Careful surveys have indicated that by E18n5B


									                                                                        TEM-4 语法词汇题集
                                                                                  A. in B. of C. on D. by
25. The weather is highly ____ at this time of the year and it is hard to know    37. John’s score on the test is the highest in the class; he ____    last night.
what to wear.                                                                     A. must study B. should have studied          C. must have studied D. is sure to
A) various B) variant      C) variable D) varied                                  study
26. Our company decided to ____ the contract because a number of the              38. Frank almost never received any education,       ____ ?
conditions in it had not been met.                                                A. would he B. did he C. didn’t he D. wouldn’t he
A) destroy B) refuse       C) assume D) cancel                                    39. Even if his letter ____tomorrow, it ____too late to do anything.
27. Eminent physicists from all over the world came to the U.S. to ____ the       A. will B. should arrive...were           C. arrives...will be       D.
centennial(一百周年)of A. Einstein’s birth.                                           arrives...would be
A) congratulate B) applaud        C) celebrate D) participate                     40. We can hear ____from the back of the room.
28.Not until midnight ____him in the hotel.                                       A. just as good B. just as easy            C. just as well     D. easily as well
A) we found B) we did find        C) found we D) did we find
29. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn’t ____what color it was. 41. To obtain a satisfactory result, one must apply two ____of paint on a clean
A) make out B) look to        C) look out D) take in                              A. coats      B. levels    C. times D. courses
30. High in the sky a ____ of birds was flying southward.                         42. The small mountain village was ____ by the snow for more than one month.
  A) swarm B) flock        C) crowd D) herd
31. Although ____ Spanish, he attended the course                                 A. cut back     B. cut out      C. cut off D. cut away
A) he was knowing           B) he is knowing C) having a knowledge of          D) 43. Miss Green was ____ $100 for driving after drinking.
knows                                                                             A. fined B. charged          C. punished D. posed
32. You ____that letter to James. However, you didn’t.                            44. Modern ____ perhaps causes more problems than it solves.
A) ought to write               B) ought to have written      C) should write D)  A. technique B. technology           C. tactics D. tendency
should be writing                                                                 45. Mary tiptoed over and took the clock away because she hated to hear it
33. Joseph was very lucky____ with his life; he almost did not get out of the     ____ when she was trying to go to sleep.
room.                                                                             A. sounding B. ringing C. ticking D. humming
A. to escape       B. to have escaped     C. to escaping D. to be escaping        46. Under this ____ pressure some of the rocks even became liquid.
34. Bread and butter____ liked by Westerners.                                     A. intensive B. weighty C. intense D. bulky
A. is B. are         C. were D. be                                                47. Of course, most immigrants did not get rich overnight, but the         ____
35. The back garden of our house contains a lawn, ____very pleasant to sit        of them were eventually able to improve upon their former standard of living.
on in summer.
A. which is B. which it is C. it is D. where it is                                A. maximum B. minority C. majority D. minimum
36. He set up in business ____ his own and was very successful.                   48. Nancy was surprised that they have____. They seemed to be a happy
                                                                        TEM-4 语法词汇题集
couple.                                                                         A. ought to be said B. must say C. have to be said D. need to say
A. split up B. broken down            C. fallen through D. knocked out          10. As the plane was getting ready to take off, we all _____ our seat belt.
49. The beach is in an ideal ____ to draw tourists.                             A. tied B. locked C. fastened D. closed
A. condition B. situation C. state D. publicity                                 11. At first, the speaker was referring to the problem of pollution in the country,
50. Our ____ sensitivity decreases with age. By age 60, most people have lost   but halfway in her speech, she suddenly _____ to another subject.
40 percent of their ability to smell and 50 percent of their taste buds.        A. committed B. switched C. favored D. transmitted
A. sensible B. senseless         C. sensitive D. sensory                        12. At no time _____ other countries.
Unit 7                                                                          A. China will invade B. will invade China C. will China invade D. invade
1. The eldest child is thoroughly ____ because they always give him whatever    will China
he wants.                                                                       13. Be here on Friday _____ the latest.
A. wasted      B. spoiled     C. destroyed D. uneducated                        A. at B. by C. for          D. in
2. If a substance is dissolved in water or heated, it may ____       a gas.     14. Because the whole country is in a financial dilemma, the government calls
A. give into    B. give over      C. give off    D. give away                   on us to _____ economy.
3. His manner was so pleasant that Bolla felt at ____ with him at once.         A. make B. practice C. carry D. develop
A. peace B. large         C. ease D. best                                       15. Before he started the work, I asked the builder to give me an _____ of the
4. —Can you take the day off tomorrow?                                          cost of repairing the roof.
—Well, I’all have to get ____from my boss.                                      A. assessment B. estimate C. announcement D. evaluation
A. permission B. permit          C. allowance D. possession                     16. Beryl hardly ever goes to _____ the cinema.
5. The ____in Janet’s character has hindered her from advancement in her        A. neither the theatre or B. either the theatre nor
career.                                                                         C. neither the theatre nor D. the theatre or
A. weakness B. merit          C. defect D. shortcoming                          17. Beside being expensive, the food tastes _____.
6. As a _____ actor, he can perform, sing, dance and play several kinds of      A. badly B. too much bad C. too badly D. bad
musical instruments.                                                            18. Britain's press is unusual _____ it is divided into two very different types
A. flexible B. versatile C. sophisticated D. productive                         of newspaper: the quality press and the popular press.
7. As a salesman, he works on a (an) _____ basis, taking 10% of everything he   A. in how B. in what C. in which D. in that
sells.                                                                          19. By moving the radar beam around slowly in circles, we can _____ the
A. income       B. commission C. salary            D. pension                   surroundings.
8. As an excellent shooter, Peter practiced aiming at both _____ targets and    A. explore B. expose        C. exploit D. expand
moving targets.                                                                 20. Cancer is second only _____ heart disease as a cause of death.
A. stationary      B. standing C. stable D. still                               A. of B. to C. with D. from
9. As teachers we should concern ourselves with what is said, not what we       21. Care should be taken to decrease the length of time that one is _____ loud
think _____.                                                                    continuous noise.
                                                                      TEM-4 语法词汇题集
A. subjected to B. filled with C. associated with D. attached to                34. Experts say walking is one of the best ways for a person to ______ healthy.
22. Careful surveys have indicated that as many as 50 percent of patients do    A. preserve      B. stay C. maintain D. reserve
not take drugs ______ directed.                                                 35. Faced with the ______ difficulties, they are determined to carry on their
A. like B. so C. which D. as                                                    program.
23. Changing from solid to liquid, water takes in heat from all substances near A. satisfactory B. attributable C. innocent           D. intangible
it, and this ______ produces artificial cold surrounding it.                    36. Fewer and fewer of today's workers expect to spend their working lives in
A. absorption B. transition C. consumption D. interaction                       the same field, ______ the same company.
24. Charles can't go to work today because he _____ a cold.                     A. all else B. much worse C. let alone D. less likely
A. has B. feels C. takes D. thinks                                              37. Flying in an airplane was once thought to be an impossible ______.
25. Charles has not the least ______ of giving up his research.                 A. task     B. profession C. promise D. contest
A. intention B. decision C. idea D. hope                                        38. Fresh vegetables are straight from the ______ and raw vegetables are
26. Columbus' decision to sail west to reach the East _____ on his belief that  ______.
the earth was round.                                                            A. earth...cooked          B. soil...uncooked         C. floor...cooked       D.
