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									               Western Civilization and United States History
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                                               RESEARCH PROPOSAL
Name:                                                                                               Group:

Check one:        Research Project Phase 1                  Research Project Phase 2                Research Project Phase 3
                           It will be necessary to expand these areas to accommodate your full responses.
For Research Project Phase 1:1 What is your group's proposed topic? How does your topic: (1) relate to one of the
major challenges of today's complex world, (2) focus on one of the Culture of Peace Action Areas, (3) serve as an
example of how the Culture of Peace can be achieved, and (4) cover a time period within the framework of the
course you are taking. Explain your answers.

For Research Project Phases 2 & 3: How have you modified your topic? Have you expanded it to cover more time
periods? Have you narrowed it to focus on a particular example of how the Culture of Peace can be achieved?

Who is your intended audience? Describe any contacts you have had with your audience. What special
considerations are involved in serving this audience? What have to done to address these considerations?

What are your plans for multimedia components? What have you done to implement these plans? Explain.

What specific aspect of the topic are you responsible for researching?

Include the URL and a brief description of five websites on your specific subtopic that you would like to use in your

What other responsibilities have you assumed for the project (e.g., coordinator, writer, editor, audio-visual
consultant, PowerPoint producer, proofreader, etc.)?

                                           Deadlines                                                                   Date

Completion of research

Completion of writing/editing

Completion of presentation in the format you've selected (e.g., PowerPoint)

Final proofreading and corrections

  Some Phase 1 proposals will be discussed at the 2nd Annual OMNI-NWACC Peace Is in Our Hands Forum on September 23rd from 11:00 a.m.
to 1:00 p.m. Please be prepared with audio-visual aids (pictures of your intended audience, a slide with your thesis statement and supporting
arguments, graphics relating to your topic, etc.)

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