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									                                                    Research Proposal Rubric

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 CATEGORY 10 (Great Work)                 8 (Good Work)                   6 (Poor Work)                 4 (Not Passing)
Research  Has a good, coherent,           Has a solid, coherent, and      Has a fairly good             Has a research question
Question  and researchable                researchable research           researchable research         that isn’t focused.
          research question.              question.                       question.

Introduction Creates an                   Creates an introduction that    Creates an introduction       Creates an introduction
               introduction that          attempts to justify and         that begins to justify and    that does not justify and
               justifies and explains     explain the significance of     explain the significance of   explains the significance
               the significance of the    the subject.                    the subject.                  of the subject.
Annotations Creates three                 Creates three annotations       Creates three annotations Creates three
               annotations that do a      that do a solid job             that do a fair job        annotations.
               good job summarizing       summarizing the texts.          summarizing the texts.
               the texts.
Reliability of All sources appear         All sources might be            All sources are verifiable. There are not three
Sources        reliable                   reliable.                                                   sources.
Outline        The outline will help      The outline might help the      The outline has an          The outline is not extant
               the writer create a fine   writer create a fine research   outside chance of helping or is poorly done.
               research project.          project.                        the writer create a fine
                                                                          research project.
Word Choice · Precise terms.              · Some imprecision.             · Imprecise language.       · Very imprecise
            · Figurative language.        · Little figurative language.   · Literal language.         language.
            · No tense or                 · 1-2 tense or agreement        · 3+ agreement problems · Only literal language.
            agreement problems.           problems per page.              per page.                   · 4+ agreement problems
            · No misused words.           · Misused words.                · Many misused words. per page.
            · Rich language.              · Average language.             · Repetitive language.      · A great many misused
                                                                                                      · Very repetitive language.
Sentences       · 0 errors in grammar · 1 error per page.                 · 2 errors per page.        · 3+ errors per page.
                per page.             · Repeats sentence form.            · Boring sentence form. · Very boring sentence
                · Varies sentence                                                                     form.

Comments:                                                                                               Total Points:

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