A. existed     B. sat C. relaxed D. rested                                      ground...uncooked
27. Despite the wonderful acting and well-developed plot the _____ movie        39. From this material we can _____ hundreds of what you may call direct
could not hold our attention.                                                   products.
A. three-hours B. three-hour C. three-hours' D. three-hour's                    A. derive B. discern C. diminish D. displace
28. Difficulties can _____ a person's best qualities.                           40. Fruit is cheapest _____ season.
A. bring up      B. bring out    C. bring about    D. bring to                  A. at     B. on C. in D. through
29. Doctors sometimes _____ old cures when modern medicine doesn't work.        41. Fruit pickers are paid at the _____ of '4.00 an hour.
A. fall on     B. fall down on     C. fall back on    D. fall in upon           A. rate     B. scale C. sum D. value
30. Does brain power _____ as we get older? Scientists now have some            42. Fumes from the exhaust of an automobile are ______.
surprising answers.                                                             A. notorious B. anxious C. noxious D. delicious
A. descend       B. decline    C. deduce D. collapse                            43. George wasn't in class today, Professor Brown excused him ______.
31. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is  A. from attending B. of attending C. to attend D. attending
especially true _____ it comes to classroom tests.                              44. Class will _____ at a high temperature and will be in a liquid condition.
A. when       B. since    C. before D. after                                    A. dissolve B. disappear C. melt D. evaporate
32. Don't worry. The company will _____ all your expense.                       45. Hamlet _____ his father's death on his uncle.
A. satisfy B. meet         C. pay D. submit                                     A. reversed B. reverted        C. revenged     D. revealed
33. Eventually, people spread throughout the continent, ______ the entire       46. He _____ tennis every day since he ______ sixteen.
species.                                                                        A. has played... is    B. played... has been
A. wiping out B. wiping away C. wiping off D. wiping up                         C. was playing...has been D. has been playing...was
                                                                       TEM-4 语法词汇题集
47. He appeared _____ with our team's performance.                               10. He often sat in a small bar drinking considerably more than _____.
A. satisfying     B. to be satisfying C. to satisfy D. satisfied                 A. he was in good health B. his health was good
48. He believed that the greatest of his _____ was that he'd never had a college C. his good health was D. was good for his health
education.                                                                       11. He pointed out that the living standard of urban and _____ people
A. grieves B. misfortunes C. disasters         D. sorrows                        continued to improve.
49. He delivered _____ orders for a Chinese restaurant for the whole summer      A. remote B. municipal C. rural D. provincial
vacation so as to earn enough money for his tuition.                             12. He said nothing at all, but his eyes spoke _____ him.
A. take off B. take over C. take up D. take out                                  A. for B. up C. out D. against
50. He does not _____ as a teacher of English as his pronunciation is terrible.  13. He took me _____ task for not doing it.
A. equal B. match C. qualify D. fit                                              A. into B. upon C. to D. on
Unit 8                                                                           14. He used examples to _____ his argument.
1. He finished _____ in the 1,500-meter run.                                     A. strengthen B. increase C. fix D. underline
A. champion B. championship C. first D. No. one                                  15. He was here _____ the stroke.
2. He has been asked to account _____ his absence.                               A. in B. on C. with D. to
A. for B. on C. of D. about                                                      16. He was one of the greatest writers _____ had ever lived.
3. He has failed me so many times that I no longer place any _____ on what he    A. who B. which C. that D. as
promises.                                                                        17. He would try to ingratiate himself _____ his clients in order to earn more
A. faith B. belief C. credit D. reliance                                         money.
4. He is _____ the run from the police.                                          A. into B. with C. for D. from
A. in B. off C. on D. after                                                      18. Her address made a great impression _____ the audience.
5. He is an artist with seemingly unlimited _____.                               A. at B. of C. in D. on
A. creativity B. creature C. creation D. creative                                19. Here is one of the most interesting novels that _____ been published _____
6. He knows the rules but does not know how to ______ it.                        the war.
A. control B. direct C. apply D. run                                             A. has ... after B. have ... after C. have ... since D. has ... since
7. He made a ____ inspection of the doors and the windows before leaving.        20. His companions have threatened to _____ his crimes to the police.
A. slowly B. leisurely C. carefully D. seriously                                 A. impose B. express C. enclose D. expose
8. He made such a _____ contribution to the university that they are naming      21. His extravagance reduced him _____ for his living.
one of the new building after him.                                               A. to beg B. from begging C. to begging D. into begging
A. genuine B. minimum C. modest D. generous                                      22. His death _____ with age.
9. He must have had an accident, or he _____ then.                               A. deteriorated B. determined C. detected D. detained
A. would have been here B. had to be here C. should be here D. would be          23. His long service with the company was _____ with a present.
here                                                                             A. admitted B. acknowledged C. attributed D. accepted
                                                                       TEM-4 语法词汇题集
24. His novel _____ some light on life in China in Ming Dynasty.               demand for it in the market.
A. sends B. provides C. throws D. puts                                         A. an expense B. a charge C. a purchase D. an order
25. His tastes and habits _____ with those of his wife.                        38. I didn't quite _____ to what you had said. Would you mind repeating it?
A. combine B. compete C. coincide D. compromise                                A. catch on B. get hold C. catch up D. go on
26. His wife is quite lazy. Her reluctance to wash her own clothes is a case   39. I didn't say anything like that at all. You are purposely _____ my idea to
_____ point.                                                                   prove your point.
A. in B. on C. to D. for                                                       A. revising B. contradicting C. distorting D. distracting
27. His work is only _____, certainly not distinguished.                       40. I felt somewhat disappointed and was about to leave, _____ something
A. fair B. remarkable C. good D. wonderful                                     occurred which attracted my attention.
28. Hot metal _____ as it grows cooler.                                        A. unless B. until        C. when D. while
A. contracts B. reduces C. condenses D. compresses                             41. I have the honor of introducing to you Mr. Alan, who will _____ you on his
29. Housewives who do not go out to work often feel they are not working to    recent tour abroad.
their full _____.                                                              A. address B. speak C. talk D. converse
A. capacity B. strength C. length D. possibility                               42. I have two boys but _____ of them likes sweets.
30. How close parents are to their children _____ a strong influence on the    A. both B. neither C. either D. none
character of the children.                                                     43. I like to go to the cinema when I am in the _____ for it.
A. has       B. have      C. having      D. to have                            A. more than to go B. than going C. rather than to go D. more than going
31. I _____ with thanks the help of my colleagues in the preparation of this   44. I regret _____ so much time and money on stamps.
new column.                                                                    A. to waste B. for wasting C. having wasted D. at wasting
A. express       B. confess     C. verify D. acknowledge                       45. I was greatly disappointed _____ that affair.
32. I always _____ what I have said.                                           A. out B. in C. to D. toward
A. get to     B. see to   C. lead to     D. hold to                            46. I would like to have a talk with him _____ his convenience.
33. I am not used _____ to like that.                                          A. in B. at C. for D. with
A. to being spoken      B. to speak     C. being spoken D. to speaking         47. I'd rather you _____ those important documents with you.
