament April 20 - 22, 2007
                                         Rules and Regulations
To all Tournament Participants:
1. CAHA and SCOHA rules shall apply EXCEPT where listed below.
2. Team representative must register at the arena where team's first game is scheduled one (I)
    hour prior to first game.
3. Teams must be available to play thirty (30) minutes prior to their scheduled game time.
4. Proof of Age (Birth certificate, Passport ETC.) Must be available if requested.
5. Each team will be guaranteed three (3) games.
6. All games will be two (2) periods of ten (15) minutes stop time, second period will be running time
    for last five minutes if there is a five (5) goal differential.
7. Intent to injure and fighting penalties will result in the player being expelled from the game and
    the remainder of the tournament.
8 Two (2) points will be awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie. There will be no overtime during
    round robin series
9. a) In the event of two (2) teams tied after round robin series:
       i) Record against other tied team
       ii) Total wins
       iii) Goals against
       iv) Goals for
       v) Least penalty minutes
       vi) Earliest goal in series
       vii) Toss of a coin
    b) In the event of three (3) or four (4) teams tied after round robin series:
       i) Total wins
       ii) Goals against
       iii) Goals for
       iv) Least penalty minutes
       v) Earliest goal in series
       vi) Toss of a coin
10. In the case of sweater color conflict, the home team will change.
11. Maximum number of awards per team will be fifteen (15).
12. No time outs allowed in round robin play. A 30second time out will be allowed for Semi and Final
13. In the event of a tie, Playoff Games will be decided by;
    1) Four (4) minutes stop time, sudden victory - Four (4) skaters plus a goalie
    2) If still tied a sudden victory shoot-out will take place, both shooters will shoot at the same
     time. All players must have had a shot prior to a player taking a second shot. Any player serving
     a penalty that has not expired at the games end is ineligible to participate in the shoot-out.
14. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to make decisions regarding the interpretation
    of these rules.

SCOHA Tournament Committee

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