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					Job title:                  Facilitator (Advocacy/Projects)
Job family:                        Direct Services
Reports to:                        Service Manager
Management of:              None
The key roles for facilitator are:

   Active Supporter
   Team player
   Recorder & reporter
   Lifestyle enabler
   Safe Practitioner

Active supporter
The Facilitator will provide support to individuals undertaking the activities that they
have chosen to do. They will provide support on a 1 to 1 or group basis. They will
support the progression of the individual through the development of new skills and
maintenance of existing skills in line with a plan that has been agreed.

 Ability to adopt a flexible approach to working so that all opportunities are
   maximised in the best interests of people
 To provide support on a 1 to 1 or group basis that will enable individuals to gain
   or maintain the skills that they need to undertake the activities that they have
   chosen to do
 Demonstrates an ability to work responsively with people and use a range of
   methods to engage people successfully
 Develops appropriate tools such as cues, prompts and reinforcers that enable
   individuals to undertake the tasks that they require for their chosen activities.
 Reviews progress and update the individual’s plan, providing advice, support and
   feedback to individuals, parents and carers and other stakeholders
 Work with the number of individuals as identified in agreed support ratios
 To work in a positive and proactive way so each individual supported is able to
   receive a good quality service in line with Mencap standards

Measures: Contract targets, feedback, observations, employer feedback

What matters to me standards:
 Getting my support right
 learning and doing well
 keeping healthy, feeling good
 Feeling safe, taking responsibility
Team player

                                          1                       Version 1 December 2010
The Facilitator will work as part of a team and is expected to work effectively and
collaboratively with all colleagues delivering the service. They will deliver support in
line with the plans produced by the Coordinator. They will update progress on the
plan and communicate with colleagues about any changes or developments to be
made to the overall plan.

 Shows enthusiasm for the team and its work by demonstrating flexibility to
   support colleagues to ensure that the service meets its targets
 Demonstrates commitment and reliability to team and service through good
   attendance and time keeping
 Demonstrates a commitment to improving the team’s performance through
   constructive feedback and generation of ideas and solutions
 Actively engages with support and coaching given by the Service Manager and/
   or Coordinator on all aspects of work to contribute to effective team performance
 Follows the instruction of the Co-ordinator to ensure that the support that is
   provided to the individual is accurate to that detailed in the plan

Measures: Team meetings, feedback from team, observations

What matters to me standards:
 People who work with me

Recorder and reporter
The Facilitator has an active role in ensuring that activities and progress are recorded
and reported in a timely and effective manner. This involves contributing to and
updating plans and the reporting. They will ensure that actions and progress are
recorded in a manner that clearly identifies progression made and actions to be taken
to support the individual to. They will ensure that they work in a way with individuals
that is fair and respectful. It also helps the service to show that it is compliant with
regulatory, contractual and internal requirements.

 Understands and effectively undertakes all recording requirements linked to their
   role in supporting people to develop their skills and undertake the activities that
   they have chosen and work safely
 Ensures that they work to the requirements of Mencap’s standards, completing
   all required reporting and recording accurately and on time
 Effectively engages and communicates with individuals and their circle of
   support in the development of plans and records that relating to them
 Demonstrates an ability to record and report about a person with a learning
   disability in an accurate and respectful way, in line with organisational values

Measures: Service paperwork, support plans

What matters to me standards:
 Getting my support right
 My paperwork

Lifestyle enabler
The Facilitator has an important role to play in supporting people to achieve the
progression in personal skills and undertake the activities that they have chosen to
                                          2                      Version 1 December 2010
do. This means helping people to make choices and decisions and exploring and
accessing opportunities that will enable them to have a larger community presence.

 Demonstrates an ability to support people to identifying their needs and advising
   an achievable plan to achieve this
 An ability to support people in a proactive manner to develop the skills that they
   need to achieve their goals within agreed timescales
 To work effectively with others to support successful progression and
   achievement for individuals
 To identify and overcome barriers faced by individuals who wish to undertake
   their chosen activities

Measures: Service targets, service user feedback

What matters to me standards:
 helping me to make choices
 getting my support right

Safe practitioner
The ability to work safely and in compliance with regulatory, contractual and internal
requirements is essential to the Facilitator role so that the people we support feel
safe and confident in the service that they use wherever this is delivered

 Understands and adheres to safe working practices to promote personal safety
  and the safety of others
 Reviews the managing risk with individuals assessment and applies the risk
  management processes with all individuals they are supporting, highlighting any
  issues to the Coordinator
 Reports any areas of concern with safe working when supporting people in
  community based activities to the Coordinator and / or Service Manager
 Highlights and reports any practice issues or safety concerns through line
  management channels to secure support and improvement in line with
  organisational policy
 Undertakes and supports assessments and health and safety reviews (where

Measures: feedback stakeholders, employer and staff feedback, observations,
relevant paperwork

What matters to me standards:
 Feeling safe, taking responsibility
 Helping me to make choices
 Managing my support

                              Person Specification
In addition to the things below, in Mencap we expect our employees to:
                                         3                     Version 1 December 2010
   be positive about working for Mencap and to demonstrate this to all the
    people they come into contact with
   work well with all of their colleagues
   take responsibility for their own development

Skills/competence requirements

Professional conduct and attendance                   E
Communication                                         E
Record keeping and reporting                          E
Building positive relationships                       E
Team work                                             E
Safe working practices                                E
Ability to communicate in Welsh                       D


Experience of supporting people                       E
Learning disability experience                        D


Knowledge of sector                                   D


Driver/ability to drive your own vehicle              E

                                           4                  Version 1 December 2010

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