34. I am sorry that I must _____ your invitation owing to a previous           A. don't take B. didn't take C. won't take         D. not take
appointment.                                                                   48. If a couple are divorced and their child lives with his mother, he is said to
A. decline B. reject       C. accept D. receive                                suffer from lack of _____ love.
35. I appreciate _____ to your home.                                           A. maternal B. fraternal C. paternal         D. parental
A. to be invited B. to have invited C. being invited D. having invited         49. If English is not our first language you can often be puzzled by ways of
36. I can _____ some noise while I'm studying, but I can't stand loud noises.  expression that the native speaker of English does not even have to _____.
A. come up with       B. catch up with C. put up with D. keep up with          A. think out      B. think about   C. think over     D. think for
37. I cannot give you _____ for the type of car you sell because there is no   50. If it _____ too much trouble, I'd love a cup of tea.
                                                                          TEM-4 语法词汇题集
A. isn't       B. wasn't       C. weren't    D. hadn't been                        13. In spite of the wide range of reading material specially written or ______
Unit 9                                                                             for language learning purposes, there is yet no comprehensive systematic
1. If the fire alarm is sounded, all residents are requested to _____ in the       program for the reading skills.
courtyard.                                                                         A. adapted      B. acknowledged        C. assembled      D. appointed
A. converge        B. assemble       C. crowd      D. accumulate                   14. In that country, guests tend to feel they are not highly _____ if the
2. If the United States had built more homes for poor people in 1995, the          invitation to a dinner party is extended only
housing problems now in some parts of the country _____ so serious.                three or four days before the party date.
A. wouldn't be B. wouldn't have been             C. will not be      D. would have A. admired       B. regarded     C. expected       D. worshipped
not been                                                                           15. In that country, students will be _____ admittance to their classroom if they
3. If Tom wins tomorrow, he _____ thirty races in the past four years.             are not properly dressed.
A. will win     B. has won       C. would have won D. will have won                A. declined       B. deprived      C. denied      D. deserted
4. If we believe something is good and true we should _____ to it.                 16. When there are small children around, it is necessary to put bottles of pills
A. hold up       B. keep on       C. hold on       D. keep up                      out of _____.
5. If you _____ James, ask him to phone me.                                        A. hand B. place C. hold            D. reach
A. should see B. must see            C. might see        D. would see              17. In spite of the wide range of reading material specially written or _____ for
6. If you are required to do some work, it must be done _____.                     language learning purposes, there is yet no comprehensive systematic program
A. sooner or later      B. after all others   C. at last    D. in the long run     for the reading skills.
7. If you know what the trouble is, why you don't help them to _____ the           A. adapted      B. acknowledged C. assembled           D. appointed
situation?                                                                         18. The river is already _____ its banks because of excessive rainfall, and the
A. simplify B. modify            C. verify     D. rectify                          city is threatened with a likely flood.
8. I'm sorry, but what he thinks is not of the _____ important to me.              A. parallel to B. level in      C. flat on    D. flush with
A. worthy B. valuable           C. valueless    D. priceless                       19. The bedcover has _____ because of long wear.
9. I'm sure your suggestion will _____ the problem.                                A. fainted B. lightened        C. weakened       D. faded
A. contribute to solving B. be contributed to solve                                20. The matter was soon forgot and never _____.
C. contribute to solve       D. be contributed to solving                          A. put into operation      B. taken into account      C. kept in sight D. brought
10. I'm very much obliged to you _____ the information.                            to mind
A. on      B. for      C. with       D. of                                         21. When I spoke to him about our trip to China, he didn't make any _____ to
11. In American universities, classes are often arranged in more flexible _____    your coming with us.
and many jobs on campus are reserves for students.                                 A. comments B. references           C. inquiries    D. remarks
A. scales     B. ranks     C. grades     D. patterns                               22. They were forced to _____ production for lack of raw materials.
12. In Beijing, the season of the year is probably _____ fall.                     A. cut across     B. cut in     C. cut off D. cut back
A. later    B. last    C. latter D. late                                           23. The _____ of new scientific discoveries to industrial production methods
                                                                           TEM-4 语法词汇题集
usually makes jobs easier to do.                                                      with him _____ I get every grammatical point straight in my mind.
A. addition      B. association    C. application     D. affection                    A. although      B. while      C. if    D. unless
24. I'm happy to see you've made such a swift _____ from your illness.                37. Nowadays, school children do _____ just _____ classes.                There are
A. recovery B. restoration        C. renewal      D. retreat                          many of them demanded by their parents to learn something else useful in the
25. The new traffic regulations will come into _____ in May.                          modern society.
A. efficiency B. affection C. effect D. influence                                     A. no more than, attend       B. no less than, attending
26. The student couldn't _____ what the teacher was trying to explain.                C. far less than, attending D. far more than, attend
A. grip B. seize C. grasp         D. snatch                                           38. _____ that the trade between the two countries reached its highest point.
27. A person of 18 should stop _____ on his parents.                                  A. During the 1960's B. It was in the 1960's C. That it was in the 1960's D. It
A. dependent B. independent C. dependence D. independence                             was the 1960's
28. There is virtually no _____ to this grammar rule.                                 39. Weather _____, the picnic will be held as scheduled.
A. except B. accept C. exception D. acceptation                                       A. permits B. should permit           C. will permit D. permitting
29. General Brown was older than any other officer in his regiment, but he was        40. The large houses are being painted, but _____.
unwilling _____.                                                                      A. of great expense       B. in a lot of expenses     C. at a great expense   D. by
A. retiring from military service     B. to be retired by military service            high expenses
C. to retire from military service     D. to be retired from military service         41. This is a most peculiar letter. What do you ____ of it?
30. Your window wants _____, you'd better have it _____ this week.                    A. gather     B. make        C. get       D. feel
A. cleaning, do B. to be cleaned, do        C. cleaning, done       D. being cleaned, 42. Now that we've identified the problem, we must decide on an appropriate
done                                                                                  course of ____.
31. The lost car of the Lees was found _____ in the woods off the highway.            A. action      B. progress      C. solution      D. development
A. abandoning B. be abandoned           C. abandoned         D. to be abandoned       43. Since the couple couldn't ____ their difference, they decided to get a
32. I'd just as soon _____ rudely to her.                                             divorce.
A. that you won't speak B. your not speaking C. you not speak D. you                  A. reconcile       B. identify       C. adjust      D. coincide
didn't speak                                                                          44. We attended a ____ of the new manufacturing process.
33. Whatever _____ the reasons for it, we cannot tolerate this disloyalty.            A. demonstration         B. display       C. showing       D. manifestation
A. were B. have been C. be D. are                                                     45. How many people do you think his car would ____?
34. The fact _____ the carriage was warm sent him to sleep.                           A occupy         B. hold         C. fit     D. load
A. that     B. which      C. what    D. when                                          46. It never ____ my mind that he might refuse the request.
35. _____ is true everywhere in the world, you can rent a room by the day,            A. passed       B. filled      C. crossed         D. occurred
week, month, or year.                                                                 47. People become less ____ to new ideas as they grow older.
A. Like      B. As     C. The same as      D. Such as                                 A. receptive       B. available       C. attentive      D. attractive
36. My English teacher is extremely strict about grammar.             I dare not talk 48. Is he really ____ to judge a brass band contest?
                                                                             TEM-4 语法词汇题集
A. competent         B. skillful      C. capable D. efficient                        11. I don't know ____.
49. The new airport will be ____ from all directions.                                A. why do this        B. why to do this    C. why doing this      D. why we ought
A. available      B. accessible        C. obtainable D. achievable                   to do this
50. The team's recent wins have now ____ them for the semi-finals.                   12. The man over there is ____ our principal.
