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					Suvarna S.
Ph: 918015189961


      To associate with an organization where there is an ample scope for organizational as
well as individual growth. Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the
industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.


      MCA (DOEACC (ISO 9001-2000 Certified +Organization)‘B’ Level) from
       Department of Electronics under Ministry of Information Technology, New Delhi at
       Amrita Institute of Computer Technology (2001-2004), Kollam, Kerala with 64 %
      BSc (Mathematics), 1998-2001, 71%, Mahatma Gandhi University.
      Pre-Degree (Science), 1996- 1998, 65%, Mahatma Gandhi University.
      SSLC, 1996, 67%, Kerala Board

   Experience Summary:

      Working as HR Executive in Indus Motor Co. Pvt. Ltd, Kattupakkam,
          Chennai - Since July 2010.

      Worked as Web Developer in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
       ( –June 2008 – Jan 2009

      CEN, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, India.
         Research Assistant December 2006 – May 2008.

      Crystal Cyber Soft, Ernakulam, Kerala.
         Java Programmer March 2006 –Nov 2006
         Project:”Readyjobsnjob “for Crystal Cyber Soft, Ekm
Areas of Interest:

      HR & ADMIN Responsibilities
      Web Technologies
      Database Management
      Enterprise Application Development

Technical Skills:

       Operating Systems: Windows XP
               Databases: SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i,Mysql
             Web Server: WAMP server, Apache Tomcat 5.0, IIS
              Languages: PHP, Java, Advanced Java, Perl
                   J2EE: JDBC
       Development Tools: Eclipse 3.1, Navicat 5.0,NetBeans IDE 6.0
         Web DesignTool: MacromediaDreamWeaver8.0,Flash             8.0,
        Web Technologies: HTML
                 Reports: Crystal Report, HRMS

                     Experience Summary in Detailed:

              As HR Executive – Since 2010
      Recruitment & Selection.
      Completing Joining Formalities.
      Maintain Employee Database
      Completing Relieving Formalities like Exit Interviews, No Dues & preparing Full
       & Final Settlement.
      Attendance Preparation.
      Payroll By using HRMS Software (i.e. Salary Report & Payslip)
      Sunday duty & Overtime preparation.
      Preparing MIS of employees.
      Preparing Letters like Offer letter, appointment order, Experience and salary
       Certificate, Show cause notice, Circulars etc.
      Organizing functions like Birthday, Campaign etc.
      Taking care of Printing & Stationeries of all branches.
      Bill Processing
   As Research Assistant & As Web Developer
   from Dec 2006 – Jan 2009

 Developed Simple Leave Management System Status – Completed

             Created Employee and Admin login, Employee can request for
              leave and view the status of the leave, Admin can add employee,
              view the list of the employees who applied for leave,
              Approval/rejection is done by Admin.

        Technology used –PHP, Mysql

 Developed a Web page for Campus & Schools             Status-Completed

        Menu & Submenu displayed by Mouse over the images, Mouse over the
         main menu then Submenu will appear and by clicking it will go to the
         corresponding website.

          Technology used –HTML, JavaScript

 Sitemap of & other Pages

        Technology used –HTML, PHP, Mysql

 Statistical LTAG Parsing. Status- Completed (Oct 06’ –May 2008)

      Developing for CEN as a part of NLP on Java platform.
      This project focuses on the conversion of English to Indian languages. Lexicalized
       Tree Adjoining Grammar (LTAG) is a grammar which has attractive properties
       from the point of view of NLP. We applied rule based approach to LTAG – based
       analysis in two ways, with parsing and with reranking, as an effort toward
       statistical analysis over deep structures.

 Implemented Moodle for CEN Dept.                    Status-Completed

    Moodle is designed to help educators create online courses with opportunities
     for rich interaction.
 Developed a website for a Charity Organization

    Role-Create Banner using Flash, Creating pages           Status- Completed

 Digital Library Viewer                Status-Completed

    Setting up of digital library in Server.
    Developed a software package which enables viewing of books in digital library
     server while restricting print & save access.

 Medical Dictionary                              Status-Completed

    Developed a software package for displaying the corresponding Tamil names of
     the English Medical names by using Swing and Mysql.

 Update web page for Environmental Science department
 Developed Two Toolkits in Flash         Status-Completed
 Readyjobsnjob                           Status-Completed

    Developed for Crystal Cyber Soft, Ekm. This project for developing a Jobsite
     called It must have login for Job Seekers to post and
     manage their resumes and applications, for Employers (advertisers) to put up
     their job ads and manage the applicants through a web interface and interface
     and for administrator to manage everything as a service provider. Based on skill
     sets and qualifications, the site must have an engine to notify job seekers (via
     email) of the availability of jobs that fits their profile. Searching jobs by area
     and type. Need to be able to edit details and Job seekers upload resumes onto
     the site.

       Technology used –JSP, Mysql

 Network Intrusion Detection System                       Status-Completed

      Developed as a part of student project.
      The “Network Intrusion detection System” is assigned to provide a reliable IDS
       that has lesser false +ve rate. The project tries to trace out the intruder packets
       using IP address or data & decides which is to be forwarded & assures security.
       It is able to ping a system in the network, trace the route to a system in the
       network. The system will be able to store the details of intruders & it will be
       maintain a model data store to which the data of the packets are compared. It is
       enabled with provisions to report the details of the intruders detected & their

       Technology used – VB.NET, Sql
 Automation of Savings Bank Account                  Status-Completed

          Developed as a part of student project.
          The goal of the System is to automate the savings bank account. It provides
           the options for opening an account, depositing, withdrawals, closing an
           account, report generation, enquiry about an account holder and modifying
           the details. The system generates daily, monthly, annual reports and
           passbook. Utilities for changing the password and calculator are provided.
           Password security is provided to prevent unauthorized access.

        Technology used – VB, Oracle

Extracurricular Activities:
        Volunteering various social activities conducted by Mata Amritanandamayi

Personal Information:
             Address         : Siva Bhavan, S.H.Mount P .O,
                               Near Govt Timber Depot,
                               Kottayam, Kerala
             Date of Birth   : 6th MAY 1981
             Sex            : Female
             Languages Known : English, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil
             Marital Status  : Single

    I hereby declare that all statements made herein are true to the best of
    my Knowledge and belief.

Date:                                           (Suvarna S)

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