The Planning & Coaching System � Guidelines & Checklist

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					                The Planning & Coaching System – Guidelines & Checklist

                                         The 5 Pillars of Success
Our objective is to help the new distributor achieve Competence & Confidence in the basic steps of building a
successful Networking business.

Step 1     The Passion Group Creed              Under Creed

Step 2     Knowing Your Why &
           Identifying Your Goals

Step 3     Plan to Manager
           Timeline to Manager           To be completed in conjunction
                                         with your sponsor or upline

Pillar 1   Personal Use

Pillar 2   Retailing
           The 4cc Success Factor
           Business Launch               Book 2-3 business launches using
                                         the business launch presenter
           PUPP’s                        Arrange 2-3 PUPP drops

Pillar 3   Sponsoring/Networking
           The Business Cycle            Planning Manual
           WDYKL                         Planning Manual & WDYKL Sheets
           Profile Prospects             Profile Sheets
           Invite to DVD/121             Using the simple script
           The DVD/121 Show              Using the DVD/Show Script
           7 Day Plan
           Keeping Your Statistics

Pillar 5   Personal Development
           Core Trainings                Book Product Training 1&2          Training Centre/Online
                                         Book NDI                           Training Centre/Online
                                         Book Success Day Tickets 
                                         Monthly Team Sizzle
                                         Weekly Business Presentation       Training Centre
                                         Book NST                           Training Centre
           Books                         Dare to Dream & Work to Win
           CD’s                          Brilliant Compensation   
           Websites                      Training & Information   
                                         Team Website and Downloads
                                         Company website          
           Voicemail                     Company Communication System

Pillar 4   Coaching
           Duplication of the Planning
           & Coaching System

           Stationery Requirements
           A4 Notebook
           Ring Binder & 1-31 dividers
           Product Labels                Able Labels – 0844 848 2733
           New Directions Brochures
           Goal/Dream Book or Sheet
The Passion Group Creed

Note: This session, whether with a close friend or a new acquaintance, is intended to define the BUSINESS
RELATIONSHIP between you. It should be prefaced by saying:

 “This meeting will give you a clear idea of what you can count on from me, and let me share some
things I’d like to be able to count on from you. My responsibility is to help you build your business and
feel successful and I really believe this is important to that objective. So let’s take about 30 minutes
to really go through it, and talk about each point.”

I think it’s a good idea to print the creed off and give your new distributor their own copy to keep and pin
up on their office wall. If you don’t give them a copy, get them to write down the points as you discuss

There are 5 things you can count on from me.

1. I’ll always level with you. What does that mean to you? So whether it’s recognising
something you’re doing well, or pointing you in a different direction to help you achieve the things you
want to, I’ll always be straight with you.

2. I will always uphold the ethics of FLP.

3. I will never ask you to do anything I’m not prepared to do myself. For example, if you’re working 3
hours a day, I’ll be working 4. Why do you think I do that? I’ll always equal your commitment.

4. I will always believe in you and what you can become. I know that sounds a bit corny, but there will be
times when your belief in yourself won’t be strong enough and my belief in you will carry you through
those times.

5. I will provide a consistent environment that’s safe, non-judgemental and supportive for you to grow and

On the other hand, there are just 4 things I’d like to be able to count on from you. The reason I’m
asking these is because if you commit to them, you’ll have a great business!

1. I want you to always be straight with me and to be accountable to me. If you’re not straight with me, I
can’t help you. How do you feel about that?

2. That you’ll be coach able/teachable, plug into the Company and group trainings. Without the knowledge
these trainings provide, you won’t build belief and without belief, you won’t be successful.

3. To be positive and ethical around other team members and fellow distributors. If you have any
challenges, please come to me.

4. To do what you say you’re going to do.

How do these sound? They may sound a little funny now, but I think as we begin to work together they’ll
mean a lot to you.

                         The 5 Pillars of Success
    Personal Use ▪ Retailing ▪ Sponsoring ▪ Coaching ▪ Personal Development

Contact List                                           Date……………………………

$      uccessful
S      elf Employed
O      pen-Minded
L      ocal
D      issatisfied

Name                      Tel                  $   S    O   L   D   Script
                                                                    A or B
                                        The 5 Pillars of Success
   Personal Use ▪ Retailing ▪ Sponsoring ▪ Coaching ▪ Personal Development

Warm Market Phone Script - Invite to DVD/121 SCRIPT
It’s………. How are you?

Well, the reason for the call is I’ve recently started a new business which I am really excited about and am currently
working alongside ………………….. I’ve been thinking of ways to expand and I thought of you because (this is where the
profile sheet comes in…………………………...)

    Script A
               o   Now, I don’t know if this would be of any interest to you, obviously only you can decide that but ………
                   could I meet up with you for about 40 mins and I can show you what I am doing and you can see for
                   yourself if it’s of any interest to you

    Script B
               o   Now I wondered if you could help me. Could we get together so that I can show you what I am doing
                   and then maybe I can pick your brains? It will only take about 40 mins. I was looking at ……….. or
                   …………….. (always give 2 options.)

Mostly the response is 'yes’ great when do you want to meet' because you have asked for their help.

Occasionally they ask 'what's it about' so say: That's really why I need to meet up its easier to show you,

Normally they are happy with that, but if there is a second question then say: It’s in natural healthcare, I really
don't think you will personally be interested but you might know someone who is.

The DVD/121 Show SCRIPT
Thanks so much for seeing me/US. What I/WE would like to do is show you a short presentation of the business which
Flo/ I’m so excited about. The reason for doing it this way is I/Flo have only just started and this just makes it easy
for me.

There are two reasons why I/We want to show you this:-
    Firstly you might be interested in this for yourself, obviously I/We don’t know, only you can decide that but
       I/Flo am very excited about it.

       Secondly, if you aren’t personally interested you might know someone who this would really suit so whilst you
        are looking at this could you be thinking about anyone you might know who could be helped either:-

        because they need to double their money and halve the time they work or could be helped by the products
        or people who like helping people.

Oh, by the way, there are no actors in this, everyone is a ‘real’ person – then let the presentation do the work

so ………………… (then just look at them with a big open face and smile. They will do the talking, remember you have 2
ears and one mouth!!!)

If they start asking questions that is because they are interested themselves. THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER TO ANY
OF THOSE QUESTIONS.        THAT’S INTERSTING – WHY DO YOU ASK THAT!!!!! If they say that it’s because they are
interested themselves then plead ignorance – you have only just started and get them along to the BP on ……evening.

Objectives – Personal interest, Referral, Products

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