A. fitted B. promoted             C. qualified     D. selected                       A. no other but B. no other than C. no one than D. none other than
Unit 10                                                                              13. No one can walk the wire without a bit of fear unless ____ very young.
1. For parents, one of the problems ____ by rising prices is the continual           A. having been trained         B. trained     C. to be trained   D. being trained
demand for more                                                                      14. -- When can we come to visit you?
pocket money.                                                                        -- Any time you feel ____.
A. given       B. posed       C. provided         D. forced                          A. for it    B. to it     C. like it      D. so
2. The police managed to ____ down the owner of the car.                             15. His honesty is ____: nobody can doubt it.
A. trace       B. track       C. search       D. pursue                              A. in question      B. out of the question      C. beside the question D. without
3. The party's reduced vote was ____ of lack of support for its polices.             question
A. indicative        B. confirming        C. revealing      D. evidence              16. You won't get a loan _______ you can offer some security.
4. The football match was televised ____ from the Workers' Stadium.                  A. lest    B. in case C. unless         D. other than
A. alive       B. life     C. live D. lively                                         17. ______ time, he'll make a first-class tennis player.
5. Having considered the problem for a while she thought better ____ her first       A. Having B. Given            C. Giving D. had
solution.                                                                            18. I _____ the party much if there hadn't been quite such a crowd of people
A. to       B. than        C. from         D. of                                     there.
6. If that idea was wrong, the project is bound to fail, ____ good all the other     A. would enjoy B. will have enjoyed C. would have enjoyed D. will be
ideas might be.                                                                      enjoying
A. whatever B. though              C. whatsoever         D. however                  19. This company has now introduced a policy ____ pay rises are related to
7. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of the body of a          performances at work.
runner, ____ to the body.                                                            A. which B. where C. whether D. what
A. the greater the stress B. the stress is greater C. greater the stress is D.       20. He wasn't asked to take on the chairmanship of the society, _______
greater is the stress                                                                insufficiently popular with all members.
8. That's your sister, ____?                                                         A. having considered B. was considered C. was being considered D. being
A. isn't it     B. isn't that      C. isn't she     D. aren't you                    considered
9. It's high time we ____ a rest.                                                    21. This may have preserved the elephant from being wiped out as well as
A. have         B. had         C. are having           D. should have                other animals ______ in Africa.
10. If you ____, you'd better go outside in the fresh air.                           A. hunted      B. hunting      C. that hunted D. are hunted
A. faint     B. have fainted        C. are going to faint       D. will faint        22. The office has to be shut down ______ funds.
                                                                        TEM-4 语法词汇题集
A. being a lack of B. from lack of C. to a lack of          D. for lack of      34. Very few scientists _____ with completely new answers to the world's
23. In international matches, prestige is so important that the only thing that problem.
matters is to avoid _____.                                                      A. come to        B. come round      C. come on D. come up
A. from being beaten       B. being beaten C. beating D. to be beaten           35. Hotel rooms must be _____ by noon, but luggage may be left with the
24. As it turned out to be a small house party, we ____ so formally.            porter.
A. need not have dressed up B. must not have dressed up                         A. departed        B. abandoned      C. vacated D. displaced
C. did not need to dress up      D. must not dress up                           36. The ____ physicist has been challenged by others in his field.
25. Western Nebraska generally receives less snow than _____ Eastern            A. respectable        B. respectful    C. respective D. respecting
Nebraska.                                                                       37. I'll try to get in touch with him but he's_____ ever at home when I phone.
A. in B. it receives in C. does D. it does in                                   A hardly B almost            C rarely D occasionally
26. _____ no cause for alarm, the old man went back to his bedroom.             38. With hundreds of works left behind, Picasso is regarded as a very ____
A. There was B. Since C. Being D. There being                                   artist.
27. The brilliance of his satires was ______ make even his victims laugh.       A. profound        B. productive C. prosperous          D. plentiful
A. so as to    B. such as to     C. so that    D. such that                     39. The city suffered ______ damage as a result of the earthquake.
28. If he _____ in that way for much longer he will find himself in the         A. considered        B. considerate     C. considerable D. considering
bankruptcy court.                                                               40. Undergraduate students have no _____ to the rare books in the school
A. carries on     B. carries off C. carries by D. carries away                  library.
29. Although the false banknotes fooled many people, they did not ____ close    A. access       B. entrance     C. way D. path
examination.                                                                    41. We were all taken ____ by the news of the Chairman's resignation.
A. look up     B. pay up      C. keep up     D. stand up                        A. about       B. apart      C. aback       D. aside
30. He must give us more time, ______ we shall not be able to make a good       42. My _______ to his proposal was not quite what he expected.
job of it.                                                                      A. feeling       B. conduct C. outlook        D. reaction
A. consequently B. otherwise C. therefore D. doubtlessly                        43. Rickets can result from a diet _____ in vitamin D.
31. When there was a short ______ in the conversation, I asked if anyone        A. short       B. deficient C. inadequate D. failing
would like anything to drink.                                                   44. Peter clearly had no ______ of doing any work, although it was only a
A. blank B. space C. pause D. wait                                              week till the exam.
32. You can do it if you want to, but in my opinion it's not worth the ____ it  A. desire B. ambition          C. willingness     D. intention
involves.                                                                       45. Sports are a good ______ for a young boy's energy.
A. effort    B. strength     C. attempt     D. force                            A. overflow        B. exit    C. outlet    D. exhaust
33. The main road through Little bury was blocked for three hours today after   46. Visitors are _______ to beware of pickpockets.
an accident ____ two lorries.                                                   A. commanded            B. informed       C. notified     D. advised
A. involving B. including C. combining D. containing                            47. It was nearly an hour before the sleeping pill took _____.
                                                                             TEM-4 语法词汇题集
A. influence          B. effect      C. force     D. action                          got away.
48. Tom read it through quick so as to get the ____ of it before setting down to     A. could        B. was able to        C. succeeded in    D. managed
a thorough study.                                                                    12. I'll try to get in touch with him but he's _____ ever at home when I phone.
A. detail       B. run       C. gist    D. core                                      A. hardly B. almost            C. rarely D. occasionally
49. As it turned out to be a small house party, we ____ so formally.                 13. I bought a large Chinese ______ lampshade to put in my bedroom.
A. need not have dressed up B. must not have dressed up C. did not need to           A. old      B. round       C. white     D. paper
dress up D. must not dress up                                                        14. His courage is ____ he does not know the meaning of fear.
50. We threw water over the woman to bring her_____.                                 A. so      B. so that     C. such that     D. that
A. up B. back           C. round      D. over                                        15. I'd rather they ______ deliver the new refrigerator tomorrow.
Unit 11                                                                              A. wouldn't         B. didn't      C. shouldn't      D. mustn't
1. Their educational qualifications ____ them to a higher alary.                     16. The Committee had met many times, but had not come up with _____ to
A. confers      B. entitles     C. grants     D. credits                             the problem.
2. Not knowing she had _____ out with her boyfriend, I make the mistake of           A. a way         B. an idea     C. a solution    D. a method
inviting them both to the party.                                                     17. The police arrested the wrong man mainly because they _____ the names
A. fallen      B. quarreled      C. parted      D. separated                         given by the witness.
3. John is ______ to be washing the car, but he is watching TV now.                  A. puzzled B. confused           C. bewildered      D. perplexed
A. asked       B. supposed       C. requested D. ordered                             18. I am ___ obliged to you for the many kindnesses you have known my son.
