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									                                     CASEY S. YOST
                            237 WEBSTER ST. • SAN FRANCISCO, CA • 94117 •
                          PHONE 415-355-9678 • E-MAIL CASEYSY@YAHOO.COM •
                                WEBPAGE WWW.CASEYYOST.COM/WORK

    Hands-on research, software/hardware development, networking and systems, or database administrator.
                                       B.S. Computer Science, Indiana University, 2001
    Major: Computer Science
    Minors: Trumpet Performance, Mathematics
       GPA 3.6 / 4.0
       Academic scholarship       1997 – 2001
       Academic Faculty Grant     1997 – 2001
       Founder’s Day award        1997 – 2001
       Dean’s List                2000 – 2001
       Student Governor for Student Body Government
    SENIOR TESTER                                                                                   MAY 2002 – PRESENT
    Visual Concepts                                                                                         San Rafael, CA
    Took on the responsibility of ensuring compliance with Microsoft TRCs, Sony TCRs and Nintendo Certification Guidelines.
    Logged over 3,000 bugs and errors and named on seven major game titles.
    INTERN                                                                                         JUNE 2001 – AUGUST 2001
    State Farm Insurance Co.                                                                                    Bloomington, IL
    Saw the need for, designed, and developed a VBA GUI that reduced staff hours for bulk transfer of files by 60% to 70% and
    reduced error by an estimated 20%. Wrote and implemented numerous test designs for version upgrades. Wrote
    instructional and informational manuals for FileNET, PWP, and WebServices systems.
    Undergraduate Instructor                                                                    MAY 2000 – DECEMBER 2001
    Indiana University                                                                                         Bloomington, IN
    Taught three semesters of object-oriented programming in Java as well as list-based programming in Scheme.
    INTERN                                                                                           JUNE 2000 – AUGUST 2000
    Minolta Business Solutions                                                                                      Mahwah, NJ
    Engineered secure, online wraparound that enabled remote access to administrative database tools. Streamlined employee
    test development, which reduced staff hours by 30%. Significantly strengthened online verification and reformatting.
    Led a team of three in designing, implementing, and launching a complex search engine for Indiana University Alumni
    Association using a three-tier model. Design included conducting a full pre-implementation study to most effectively meet
    the client’s needs and minimize cost. Utilized an NT server, ASP, Jscript, VBScript, and Access DBMS.
    Created a programming language with its own parser, unparser, and interpreter.
        Languages: C++/C/C#, Pascal, Java (J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, JSP), Scheme, SQL, Assembly, OpenGL, QBasic,
         VBScript, JavaScript, VBA, ASP, Perl, PerlScript, HTML/DHTML, CCS, ActiveX, XML, CGI, COM, FlashMX,
         ActionScript, .NET framework
        Operating Systems: Mac, all Windows platforms, Unix/Linux, DOS, NOS
        Networks: TCP/IP, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, LAN, WAN, IIS
        Artificial Intelligence: Modeling, neural networks, vision, heuristics, production systems, speech perception
        Databases: Access, ADO, ODBC, JDBC, RDBMS, Oracle, Web integration, administration, modeling, design
         principles, efficient structures, security, concurrency, and recovery
        Project Development : ER diagramming, specs, design documents, feasibility studies, QA documentation,
    Available upon request.

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