Why some entrepreneurs run the corporate like a cocroach by drsranganathan


									Is there anything called ‘cockroach corporate’ in the world? People may wonder as
what is called cockroach corporate. Indeed, many corporate in the world do function
like ‘cockroach corporate’ these days.

Cockroach is a very successful insect, evolved over times even to resist and become
triumphant over radiation effects, harsh & deadly toxic chemicals and insecticides etc.

The more astonishing and bewildering aspect of the cockroach is that it can survive for
several days even after its head is cut off or decapitated. How such survival is possible
for these insects? It is not mere fiction or imagination, truth and absolute science.

Many body functions in the cockroach system are independent (with minimum
interdependency) and simple, and the head exerts less command and control over the
abdomen (body).

The head, with eyes and mouth parts help the cockroach only to see things and eat its
food. Breathing is also possible through the small pores in its body. Because of the
above reason, when the head is removed, the abdomen survives for days. The
abdomen finally dies because of starvation as the abdomen cannot eat the food. The
corporate employees must learn about the insect – cockroach and its uniqueness to
evaluate the prevailing culture of the corporate where they work.

Many entrepreneurs believe that even if the ‘head of a function/department’ in the
corporate is removed or resigned, still the function may survive and perform well. The
‘head’ of the function in such corporate plays insignificant roles and hence their absence
makes no difference to the system. The entrepreneurs, during such occasions, directly
interact and guide the people with an illusion that they can lead the corporate single
handedly to success.

When the absence of ‘the head of a function’ makes no difference to the system in
some corporate means, they have no significant role or powers. Perhaps such bosses
may exist in the corporate just to carry some ‘numismatic’ values and the entrepreneur
is the one who steals the thunder in such corporate. From the above facts, it is clear
that such corporate are extremely primitive in its organization structure and culture.

When the entrepreneur boasts about their corporate how it functions well without a
‘head’ and how empowered the employees are, they simply reveals nothing but how
primitive their corporate actually is. They are running nothing but a ‘cockroach
corporate’. It may survive but never ever evolve.

Mostly, the corporate that are run by ‘single man’ are the ones that functions like
‘cockroach corporate’.
The employees must introspect the culture of the corporate where they works in the
light of what they have learned about the cockroaches and must take a final call as
whether to accept and be a part of such system or quit and join MNC’s or other reputed
corporate like Tata’s, Birla’s, Unilever, P&G etc.

After all, a cockroach can only give a wakeup call and can awaken one to break ones self
made bondage and loyalty to the corporate.

Employees must increase their interdependency on diversity and leap to the highest
level of leadership where one works to protect and preserve both the nature and
corporate alike.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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