4. We caught a ____ of a river as the train pass over a bridge.                      A. excitedly B. exceedingly C. evidently D. excessively
A. glance B. glimpse          C. look      D. sight                                  19. The highlight of his acting career was the opportunity of playing the __ of
5. You may be eligible for a ______ to help you study.                               Hamlet.
A. fund        B. grant     C. prize D. reward                                       A. character B. personality C. play D. part
6. Here are all the books I have,. You may borrow ____ you like.                     20. He narrowly _____ being seriously hurt, if not killed, by the explosion.
A. whichever B. that C. which                 D. however                             A. missed        B. failed    C. lost     D. dropped
7. Would you         be _____ to close the door?                                     21. In the _____ of my not being there to meet you, our representative will take
A. too kind      B. kind enough C. as kind           D. so kind                      you to your hotel.
8. Oh dear, I don't feel very well. I think _____.                                   A. possibility B. occurrence C. occasion D. event
A. I'll faint      B. I'm going to faint     C. I'm fainting D. I've fainted         22. Paul was so _____ that he took no credit to himself for his good work.
9. By the time you receive this letter. I _____ for America.                         A. moderate        B. modest       C. medium       D. moral
A. will leave B. have left            C. would have left      D. will have left      23. Although I spoke to him many times, he never took any _____ of what I
10. I'll call you tonight at 10' clock _______ I can find a telephone that works.    said.
A. unless       B. suppose       C. when      D. provided                            A. notice B. attention          C. consideration      D. warning
11. Fortunately, the bank clerk ____ press the alarm button before the robbers       24. It is no easy thing to _____ the meaning of every idiom in English.
                                                                          TEM-4 语法词汇题集
A. get by B. get in         C. get on     D. get at                                 36. My car is in _____ bad condition _____ I can't drive it.
25. The book only _____ the causes of the war and does not do justice to the        A. such, that      B. too, to      C. so, that D. such a, that
influence of the slave trade.                                                       37. Few people said full attention to their health conditions _____ they were
A. counts on      B. touches on      C. takes on     D. pulls on                    seriously ill.
26. We must take a firm _____ against the lowering of educational standards.        A. when B. if C. until             D. before
A. stand       B. place     C. position     D. reason                               38. -- What do you think of their _____ play?
27. It never _____ my mind that he might refuse the request.                        -- I like it much better than their _____ one.
A. passed       B. filled    C. crossed      D. occurred                            A. last, latest     B. later, last    C. later, latest   D. latest, last
28. At the sight of the police officer, the thief _____.                            39. _____ the 1500's _____ the first European explores the coast of California.
A. got to his feet     B. took to his heels     C. rose to his feet  D. dragged his A. It was not until, then B. It is until, that C. It is not until, when D. It is
heels                                                                               not until, that
29. The guide told us that an incident _____ here in 1925.                          40. He opened his lips as if _____ some reply.
A. took place       B. was taking place        C. had been taking place D. had      A. making        B. having made C. to be made D. to make
taken place                                                                         41. The _____ of reliable data makes it impossible to reach a prompt decision.
30. _____, one must understand mathematics.                                         A. presence       B. consequence C. dependence               D. absence
A. A good scientist      B. In order to be a good scientist                         42. The first time he spoke in public he was _____ nerves.
C. It's a good scientist    D. Being a good scientist                               A. overcome        B. inhibited       C. numbed D. frozen
31. Susan had worked for three years to be a computer analyst but found her         43. Though he wasn't well educated, his _____ sense guided him through life.
progress _____.                                                                     A. common         B. usual      C. general       D. ordinary
A. discouraging         B. to be discouraged          C. discouraged      D. to be  44. The Plate is made of a kind of plastic _____.
discouraged                                                                         A. stuff B. stiff C. staff D. stick
32. _____, all the quarrels came to an end.                                         45. The curator of the Museum was most _____ and let me actually examine
A. The lost money was found         B. Was the lost money found                     the ancient manuscript.
C. Because the lost money found         D. With the lost money found                A. favorable       B. gratifying C. obliging D. pleasing
33. He speaks mandarin with strong Sichuan accent, so he _____ brought up in        46. There is pressure on the American government to _____ the number of
Sichuan or some places close to Sichuan.                                            immigrants permitted to settle in the US.
A. must have been        B. must be C. may have been D. can't have been             A. limit      B. refrain     C. confine D. decrease
34. _____ today, he would get there on Sunday.                                      47. The word "must" is often used to indicate _____ while "might" refers to
A. Was he leaving B. Were he to leave                C. If he leaves    D. If he is possibility.
leaving                                                                             A. capacity B. probability C. equality D. ability
35. His remark was _____ you might have expected.                                   48. If you keep getting wrong numbers, your phone could be _____.
A. that     B. which      C. whichever      D. what                                 A. deceptive         B. defective C. deficient          D. ineffective
                                                                         TEM-4 语法词汇题集
49. We couldn't cut the string because the _____ of the knife was not sharp      A. Who that      B. That     C. Whoever D. That who
enough.                                                                          11. It was not yet eleven o'clock _____ a boat crossed the river with a single
A. edge      B. side     C. border D. front                                      passenger who had obtained his transportation at that unusual hour by
50. In order to buy a house she had to obtain a _____ from the bank.             promising an extra fare.
A. finance      B. capital     C. loan D. debt                                   A. what      B. when     C. that    D. which
Unit 12                                                                          12. Women workers wear hats _____ their hair gets caught in the machinery.
1. Every year I have my doctor _____ on my physical condition.                   A. if B. in case C. unless          D. because
A. check in      B. check up       C. check into     D. check out                13. No sooner had they come back _____ they went to sleep.
2. This ticket _____ you to a free meal in our new restaurant.                   A. when      B. then C. until       D. than
A. gives     B. entitles     C. grants    D. credits                             14. It _____ our teacher came that we begun the test.
3. A child who does well in exams is always _____ on to do better.               A. was until     B. was not until    C. not until D. until was
A. encouraged       B. approved       C. spurred     D. inspired                 15. _____, glasses can correct most sight defects in healthy eyes.
4. The local peasants gave the soldiers clothes and food without which they      A. When well fitted      B. Being fitted    C. was fitted   D. fitted
_____ of hunger and cold.                                                        16. We should make a clear _____ between the two scientific terms for the
A. would die B. will die C. would be dead D. would have died                     purpose of our discussion.
5. _____ time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their           A. distinction      B. discrimination C. deviation D. separation
characters with only three fingers and a thumb.                                  17. Rumors are everywhere, spreading fear, damaging reputations, and turning
A. Saved      B. Saves      C. To save D. The saving                             calm situations into ______ ones.
6. Riding my bicycle home from school, _____ as I went around the corner.        A. tragic            B. turbulent           C. vulnerable     D. suspicious
A. a car hit me B. I was striked by a car C. I was struck by a car D. I was      18. I was deeply impressed by the hostess' ________ and enjoyed the dinner
struck with a car                                                                party very much.
7. Jane was scolded by the director because he left the office with the door     A. hostility         B. indignation       C. hospitality    D. humanity
_____.                                                                           19. All imaginative _______ is a reflection of the real world.
