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					Re-certification 2007 CEU FAQs
What is a CEU?

Generally, one hour of technical contact time counts for one continuing education unit
(CEU), with a few specific exceptions. All categories of CEUs must meet the content
requirements of improving CPS technical knowledge such as LATCH, a child restraint
manufacturer workshop or CPS technical update. Non-technical CPS sessions, such as
how to get funding or run an inspection station do not qualify.

My certification expiration date is in the beginning of 2007. I won’t have the CEUs
needed in time. What are my options?

The date you complete your registration (pay), not your recertification expiration date,
determines whether you can recertify via the online test or whether you must show CEUs.

If your certification expiration date is January 1 - April 30, 2007:
        Option 1: Register before December 31, 2006. You may register up to 4 months
        before your certification expiration date.
                Technician requirements:
                1. Required (5) seat checks logged and approved
                2. Pay fee
                3. Take online test
                4. Recertification completed when passing grade is processed.

       Option 2: Request an extension before your certification expires (form)

       Option 3: Register on or after January 1 and submit CEUs towards
               Technician requirements:
               1. Required (5) seat checks logged and approved
               2. Confirm participation in 1 two-hour check up event (details on web
               3. Enter CEU information – six hours required
               4. Pay fee
               5. Recertification completed
               6. Pass audit, if randomly selected

What if the CPS technical session I attend is only 50 minutes?
A 45 or 50-minute session may be rounded up and counted as 1 hour of continuing
education. Sessions shorter than 45 minutes may not be included. You may not
combine shorter sessions to equal one hour.
Why don’t check up events count toward CEUs?
Allowing check up events were specifically discussed at length by members of the
National CPS Board. They felt strongly that only structured on-going education should
be included as CEUs. There are other items, including the 5 seat checks and working one
event, that are in the recertification requirements.

Can a workshop I attended last year count?
The educational sessions must be within your current certification cycle and meet
approved content areas. If your certification cycle is 7/1/2005 – 6/30/2007 and the
session was in November of 2006, it would qualify for credit under category #1. A
session taken in June of 2005 would not qualify.

What if I go to a retailer with another tech and look at the new seats?
To qualify for credit under category #1, educational sessions must be researched,
prepared and organized. Although it is practical and prudent for a technician to
periodically review the selection of seats at a local retailer, this activity would not count
towards CEUs.

If, however, the activity was structured as a class that met category #1 requirements, such
as including an agenda, sign in roster, etc., then it could qualify for CEUs.

What are some acceptable and unacceptable CPS CEU content?
  Examples of content that would qualify:
       CR manufacturer workshops/product updates
       CPS Q& A panel at a conference
       Vehicle manufacturer workshops specific to occupant protection
       The latest LATCH technology
       Case studies of child occupants in crashes
       Car seats and school bus safety
       Restraining tweens

   Examples of content that would NOT quality:
       How to run an inspection station
       Cultivation and retention of CPS Technicians
       Working with legislators to pass a booster bill
       Using data to dissect the CPS problem
       Impaired driving victim impact panel
       Older drivers
       How to use the national CPS certification online system
       Children around cars/Spot the Tot
       Setting up a CPS program in your hospital
       Fund Raising
   How to write a grant
   Tips on how to better teach you CPS Cert. Class
   Data collection methods (how to)
   Operation Kids courses (subsets of certification course)


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