Scholarship Award Application by 5Imeg9K


									                                 Scholarship Award Application
                                    School Year 2012 - 2013
                                  Maryland Assessment Group

The scholarship is being sponsored by the Maryland Assessment Group and is intended to assist
a graduate student pursuing a degree in educational measurement, statistics, or any field related
to education. Preference will be given to persons who have attended the MAG conference.

The scholarship is $1000.00 and will be disbursed to the recipient following completion of the
course and upon presentation of final grade or transcript.

Applicants must complete the information below. Incomplete applications will not be

Personal Information

Name: __________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________

Phone #: _____________________ Email Address: _____________________________

Professional Information - Teaching/Educational Experience

Current Position:

Title: __________________________________________________________

School/LEA: ______________________ For how long? _______________________

Former Position (Most recent):

Title: __________________________________________________________

School/LEA: ______________________ For how long? _______________________

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College/University Information

College/University Attending: ______________________________________________

_____ Currently Enrolled as of ____________________

_____ Enrolling as of ______________________________

Degree Pursuit: _____________________________________ GPA: _______________

Maryland Assessment Group Involvement

Have you attended the Maryland Assessment Group (MAG) Conference?

_____ No
_____ Yes Which years? ____________________________________________

Have you ever presented at the MAG Conference? If so, list year(s) and title(s) of
presentation(s). ____________________________________________________________



Essay must be a total of two typed, double-spaced pages in twelve-point font on the following

Compose a clear and succinct essay on the following topic:

With the new federal requirements, the role of assessments in the classroom is increasing. How
can the knowledge of assessments and the results be incorporated into regular classroom

Other Requirements

The scholarship recipient must be in attendance at the 2010 Conference.

All information must be typed. The essay should be clear and succinct. Application will be
judged on clarity and evidence of educational commitment. Incomplete applications will not be

Applications must be submitted by November 3, 2012 to:
                      MAG Scholarship
                      P.O. Box 208
                      West Friendship, MD 21794-0208

Signature:   ______________________________________________________

Date: _________________________
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