A. unlocking B. not being locked C. unlocked              D. not locking         A. invention         B. creation           C. discovery        D. illusion
8. They _____ the lecture, but upon learning that we would discuss something     20. Two discussions from different points of view may ______ each other.
irrelevant to their field of study, they gave it up.                             A. complexion             B. compliment               C. appendix             D.
A. were going to attend         B. were to attend       C. had attended D. would complement
have attended                                                                    21. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come
9. Without electronic computers, much of today's advanced technology _____.      mostly from ______ on earth rather than
A. have not been achieved         B. would not achieve                           on Mars.
C. would not have been achieved          D. would not be achieved                A. configuration B. constitution         C. condemnation     D. contamination
10. _____ knows the truths about it will tell you.                               22. The library has a vital role in our search for knowledge. It serves as a
                                                                         TEM-4 语法词汇题集
workshop for the entire college or university, students and ______ alike.          A. blessed              B. conformed           C. complied           D. acquainted
A. executives         B. faculty           C. crew               D. staffs         35. He wrote to me last week regarding a teaching _____ he thought might
23. In general, matters which lie entirely within state borders are the ______     interest me.
concern of state government.                                                       A. profession          B. proportion        C. provision          D. proposition
A. extinct            B. excluding          C. excessive        D. exclusive       36. Competition would promote _____ and innovation.
24. The old sailor had never studied navigation, but he had good _____             A. stagnancy            B. efficiency         C. complacency D. inadvertency
knowledge of it.                                                                   37. The survey gave further _____ of continuing strength in investment.
A. periodical         B. tropical        C. empirical          D. vertical         A. incidence           B. prudence        C. prevalence          D. evidence
25. He _______ the truth at last by questioning all the bots in the school.        38. Authorities are mounting a campaign to combat an alarming rise in juvenile
A. caused               B. resulted        C. aroused             D. elicited      _____ and drug taking.
26. The new secretary has written a remarkably ______ report only in a few         A. delinquency             B. mistake C. evil                  D. crime
pages but with all the details.                                                    39. Office politics is a universal problem that _____ culture.
A. concise              B. clear            C. precise            D. elaborate     A. goes into        B. goes for            C. goes with       D. goes beyond
27. The lady in this strange tale very obviously suffers from a serious mental     40. The Federal Reserve and other central banks spend a(n) ________ $1
illness. Her plot against a completely innocent old man is a clear sign of         billion to $3 billion buying the US currency.
_______.                                                                           A. estimated      B. exact       C. evaluated                D. calculated
A. impulse              B. disposition     C. insanity          D. inspiration     41. One may call this a crisis situation because the dollar has _____ quite
28. The two playwrights worked in close ______ with each other on the script.      steadily.
A. collaboration      B. circulation     C. coalition        D. inspiration        A. depreciated          B. converted          C. circulated      D. alleviated
29. The police stopped me the other day as I was driving home, because I was       42. It is very discourteous to be _____ during someone's conversation.
______ the speed limit.                                                            A. in the way         B. in a way         C. leading the way        D. giving way
A. transcending        B. exceeding         C. surpassing         D. overtaking    43. The problem is ______ easy. But I am sure you will find a solution to it if
30. Some people are more _____ to sea-sickness.                                    you work.
A. inclined            B. liable           C. likely              D. apt           A. above all           B. terribly       C. nothing but       D. anything but
31. I think she hurt my feeling ______ rather than by accident as she claimed.     44. The first phone cards went into ______ in Italy in 1976. Since then they
A. virtually          B. deliberately C. literally            D. appropriated      have been issued in every country.
32. Some American colleges are state-supported, others are privately _______,      A. circulation              B. business      C. currency             D. force
and still others are supported by religious organizations.                         45. If you spend all your time and energy trying to _____ out what words got
A. ensured              B. attributed      C. authorized        D. endowed         said, you miss out on comprehending the message.
33. Parents take a great interest in the _____ questions raised by their children. A. finger                  B. feature                C. nurture     D. figure
A. nasty                B. naive             C. obscure            D. offensive    46. Language and cultural ______ have prevented many people from moving
34. He is well _______ with the history of the company.                            easily in American society.
                                                                      TEM-4 语法词汇题集
A. barriers        B. similarities C. problems         D. disagreement           4. 【答案】B
47. He wrote against people who would not show _____ to all religions.           【译文】船长和船员都在船上欢迎我们。
A. complacency          B. mercy C. incompetence          D. persistency         【试题分析】词语辨析题,了解表示不同人群的词之间的细微差别。
48. The painting is thought to be _____. There is not another one like it in the 【详细解答】staff 指的是职员,职工;team 是小组,队;chain 是串,连
world                                                                            锁:crew 是全体船员,乘务员,符合句意,是正确答案。
A. peculiar                 B. unique      C. single             D. sterile      5. 【答案】B
49. The school _____ to him missing classes without permission.                  【译文】刚敲十二点,每个人都停下来去吃午饭。
A. objected        B. adjusted       C. appealed             D. conformed        【试题分析】词语搭配题。
50. His car is a much older _____ than ours.                                     【详细解答】钟的敲响声或鸣响用 stroke。
