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									Econ 100W Online Resources
Here are some online resources you may find helpful in self-study of grammar and other things
outside the direct content of the course. If any of the links are broken, please let me know, and
I’ll research their repair.

A. Subject-verb agreement
contains Powerpoint slide show (just keep clicking mouse)
Contains text explanation of 12 key points
Contains three quizzes. Do the first and second quiz
More quizzes:

For more information on subject Verb Agreement check out:
This site gives explanations, examples and practice quizzes.

For more information on Verbs check out:

B. Semicolons, colons and rules for comma usage

This site has Powerpoint for the Colon and Semicolon. I recommend you watch the Powerpoint
presentation, not the movie clips.
Contains a brief Powerpoint slide show (just keep clicking the mouse)
Contains text explanations of 11 key points
Contains four quizzes. Do all of them.

For more on punctuation checkout these sites that give explanations, examples, and quizzes:
Quizzes below may help you in practice:

C. Writing Concise Sentences
Practice in this area will help you develop proficiency quickly.
Contains text explanations of key points and three quizzes. Do all the quizzes.
a powerpoint presentation on clarity. The Purdue Online Writing Lab top website
http://owl.english/ is a general writing resource you can look through to get
advice on almost any area of writing.

More Quizzes

D. Other stuff
The University of Toronto has a general writing site:

This site has a more comprehensive hit parade of errors that may help you put everything
together in a review and quiz format.

E. Plagiarism
San Jose State has a tutorial for you at

The University of Indiana has some additional resources you may access with concrete examples
about proper paraphrasing and quotation. See these pages in particular:

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