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									    Project Management Improvement Project (Phase 1)
                   Milestone Review
                                    (Friday, March 3, 2006)

Background: Regional Niagara's Project Management Improvement Project
emerged as a result of Regional Niagara Executive Leadership's commitment to
improving Regional Niagara processes and procedures by developing project
management standards. A task force was formed to lead the project. The project delivered
a Project Management Framework via a Web tool called Project Management Advisor
(PMA), which includes many components of the framework as well as templates and
examples of project management deliverables to be used at Regional Niagara.

Attending: person1, person2, and so on.

What went well?
Team Composition
    -   There was a broad cross section representing various Regional Niagara groups.
    -   Members participated in discussions that had divergent views and worked through
        to agreement, developing a (Project Management) framework that can be used at
        Regional Niagara and modified as needed.
    -   Teamwork and enthusiasm was evident and endured (despite roadblocks).
    -   There was a dedication to the goals of the project and improvement of Regional
        Niagara Project Management.

    -   Overall communications went well – not only Region-wide, but also at
        Department level.

Project Pace, Momentum and Support
    -   The project pace was about right – it wasn’t so ambitious that it was unrealistic.
        We met often enough to keep momentum, and not too often.
    -   Having the review team engaged in the process was helpful.
    -   Progress, process and deliverables were shared regularly with Senior
        Management. This kept them in the loop, and kept the momentum of the project
    -   The momentum of the project as well as confidence in the core team’s ability to
        set direction and make decisions continued during a significant leadership change
        in the Commisioners office.
    -   Customer (stakeholder, i.e., review team member) buy-in was attained because
        they were actively involved.

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What could have been improved?
Team Composition
    -   The nature of this topic and at times the different and conflicting visions
        individuals held was reflected in team attitudes.

    -   The quantity of documents and communication was overwhelming at times, and
        difficult to keep up with.
    -   The emails containing documents and Sherpa links were overwhelming at times.

Project Pace, Momentum and Support
    -   There was the normal lack of cohesion and direction at the beginning of the
        project, but in addition there was confusion in goals or subject matter early on.
    -   Funding, people and time resources were not adequate.
    -   Resources were not always available, resulting in a few people carrying the lion’s
        share of the work.

Development Practices
    -   The timing of this project should have preceded other project management
        improvement developments.
    -   The rollout strategy (timing) was affected somewhat by conflicting visions of
        team members.

Themes that emerged?
Team Composition
    -   Quality people who were dedicated, articulate and fun resulted in a quality team.
    -   Role clarification and adherence was needed.

    -   Communication was effective regarding who/what/where/when/how.
    -   Information management was a challenge.

Project Pace, Momentum and Support
    -   The momentum was steady, sustainable, and was at an appropriate pace for some.
    -   Staff resources, including funding, was limited.

Development Practices
    -   Deliverables were well thought out, realistic, and achievable. They were usable,
        scalable and complied with industry standards.

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Recommendations for the next phase?
Team Composition
    -   Keep the same team throughout the process.
    -   Role clarification at the beginning of each phase is needed.
    -   Team members need to have the skill set appropriate for the project.

    -   Document management and sharing needs attention. It is important to share, but
        not overwhelm.

Project Pace, Momentum and Support
    -   An agreement of objectives is needed from the stakeholders.
    -   Develop a plan for when the project ends addressing funding and resources to
        continue work on the project deliverables:
           o Framework
           o Tool to deliver framework (i.e. PMA)
           o Workshops
           o Pilot testing
           o Training plan

Survey recommendations/improvements?
    1. Online survey is appreciated
    2. The ‘NA’ and ‘Neither Agree/Disagree’ choices on the survey form are either
       redundant or not appropriate.
    3. Add quality of product and quality of process measures.

Facilitated by: person 1, person2, Post-Project Reviews (PPR) Project Management

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