A. model          B. pattern         C. manufacture     D. form                  6. 【答案】D
                                                                                 【译文】地图是按 1:100,000 的标准比例绘制的,所以不是很详细。
                                                                                 【详细解答】 是一般意义上的比率,
                                                                                             rate                而实物与图表之间的比例是 scale,
                                                                                 所以 scale 是正确答案。
                                                                                 7. 【答案】A
                                                                                 【详细解答】      衣服给压皱了是 crushed,   torn 是弄破了,dirty 是脏了,untidy
1. 【答案】B                                                                             则是不整齐,没有条理性,所以只有 crushed 符合句意。
【译文】所有的行为都是习得行为是社会学家的一个基本设想。                                                     8. 【答案】B
【试题分析】语法辨析题。                                                                     【译文】我们筹款为 John 买花,因为他住院了。
【详细解答】这是一个带主语从句的句子,that 引导出从句。                                                   【试题分析】词语搭配题。
2. 【答案】A                                                                         【详细解答】take up a collection 是一个固定词组,意思是募捐,筹款,其
【译文】在多云的夜晚,不可能用肉眼观察到星星。                                                              它三个介词都无法和 take 和 a collection 搭配。
【试题分析】词语搭配题。                                                                     9. 【答案】C
【详细解答】         “naked eyes”是固定搭配,即肉眼。                                            【详细解答】read between the lines 是一个固定词组,意思是体会字里行间
3. 【答案】B                                                                             的言外之意。
【译文】暴风雨中我们在商店的门廊下避雨。                                                             10. 【答案】A
【试题分析】词语搭配题。                                                                     【详细解答】mistake A for B 是一个固定词组,意思是将 A 错认作 B。
【详细解答】rescue 是营救,援救;shield 是盾牌;防护罩;proof 是证据; 11. 【答案】C
检验,考验;这三个词都不能跟 take 搭配,只有 shelter 可以,take shelter                                【详细解答】sensitive 意为“敏感的”        ,符合句意。sensible“理智的”     ;
是寻求庇护的意思。                                                                        sensational“令人吃惊的” ;sentimental“多愁善感的”  ,均不符合句意。
                                                          TEM-4 语法词汇题集
12. 【答案】D                                                           【试题分析】词语辨析题。
【译文】病历表明几年前是毒品而不是疾病导致了他的死亡。                                         【详细解答】assure sb. that 意为“向某人保证说,肯定地说”                  ,不存在其
【试题分析】语法辨析题。                                                        他三种搭配。
【详细解答】        此句是强调句型,            在强调句中, 被强调的主语部分 the drug, not     18. 【答案】A
the disease 是动词 killed 的动作主体。        而强调句又在整个句子中做动作 show            【译文】将来更多的机会将会对受过大学教育的人开放。
的宾语。强调句的结构是 It is ... that ..., 所以 D)为正确答案。                         【试题分析】词语辨析题。
13. 【答案】D                                                           【详细解答】opportunity 意为“         (做……的)机会”   ,符合句意。necessity,
【译文】你的做法违背了医生的建议。                                                            ;
                                                                    “必需品” probability,                ;
                                                                                          “可能的结果” reality, “现实,     实际存在的事物”      ,
【试题分析】句义理解和词语辨析题。                                                   均不符合句意。
【详细解答】        contrary to 意为            ,
                                “与……相反”符合句意,     为正确答案。    attached 19. 【答案】B
to, responsible to, resistant to 则分别表示“连接、附属、依恋”“对……负,              【译文】他的发现毫无价值,尽管他非常努力。
责的”“耐…….的”              ,意思都与本题不符。                                  【试题分析】词组辨析题。
14. 【答案】C                                                           【详细解答】count for 意为“有价值,有重要性”             ,count for nothing 即为
【译文】你没法用望远镜观察,除非你把它调好。                                              “没有价值”     符合句意。       count on“指望, 依靠” count in
                                                                                                           ;        “把……算进去”      ;
【试题分析】句义理解和词语辨析题。                                                   count up“把……加起来”        ,均不符合句意。
【详细解答】adjust (to)意为“调整;使适应”                ,符合句意。adapt sth. to,“改   20. 【答案】D
写……以适应……,使……适应(新用途);adopt,               ”       “采用,收养,通过          【译文】他从来没发现过自己如此地被科学理想所吸引。
(法案);accustom sb. to,           “使某人习惯于……”     ,均不符合句意。             【试题分析】词语辨析题。
15. 【答案】C                                                           【详细解答】     attracted 意为             ,
                                                                                            “受……吸引” 后接介词 to。                 “对……
【译文】救护车必须优先通过,因为它通常是为了紧急情况。                                         感兴趣”    ,后接介词 in;absorbed,
【试题分析】词语辨析题。                                                        “专心致志于”     ,后接介词 in;confident,    “确信的,自信的”        ,后接介词 of
【详细解答】 emergence 意为“出现”               ;crisis 是“危机”,一般是政治、          或 that 从句,均不跟介词 to。
经济或情感危机;urgency 也是紧急,但更强调意义重大,而 emergency                           21. 【答案】C
则是意料之外的、危险的紧急情况,更符合句意。                                              【译文】你要是不把食物放进冰箱,食物会坏的。
16. 【答案】C                                                           【试题分析】词组搭配题。
【译文】没有什么可以讨论的了,秘书长站起身来,说了再见,然后离开                                    【详细解答】go off 意为“        (食品)变坏,   (疼痛)消失”     ,符合句意。go over
了房间。                                                                sth.,“浏览,检查,复习”          ;go out,“消灭,参加社会活动”         ;go wrong,
【试题分析】语法辨析题。                                                        “出错,    (机器)坏了,       (事情)进展不顺利”      ,均不符合句
【详细解答】本题的前半句是分词独立结构, There being (There be 的分                       22. 【答案】A
词形式)引导的分词短语在句中作原因状语。                                                【译文】如果这所大学没有一个好声誉,我也不会来了。
17. 【答案】C                                                           【试题分析】语法分析题。
【译文】我向你保证,机器下个星期就到。                                                 【详细解答】这是错综时间条件句,是虚拟语气的一种。从句所陈述的条
                                                    TEM-4 语法词汇题集
件是与现在事实相反的一种假设,所以动词用一般过去时;而主句表示的                              33. B)     【难点】 to have escaped 是不定式的完成式,表示过去的某
动作与过去的事实相反,所以用 would have done...的结构。                         一动作业已完成。
23. 【答案】D                                                     34. A)     【难点】 bread and butter 是西方人吃的一种食品,虽然有三
【试题分析】句义理解和词语搭配题。                                             个字,表达的却是一个东西,并且是不可数名词,作单数。
【详细解答】in principle 是固定词组,意为“原则上,总的来说”                。        35. A) 【难点】 which 引出非限制性定语从句,在句中作主语,且和 sit
24. 【答案】C                                                     on 构成动宾关系。类似的句子有:This room is comfortable to live in 这句
【详细解答】if only 引导的句子用虚拟语气,表示与过去的事实相反时,                         中 live in 和 this room 构成动宾关系。
动词用过去完成时。因此 C)为正确答案。                                          36. C) 【难点】 on one’s own 是个常用的介词词组,意为“独自”                       ;
25. 【答案】C                                                     of one’s own 表示“某人自己的(东西)”        ,如:I have a flat of my own.我自
【详细解答】various 意为“各种各样的”            ;variant 意为“不同的” ;variable 己有套房子。
意为“多变的,变化异常的”            ;varied 意为“变化了的,色彩丰富的”         。根    37. C)     【难点】 表示对过去某一动作行为的猜测须要用 must have
据句子意思,应选 C。                                                   done 这一句型结构。
26. 【答案】D                                                     38. B)     【难点】 这是一句含有否定副词 never 的一般过去时的句子,
【详细解答】cancel the contract 意为“废止合同”          ,符合句意。            由于主句为否定形式,所以反意问句用肯定形式。
27. 【答案】C                                                     39. C) 【难点】 在条件句中表示现在将来的时间,需要用一般现在时,
【详细解答】celebrate 在这里作“庆祝”解,congratulate 意为“祝贺”             ,   主句中使用将来时。
一般以人作宾语,如:congratulate sb.on sth., applaud 是鼓掌,participate    40. C)     【难点】 as well 意为“(程度)同样地好”        ,是副词短语修饰动
是参加,后面应跟介词 in。                                                词 hear;just 表示程度,意为“刚好”         。
28. 【答案】D                                                     41. A)    【难点】 coat 意为           层”
                                                                                      “覆盖物, ;level 意为   “(建筑物)楼层”         ;times
【详细解答】not until 置于句首时,主句要用部分倒装,即将助动词提前。 意为“次,回”;courses 意为“(一层)砖面;一排”                                  。
29. 【答案】A                                                     42. C) 【难点】 cut back 意为“削减;缩减”;cut out 意为“停止;切
【详细解答】make out 意为“辩认出,理解”              ,符合句意。look to“照顾, 下”;cut
负责”    ;look out“当心,提防”   ;take in“容纳,理解,欺骗(多用于被动             off 意为“切断;使隔断”;cut away 意为“切除;砍掉”              。
态),均不符合句意。                                                    43. A)     【难点】 fine 意为   “处…以罚金”   ;charge 意为  “要(价),    收(费),
30. 【答案】B                                                     要(人)支付(钱)”;punish 意为“罚,惩罚”;pose 意为“造成,引起(困难)”                    。
【详细解答】a flock of 意为     “一群 (鸟,         ”
                                   羊等),为正确答案。a swarm of, 44. B)          【难点】 technique 意为“技法;具体的技术”;technology 意
a crowd of, herd of 分别意为
            a            “一 群   (蜂、   蚁、 蝗虫等), ”“一群(人等), 为“工业技术”;tactics 意为“战术,兵法,策略”
                                                          ”                                           ;tendency 意为“倾向”         。
“一群(牛、鹿、象等)。          ”                                       45. C)      【难点】 sound 意为“作声,发声,响”;ring 意为“鸣,发
31. C)    【难点】 know 是静态动词,不能用于进行时;选 knows 从句                  出清脆响亮的声音”;tick 意为“发出滴哒声”;hum 意为“发连续低沉的声
中又缺少主语。knowledge 作“知识”讲时是不可数名词,但作“了解”                         音(如蜜蜂、马达的嗡嗡声)”           。
讲时,前面可加“a”          ,常用于词组 have a knowledge of 中,所以选 C)。         46. C) 【难点】 intensive 意为“加强的;集中的”;weighty 意为“沉
32. B)     【难点】 ought to have written 是虚拟语气,与本句句意相符。 重的;笨重的”;intense 意为“强烈的,剧烈的”;bulky 意为“庞大的;粗
                                                        TEM-4 语法词汇题集
壮的”    。                                                           1-5 CCADC       6-10 ACBDA   11-15 DCACA 16-20 CBDCD
   47. C) 【难点】 maximum 意为“最大限量;最高点”;minority 意为                    21-25 CABCC 26-30 AA A AA 31-35 DD A AC 36-40 CDACC
“少数,半数以下”;majority 意为“大多数”;minimum 意为“最低限度, 41-45 ABDCB 46-50 BBCBA
最低点”     。                                                         Unit 9
   48. A) 【难点】 split up 意为“分裂,离婚”;break down 意为“(精神                1-5 AADCA 6-10 ADBAB          11-15 DDABC    16-20 DADDD 21-25
方面)垮掉;     (健康)变得衰弱;     崩溃” through 意为
                             ;fall            “失败; 成为泡影”   ;knock  BDCAC
out 意为“使筋疲力尽”                                                      26-30 CCCCC 31-35 CDCAB        36-40 DDBDC 41-45 BAAAB 46-50
   49. B)    【难点】 condition 意为“状况;形势”;situation 意为“位               CAABC
置,地点,环境”;state 意为“状态,情形”;publicity 意为“公众的注意,                          Unit 10
名声”    。                                                           1-5 BBACD            6-10 DAABC      11-15 DDBCD 16-20 CBCBD
   50. D) 【难点】 sensible 意为“明智的,合情理的”;senseless 意为“失                21-25 ADBAC
去知觉的,不省人事的”;sensitive 意为“敏感的”;sensory 意为“感觉的, 26-30 DBADB                              31-35 CAADC      36-40 BABCA 41-45 CDBDC
传递感觉的”      。                                                      46-50 DBCCC
                                                                      Unit 11
 Unit 7                                                            1-5 BABBB          6-10 ABBDD      11-15   BADCB     16-20 CBBDA
1. B) 【难点】 waste 意为“使衰弱;使消瘦”;spoil 意为“宠坏,溺                         21-25 DBADB
爱”;destroy 意为“破坏;毁灭”;uneducated 意为“未受(良好)教育的”                  。   26-30 ACBDB 31-35 ADABD            36-40   DCDDD 41-45 DAAAC
2. C) 【难点】 give into 为非固定搭配;give over 意为“托付,交托”                  ; 46-50 ABBAC
give off 意为“散发”   ;give away 意为“送掉,分发(奖品)等”          。                Unit 12
   3. C) 【难点】 at peace 意为“和平地”;at large 意为“自由地;大体                  1-5 BBCDC           6-10 CCDDC      11-15 BBDBA 16-20 ABCBD
地”;at ease 意为“不拘束”;at best 意为“至多”             。                    21-25 BBDCD
   4. A) 【句意】 ——你明天能休一天吗?                                          26-30 ACABB 31-35 BDBDD 36-40 BDADA 41-45 AADAD
——呵,我要征得老板的允许。                                                     详解:
   【难点】 permission 意为“允许”          ;permit 意为“许可证”    ;allowance   36. B stagnancy 停滞, 迟钝 efficiency 效率, 功效 complacency 满足, 安心
意为“津贴”      ;possession 意为“拥有”     。                               inadvertency 不注意, 怠慢
5. C) 【句意】 詹妮特的性格缺陷阻碍了她事业进步。                                       37. D incidence 落下的方式, 影响范围 prudence 审慎 prevalence 流行
   【难点】 weakness 意为      “弱点;   嗜好”    ;merit 意为“优点, 长处”   ;defect evidence 迹象, 根据
意为“缺点,缺陷”;shortcoming 意为“缺点,短处”                  。                 38. A delinquency 行为不良, 错失 mistake 错误, 过失 evil 邪恶, 不幸, 罪
6-10 BBAAC    11-15 BCABB 16-20 CDDAB 21-25 ADAAA                  恶 crime 犯罪行为
   26-30 DBBCB 31-35 ABABD        36-40 CBBA A 41-45 CACA C        39. D go into 进入, 加入, 探究, 变得 go for 去找, 努力获取, 被认为,
   46-50 CDDBD                                                     主张, 拥护
   Unit 8                                                          go with 伴随, 与...相配 go beyond 超出
                                                    TEM-4 语法词汇题集
40. A estimate 估计, 估价, 评估 exact 精确的, 准确的, 原样的, 精密的,
41. A depreciate 折旧, (使)贬值, 降低, 贬低, 轻视 convert 使转变, 转
circulate (使)流通, (使)循环 alleviate 使(痛苦等)易于忍受, 减轻
42. A in the way 挡道,妨碍某人 in a way 在某种程度上, 稍稍 lead the
way 带路, 示范
give way 撤退, 让路
43. D above all 最重要, 首先 terribly 可怕地, 十分, 极 nothing but 只
anything but 决不
44. A circulation 循环, 流通, 发行额 business 商业 currency 流通 force
力量, 魄力, 势力, 暴力
go into circulation 是一个短语,  意思是          。
                                 “进入流通” currency 不和 go into
45. D finger 用手指拨弄, 伸出 feature vi.起重要作用 vt. 是...的特色,
特写, 放映 nurture 养育, 给与营养物, figure out 计算出;      明白; 推测    句
中的 miss out 解释为遗漏
46. A barrier (阻碍通道的)障碍物, 栅栏, 屏障 similarity 类似, 类似处
problem 问题, 难题
        disagreement 意见不同, 不调和, 争执, 不和, 争论
47. B      complacency 满足, 安心 mercy 仁慈, 宽恕, 怜悯 incompetence
无能力, 不适当
         persistency 固执, 持续
48. B peculiar 奇特的, 罕见的, 特殊的 unique 唯一的, 独特的
        single 单一的, 单身的, 单纯的, 孤独的, 专一的, 个别的
        sterile (超纲词)贫脊的, 不育的, 不结果的, 消过毒的, 毫无结果的
49. A object to 反对 adjust to 适应, 调节 appeal to 呼吁, 要求, 诉诸,
上诉, 有吸引力
        conform to 符合, 遵照
50. A ★ 词义辨析:model example pattern
        model 常用作褒义;example 可指好的或坏的榜样、例子
        pattern 常指某种特定的式样,作模范解时,可与 model 互换

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